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Article of: Isabelle Lort
Last updated: 27/09/2022

Some slot machines offer winning chances in the higher million class, and then it is usually progressive jackpot games that are involved. Here you will find more info about slots with progressive jackpot and can test play completely free.

Casinos with jackpot slots

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In fact, some players don't even play machines that not offer this opportunity. In order to clarify and facilitate customers, many casinos have good overviews that show which machines have progressive jackpots and how big the current jackpot is. Here we give you an introduction to progressive jackpot slots and discuss the pros and cons of this popular feature. Also, feel free to try our free versions of some of the hottest progressive jackpot games.

What is a progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpot in the Hall of Gods

As you know, there are two types of jackpot games when it comes to online slots. One is a progressive jackpot, and the option is called a steady jackpot.

  • A regular or steady jackpot as you probably already know, this is a fixed amount that is simply the top prize of the game. For example, many classic slot games with steady jackpots use symbols such as cherries and sevens, where the jackpot drops when you land three identical symbols in a row on the reels. The jackpot itself can be set to pretty much any win amount, and never changes no matter how many times it falls.
  • A progressive jackpot, on the other hand , is something completely different in that they are constantly increasing in line with the total turnover in the game. This means that every player who visits a slot with a progressive jackpot and bets at least one spin, contributes to increasing it maximum profit in the game. In the end, a lucky player cashes in the entire amount, which usually amounts to a very large win amount of several million$.

At regular land-based casinos, there are restrictions on how much a jackpot can grow. At online casinos, however, there are many more players, and the winnings can therefore skyrocket faster. Another reason why these types of jackpots can increase really quickly is the game provider that has developed the slot machine. If it is a real baddie to game manufacturers that is popular with both players and casinos, more and more online casinos are adding the game to their range – and the jackpot is always the same and stands on the same amount at all casinos that offer the game.

The biggest progressive jackpots of the moment

What are the biggest progressive jackpots at the moment?

The biggest jackpot you can win right now is on a jackpot network called WOWPOT . Also these jackpots are from Microgaming and at the moment they are over 143 million dollar. You can find WOWPOT at most New Zealand casinos online.

After slots with WOWPOT you will find the biggest jackpots on live casino games Live Casino Hold'em Jumbo 7 where it is over$40 million onor and sloten Hall Of Gods that's over $ 38 million.

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Our favorite progressive jackpot slot games

Mega Fortune
Mega Fortune
Mega moolah slot
Mega Moolah
Divine Fortune
Divine Fortune
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Empire Fortune slot review
Arabian nights
Arabian Nights
hall of gods
Hall Of Gods
mega fortune dreams
Mega Fortune Dreams
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Advantages of progressive jackpot

All games have their pros and cons which can also vary depending on which player you ask the question. Not all players dig the same types of games and some get more entertainment and excitement out of spinning slots full of bonus features while other players prefer to bet on a slot machine where the winnings can be significantly larger.

  • Extra tension – with the knowledge that while you play and hoist winnings with regular winning combinations, you have a chance at a million-dollar profits which can dim down at any time.
  • Bet what you want – it does not matter how much you bet per spin in a jackpot slot, if it is the jackpot win you are looking for. This only affects the usual winning combinations, as the jackpot falls at a random spin and not depending on the BET value.
  • Rapidly increasing prize pool - Popular progressive jackpot slots constantly have one or more jackpots that increase rapidly immediately after it falls. This is precisely because many casinos offer the game and even more players spin the reels at the same time, which causes the pot to rise in value.

How to play slots with progressive jackpots

Actually, the gameplay on slots with progressive jackpots is not very different from games on regular online slots. You simply need to find a casino with the jackpot slot you want to play. Then you create an account or log in with BankID which today is possible at most New Zealand casinos online.

In the vast majority of cases, the casino has a separate category for slots with progressive jackpots. It can be called “ progressive jackpots ”, “ Jackpot Slots "or something like that. Some casinos also have completely different categories for daily jackpots that are slightly smaller jackpots but are triggered more often.

If the casino doesn't have a separate section for slots with progressive jackpots, it gets a little trickier. Then, instead, you must already know which slot machine you want to play. If you already know this, just type the title of the slot in the search bar found in every game lobby. Then you need to click on the slot and you will start chasing jackpots.

Casinos with the largest selection of jackpot games

The majority of New Zealand casinos online today offer slots with progressive jackpots. However, the selection is not always the same and some casinos have a larger selection than others. Some casinos have only a few jackpot slots while others have several dozen of these.

Here are some of the casinos in New Zealand with largest selection of jackpot games .


Many feel Videoslots as the online casino with the most slots in New Zealand. What is a little more unknown is that they probably also have the largest selection of Jackpot Slots in New Zealand. Here there are 5 pages filled with Jackpot games. Each side has 120 jackpot slots so there are a total of around 500 games with progressive jackpots . These include mega jackpots of several million but also smaller jackpots that are awarded every day. Videoslots also has a welcome bonus that gives 100% extra up to$2000 onor to new players .

Mr Vegas

Although Videoslots say they have nothing to do with Mr Vegas so no one believes them. The design of these two online casinos is very similar and the game selection is almost the same. We definitely believe that it is the same gang behind both these casinos. It will therefore hardly come as any surprise that Mr Vegas also has a large selection of slots with progressive jackpots. Here you can find over 300 jackpot slots which is not as big as at Videoslots but without a doubt, one of the larger offerings in New Zealand .


Betsafe they are included in this list because of their easy-to-use lobby. Here, the jackpot slots are divided into many different categories making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Here there are categories like mega jackpots, local jackpots, hot jackpots, new jackpots, daily jackpots and many more. There are over 250 slots with progressive jackpots so there is definitely something to choose and choose between.

That said, most New Zealand online casinos offer slots with progressive jackpots but these three definitely have some of the biggest offerings on the market.

Which jackpot game should you choose?

If you are interested in Jackpot games, there are clearly good advantages with both options of jackpot games available (fixed or progressive), it all depends mostly on what type of player you are.

The top win falls more often in fixed jackpot games , and it is usually easier to ”time in” the big win when you know exactly how big the pot will be before it falls. However, these games usually hand out significantly smaller amounts than progressive slot machines. A win in a regular jackpot game might have a pot of a couple hundred thousand$. But it's rarely about larger, directly life-changing jackpot wins that fall in the progressive jackpot games. This can often lead to millions in profits.

Progressive slots

There are so many slot machines with progressive jackpots that it's hard to know where to start. We have therefore made a small list of some of the most popular jackpot slots online.

  • Hall Of Gods (NetEnt): A slot inspired by Norse mythology and Vikings. It has a fun bonus game where you have to smash shields to get one of the many wins hiding in them.
  • Mega Moolah (Microgaming): Mega Moolah has awarded over$15 billion in jackpots over the years. Therefore, it is no surprise that this slot machine still attracts many players.
  • Mega Fortune (NetEnt): A flashy slot machine with a luxurious theme. Expensive watches and luxury yachts in abundance are what apply here. You can win one of 3 progressive jackpots from a very exciting wheel of Fortune.
  • Book of Atem WOWPOT (All41 Studios/Microgaming): Book of Atem's usual maximum win is only 5000x the bet. It has nevertheless handed out one of the biggest jackpots online which was nearly$200 million onor.
  • Mega Fortune Dreams (NetEnt): A sequel to Mega Fortune. As a rule, it has slightly smaller jackpots than the original but it has a nicer design.
  • Divine Fortune (NetEnt): There are two versions of this Greek-inspired slot machine. There is a version that uses the Megaways game engine and the older version with a gigantic progressive jackpot of several million.
  • Arabian Nights (NetEnt): Another jackpot slot from NetEnt but this slot has an exotic theme that will take you to the Middle East.
  • Empire Fortune (Yggdrasil Gaming): Yggdrasil are not known for making jackpot slots, but they do have some. Empire Fortune is one of the most popular of them with a guaranteed jackpot of at least$2 million onor.
  • Joker Millions (Yggdrasil): Joker Millions is perfect for players looking for a bit more classic designs. Here you will find classic fruit symbols and 7s as well as a chance to win tens of millions of$Onos.
  • Mega Moolah Absolutely Mad (Triple Edge Studios/Microgaming): This slot also needs to make it onto the list because it has awarded the biggest progressive jackpot ever. A whopping$232 million onor handed it out in april 2021 to one lucky winner.


As always when it comes to games based on random outcomes, we want to emphasize that there are no watertight strategies for winning. However, you can use strategies for a smarter game. In reality, strategies are probably nothing for the absolute majority of casino players, and we usually recommend that you instead see the game as entertainment that with a little luck can generate really big profits.

If we move towards the more technical, which you can actually easily control, there are several tips for a smarter gambling. First of all, you should think about what effort you use. Check if the slot machine $ owns any minimum bet before you start playing, so that you are in the fight for the big money. Another basic tip is to set a clear and clear budget for the game. All the New Zealand casinos offer a service that sets limits on how much you can play for each week or month, which can be a good means of only playing for money you can actually spare.

RTP on slots with progressive jackpots

A common yardstick that players use to compare slots is RTP . This is short for Return to Player (payback percentage) and shows what percentage of winnings is given back to the player. The higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning.

A typical RTP on a slot machine is about 96 percent. In slots with progressive jackpots, however, this figure looks a little different. A typical example is that a jackpot slot has an RTP of 88%. However, you don't have to worry about this low percentage because this is quite common at Jackpot Slots. This figure is just the RTP of the main game and the jackpot is not included there.

An RTP for a slot with a progressive jackpot should instead be displayed as for example 88% for the main game + 8% for the jackpot . This means that your regular spin has a payback percentage of 88% and the jackpot has a payback percentage of 8%. It is simply just many online casinos that denote these payback percentages incorrectly. This example gives a total payback percentage of 96%, which is the same as in ordinary slot machines. Keep in mind that this difference means that slots with progressive jackpots are usually very volatile.

Disadvantages of progressive jackpot

  • Exceeding gaming limits - When the tension increases, it is very easy to get carried away. If you know you're having a hard time sticking to a gaming budget, a progressive jackpot can be so enticing that you'll be more likely to play for more than planned.
  • Still little chance of winning – Since many players often spin in the same slot machine at the same time, the likelihood is that you will be the lucky one the casino winner relatively small.
  • Sparse supply - There are significantly fewer of progressive jackpot games than the ranges that offer regular slots and video slots. Although there are plenty of jackpot games to enjoy online, very few have a progressive jackpot, or more.

How to increase your chance of winning a progressive jackpot?

It is chance that determines whether you win a progressive jackpot or not. In some Jackpot Slots, you still have a greater chance of winning the larger the bet you play with.

How big was the biggest progressive jackpot ever?

The biggest jackpot ever awarded is$232 million onor on Mega Moolah absolutely Mad slot.

What are the most popular progressive jackpot slots?

The most popular jackpot slots include Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune.

What are daily jackpots?

Regular progressive jackpots are not triggered very often. The biggest jackpots might be triggered every two years. Daily jackpots are instead those that are guaranteed to be triggered every day.
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