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Last updated: 21/11/2022

On the wide web, there are many forums where casino lovers talk about their concerns and praise their favorite casinos. In New Zealand, however, no pure casino Forum has ever appeared. In any case, not one that would have reached any noticeable popularity. Instead, New Zealandr usually heads to the flashback forum to talk about online casinos.

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Although Flashback is not a pure casino forum, you can find a lot of interesting threads. Especially if you are looking for New Zealand's best online casino it may be a good idea to read first-hand information on just Flashback as there is constantly a heated debate about the best casino Flashback. At Flashback you get to read real experiences on the many New Zealand mobile casinos which exists and online casino games .
There are also some game tips and many interesting game stories for those who are interested. Flashback is thus a decent source of information, but we would like to see that there was a New Zealand forum that is only dedicated to casino games, it would make it easier to divide the threads into different categories. Then you could easily look up the categories that interest you.

Although the discussions sometimes derail, we think that Flashback contains a lot of entertainment that, in any case, has put us in a good mood several times.

Popular casinos at Flashback

flashback casino At Flashback you can read about everything between heaven and Earth. There are threads about politics, economics, cars and much more. The content about casinos on Flashback can be found in a section called Poker, games & Dobbel. Here, players discuss casino online. They share tips and advice for new players and curious about the New Zealand gambling market, progressive jackpots , best slots with Megaways and about the best flashback casino according to the users themselves.

It launches an new casino are players usually not slow to write about them in the forums and talk casino bonus , support and login methods. A very popular casino topic is best casino games , about the casinos with the fastest payout and you also share thoughts about sports betting, and PayPal Casino and Apple Pay casino also seem to be trending topics among gamers.

Scrolling through the very largest threads in the forum is pretty quick to see quickly to see that popular flashback casinos are Leo Vegas , Mr Vegas and Jalla casino . But there is also a small crowd of niche casinos that come up from time to time. GOGO casino is an example that seems to be one of the popular casinos on Flashback, known for being a casino Swish with quick registration and withdrawal, and also the betting site Campobet has a small fan club for those who are both interested in odds, casino and sports betting . A clear winner when it comes to esport casino be Pixelbet .

Top 5 flashback casino:

  1. Leo Vegas
  2. Mr Vegas
  3. Jalla
  4. Big players
  5. GoGO casino

How we found the Best Casino on Flashback

Usually when our casino experts we test the game ourselves, we have a number of different$iterations that an online casino should live up to and be examined from the outside before we can give a rating that is directly visible at the casino in all our leaderboards.

The template for how we rate casino we use it daily when we write reviews for online casinos. But before that, we created this particular leaderboard with New Zealand's best online casinos at Flashback head straight out to find out what users, i.e. what” flashbacks " think about casino games, which casinos they like and if there are any casinos they recommend that you stay away from. With the help of regular players, we let ourselves be involved in shaping the leaderboard and developing the best flashback casino on the net.

Free spins

First, we wanted to know what Flashback thinks about online casino freespins. We found a lot of old information about, for example, a player from over 10 years ago who had won a lot on free spins without Deposit . He then had to deposit more money to withdraw the money he had already won. There was nothing he appreciated so he turned to Flashback to express his frustration.

We also found a thread where players tell how much they have won from their free spins. A user wonders if someone has managed to win a lot but then lost them again due to high wagering requirements. One player replied that it once won$1000 onor on Divine Fortune from NetEnt but the bonus had a wagering requirement of 35 times. This meant that the player had to play for$35,000 onor in order to withdraw their money. Wagering a$35,000 onor bonus is no easy feat! However, it was not clear in which internet casino this player won money with his online casino games .

Players recommend casinos with free spins with low wagering requirements:

Lots of Game suggestions and betting tips

Forum about best betting sites and betting seems to be very popular on Flashback. There are many tips for, among other things, the length and meal set.
One of the most interesting threads is where they play something called ”poor man's ironing tips”. It's actually a kind of competition you don't have to bet any money to be in. Stryktipset which in reality would cost $ 1 ona.

The result is that dozens or even hundreds of flashback users submit their line every week. Every Saturday the matches are played in Stryktipset and then it is decided which player wins. Whoever has the closest to 13 will win this week's round. Unfortunately, there is no prize other than the honor of being the best Tipper of the week. This is not bad in itself and it is surprisingly entertaining to compete against other players even if you do not bet real money. Flashback has been going on at least since 2013 and the thread contains thousands of posts.

Lotto at Flashback

Another form of gambling that is surprisingly popular on Flashback is lotto. There is talk of Viking Lotto and second chance but there are no interesting strategies or similar you can find here. They simply talk about where to play the lotto and on which site it is best to play. Of course, there is also a little talk about the biggest winnings from lotto games such as Powerball and New Zealand games lotto.

Trot on Flashback

If you're looking for travel tips, Flashback isn't the best place to find them. While there is a lot of information about Stryktipset, the long, Poker and online slots, trav is not nearly as popular. There are still some threads where players compare their trotting winnings but also discussions about players still submitting their trotting coupons at the physical store.

Another thread we found interesting is from a player who says he hasn't won at trot in over 7 years. He claims that Trot is rigged but we simply think it's time for him to change his hobby. If he hasn't won anything in over 7 years, it's probably something he's doing very wrong.

Are casino games rigged?

Speaking of rigged casino games, it's a popular topic on Flashback. They ask themselves questions about the payback percentages of slot machines and whether they pay less after you have managed to get a big win.

Online Poker it is also a hot topic of conversation. There are some users who claim that poker sites artificially create hands where players bet more than usual. They simply say that the poker sites have algorithms that make you start playing more than you would otherwise. Of course, this has nothing to do with reality and we have never seen any evidence that this would happen.

Casinostreamers Flashback

Casinostreamers are very popular on Flashback. There is a lot of talk about whether these streamers play for their own money or not. Some claim that they play for money they get from online casinos while others say that they play for play money. There is no doubt that online casinos give money to these casino streamers but how much they get is the question. We actually have no answer to this either and we think it depends a lot on what contracts the casino streamer has with the different game companies.

Counting cards on $ ogen

Many casino players are constantly trying to figure out ways to win money at casino . One way that is said to work is to count cards. At land-based casinos such as Casino Cosmopol, however, this is carefully monitored and if it is discovered that you are counting cards, you are no longer welcome at the casino. In today's situation, they also have automatic card mixers which protects them from card counters.

On Flashback, users then wonder if it is possible to count cards on$ogen. Technically, there should be less supervision there and a greater chance of getting away with counting cards. The house edge is usually around 0.5% but if you count cards you should be able to get the edge on your side. On the other hand, on the$ogen, the House has a greater advantage thanks to the player losing on 17, 18 and 19 alike. This is unlike at an international casino where these outcomes would mean a draw.
In addition, the maximum stakes are on Black jack at$anden relatively low so there is not much chance to adjust their bets there. Because of all this, we believe that it is not possible to win against the house by counting cards on$ogen.

Some players say they can win money if they play against a bad dealer. This is complete gluttony because it is predetermined when a dealer will draw cards or stay. The dealer himself cannot influence this and every dealer would make the same decisions in the same situations. Several players still guarantee that they will win against bad dealers, which we do not believe in at all.


We have previously mentioned in our articles how lotteries like Powerball cost about$20 onor in the US while in New Zealand we have to pay$35 Onor per line. At Flashback they have noticed the same thing with the popular Lotto game Eurojackpot.

A line in Eurojackpot costs about $ 19 onor in Finland. In comparison, in New Zealand we pay$25 onor for a line in Eurojackpot. There have been several theories as to what this difference is due to and the consensus seems to be that it is the gaming operator New Zealand games that takes the difference. They also seem to have exclusive rights to the Eurojackpot in New Zealand so there is no one who can compete with their prizes. For example, we could not find Eurojackpot on either Lottoland or the Lotter.
It still feels like the price per line does not play so big when you have the chance to win 22 billion on Powerball as a lucky player was lucky to do.

What would Flashbackers do if they won big?

There are some threads about winning money and about what players would do if they won many millions. One of them is a thread in which flashback users tell what they would do if they won the dream win which was then over$100 million onor.
Some flashbacks would spend a lot on material things such as cars, clothes, houses and electronics. Others would simply move from New Zealand to a country in slightly warmer latitudes. Most people would also resign from their jobs, which is not very surprising. What would you do if you won 100 million on the dream win?

Casinos without wagering requirements

As a rule, bonuses are better the less wagering requirements they have. This is not always the case because in some cases there are other bonus conditions that can make a bonus worse. Many players still try to find casino bonuses with as low wagering requirements as possible.

On Flashback, players first of all look for casinos without wagering requirements . These are casinos that give bonuses you do not need to wager at all in order to withdraw your money. At the moment, we could not find any concrete examples of such casinos, although there is a lot of talk about them. Flashback users are still very good at finding casinos with low wagering requirements and we later in this article mention some of them.

Best casinos with no wagering requirements on Flashback:

The biggest losses

Flashbackers have a curious interest in comparing who has had the biggest loss. A user starts his thread by saying that he has lost$21,000 onor on betting. Another player then tells that it lost 3000 dollar on blackjack and poker.
The thread continues at the same pace with players who lost$8,000 and $ 10,000 onor on poker, respectively. Remember that play responsibly because otherwise there is a chance that you will be the next to write about your losses on Flashback.

Casino without New Zealand license Flashback

Best foreign casino Flashback is a very popular thread in the channel. We always recommend playing at a casino with a New Zealand license. The New Zealand license provides better security and you can be sure that you are playing at a legitimate online casino. We still can't control where New Zealandr plays and on Flashback it quickly becomes clear that too unlicensed casinos are popular. We have taken a look at what flashback users think about some casinos without a New Zealand license and which they think is the best casino outside the license system.


Amok Casino is not the most talked about casino on Flashback but those who talk about this casino really praise them. There is talk of insane winnings and a huge cashback. One player told me that he had won$150,000 onor in just a week and, moreover, he had received the money in the account in just a few minutes

Casino Flashback

Schnellwetten is a casino that offers games in most countries but they do not have a New Zealand license. Many flashback users like this site especially for betting. They also seem to be some real cheerleaders at the live casino with many players playing Crazy time there. Schnellwetten was founded in 2018 so it seems that in just a few years they have acquired a solid following.


Along with Schnellwetten, Refuel is one of the most talked about casinos on Flashback. They are constantly recommended regardless of whether it concerns betting, online slots or live casino. As with Amok Casino, it seems to be the site's 10% cashback that attracts. They also have a license from Malta.

Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz is a so-called Bitcoin Casino. This means that you can play casino games with$ypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Crypto casinos, on the other hand, cannot get a New Zealand license because it is not allowed to play with$ypto currency in New Zealand. Bitstarz also does not allow New Zealandr to play at their casino and if you choose to play there, there is a chance that you are violating any of their terms of service. Among foreign players who like to play with Bitcoin, this is nevertheless one of the most popular casinos.

Spinero Casino

Spinero Casino has received a lot of praise on Flashback. It is a zimpler casino that has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Flashbackers say that the setup is very similar to what you can find at Amok and Refuel Casino we mentioned earlier. Another positive thing is that Spinero Casino also offers the highest possible payback percentage on its slot machines.

Casino licensed by Curacao Flashback

The general opinion about casino licensed from Curacao seems to be to stay away from them. All casinos with this license are not unreliable but most unreliable casinos have a license from Curacao.
The reason for this is that it is very easy for gaming companies to obtain such a license. This has resulted in less reliable online casinos applying for a license from Curacao. They then have a license to show up although they do not have to meet as strict$of as one has to do to get a license from New Zealand or Malta.

Casino with New Zealand license Flashback

Now it's time to instead get acquainted with what the flashback users think about some casino with New Zealand license . We always recommend playing at the casino with a license. If there should be any problems at all, you can always turn to the gaming Inspectorate, which ensures that New Zealand casinos are fair.
Here are some of the names that often pop up and what Flashback thinks of them.

Jalla Casino

It is a little strange that when it is talked about Jalla At flashback there is no talk of either game selection or casino bonuses. Here, instead, discussion turns to whether the casino is aimed at New Zealandr with a foreign background or not. There are some strange parallels that are drawn, but we think in any case that it is a really good casino that suits everyone.

LuckyDays Casino

LuckyDays The Casino was launched in 2022 and it immediately became a very popular casino. At Flashback, on the other hand, this casino is not very popular and a lot of$itics have been directed at them. One of the complaints is that they apparently have the worst RTP in New Zealand. Some even go so far as to call them UnluckyDays Casino. An example of a slot with a lowered RTP is Book of dead from Play n go. Normally, this online slot has an RTP of 96.21% but at LuckyDays it is 94 percent.

Maria Casino

Maria Casino get attention on Flashback because of their mascot. It is speculated whether it is Maria herself who appears in their commercials or whether they are different people each time. No one was able to come up with an answer, so the question of Who Maria is remains open.

Casino Flashback

No Account Required have instead received$itik for a bug discovered about a year ago. As we have understood it, this bug has occurred when players have received free spins. When they have played their free spins, the amount the player will win is shown in the account balance. This has thus happened before the Free Spins have even been completed.
The whole discussion turns into a bit of a conspiracy theory that machines know what the results will be even before the game has started. This bug only applies to individual bonus games anyway. By this we mean that when the bonus game has already been started, the slot machine knows what the result will be. It can also explain why the profit can be displayed on the screen. In principle, even if the bonus game is canceled, the same winnings will still be paid out.

Ninja Casino

Ninja Casino over the years, this has been a hot topic on Flashback. There is a lot of talk about their aggressive advertising campaigns. It was also one of the reasons why Ninja Casino possibly lost its gaming license a few years ago. Today they are again available in the New Zealand market but for several years it was uncertain if New Zealand players would ever get to play with them again.
There are also threads from when they were launched. At that time, players were still used to the fact that it could take several days to get their money when they made a withdrawal. Ninja Casino was one of the first online casinos to offer almost instant withdrawals. Of course, there were threads created on Flashback about this because it was something that gamers had never seen before.

GoGo Casino

What it concerns GoGoCasino some players have been worried that they are trying to steal their money. Some players claim that GoGo Casino does everything to avoid paying out money to their players. However, we know that it is LeoVegas that is behind this casino so we do not hesitate for a second that it is a very safe online casino to play at.

Casumo Casino

Not even Casumo Casino escape the wrath of flashbacks. This has been one of the best casinos in New Zealand for over a decade but still there are players who try to make them look bad. It is first and foremost a question of slow withdrawal times and some players say they have waited for 4-5 days to get their money. These complaints are nevertheless from a time when withdrawals were still very slow and in recent years there has been very quiet about Casumo on Flashback.

Which casino wins the most on Flashback?

In New Zealand, online casinos are regulated by the Gaming Authority. Unlike the Malta Gaming Authority, has not set any minimum limit on how low payback percentages at a casino may be. In casinos licensed from Malta, the limit is at least 92%, but in New Zealand it can basically be as low as you like.

In theory, this could mean that you have a higher chance of winning at one casino than you have at another. We have not seen that some casinos would offer exceptionally low payback percentages but there are definitely some casinos that have lowered them quite a bit.

As a player, it pays to look for a casino with as high a payback percentage as possible. It is not easy to find them because there is an incredible amount of information you have to go through to compile a list of casinos with the best RTP .

Also on Flashback there is no clear list of casino with the best RTP. As we mentioned earlier, they still advise against playing at some casinos such as LuckyDays Casino.

For example, a payback percentage of 96 percent means that the player receives an average of 96 cents back per$one wagered.

The biggest benefits of Flashback

Last but not least, we'll take a look at the biggest casino winnings players on Flashback have received. Since Flashback is a discussion forum in which anyone can participate, there is no guarantee that these winnings have really been won. It may well be that they are made up but for fun we will still see what Flashback has to say.

$ 600,000 onor at limit poker

Limit poker is a fairly sensible form of play where the cashier rarely makes any giant turns. A player from Flashback nevertheless decided to play on a table with slightly larger stakes. He chose a table with blinds of 1000-2000 $ onor. According to the player's own statement, he managed to win$600,000 onor but he admitted that it was not very fast.

Biggest wins on free spins

In one of the threads on Flashback, players compare winnings they have received from free play modes. Here are some of the most impressive winnings that flashback users have received from free spins:

  • $ 4,000 onor on Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt.
  • $ 4,000 Onor at Flowers from NetEnt.
  • $ 10,000 onor at South Park from NetEnt.

It is worth remembering that these sums are nevertheless relative. Winning$10,000 onor when wagering$1 Ona per spin is far more impressive than winning the same amount when wagering $ 100 Onor per spin.

Best online casino with the highest rating

⭐ Fast Payouts ⭐
Ninja Casino
stars stars stars stars grey stars 4 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming Licenses: New Zealand
Casino games Number of games: 700
Payment method Minimum deposit: 100kr
Money Payment methods:
Best Pay N Play
Immediate withdrawal
Read terms and conditions here | |
+18, play responsibly. Minimum deposit 100$ - free spins gilitga in Book of Dead - 0x wagering requirements.
Best gaming experience
Hajper Casino
stars stars stars stars stars 5 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming Licenses: New Zealand
Casino games Number of games: 1400+
Payment method Minimum deposit: 52,21 kr
Money Payment methods:
100% up to$5000
10 Book of dead spins
Read terms and conditions here | |
18 + I play responsibly in Min. deposit 100 SEK-wagering requirements 20x bonus +deposit. I Hajper Ultrabet: min. 100 SEC bet. In circulation within 60 days
Paf Casino
stars stars stars stars grey stars 4 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming Licenses: New Zealand
Casino games Number of games: 1700
Payment method Minimum deposit: 100kr
Money Payment methods:
Show MasterCard Swish Neteller Skrill
99 free spins
Withdraw with Swish!
Read terms and conditions here | |
18 + - play responsibly - minimum deposit$ 100-no wagering requirements on free spins. Spins are valid for 60 days.
Fast Payouts
Mr Vegas Casino
stars stars stars stars stars 4.8 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming Licenses: New Zealand
Casino games Number of games: 3500+
Payment method Minimum deposit: 100kr
Money Payment methods:
Trustly Skrill Neteller BankID Paypal
$ 1000 & 11 free spins
No withdrawal limits
Read terms and conditions here | |
18 + - play responsibly-Terms & Conditions apply - only one bonus per player and license. - Minimum deposit$ 100-35x in wagering requirements-valid for 30 days from the moment the bonus is activated.
🎁 Without turnover 🎁
Dunder Casino
stars stars stars stars stars 4.8 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming licenses: New Zealand , Malta (mga)
Casino games Number of games: 2000+
Payment method Minimum deposit: 100kr
Money Payment methods:
100% up to SEK 2,000
Pay N Play!
Read terms and conditions here | |
18 + - play responsibly-min. deposit 100 SEK-winnings are real money with 0x wagering requirements. Meet deposit requirements 30x to be awarded bonus-valid for 60 days
🔥 Best bonus 🔥
Vegas Casino
stars stars stars stars stars 5 / 5
Gaming licenses Gaming licenses: New Zealand , United Kingdom (UKGC), Malta (mga)
Casino games Number of games: 4000+
Payment method Minimum deposit: 100kr
Money Payment methods:
100$ or 100 free spins
Free & Fast
Read terms and conditions here | |
18+ years-Play responsibly, The National Gambling Exclusion Scheme. the offer is valid for new players from september 1, 2020 onwards. My. deposit 100$. Cash free Spins are valid for 60 days. Cash free Spins are wager-free. winnings are real money. The free bet is valid for 60 days with no wagering requirements.
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