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Article of: Isabelle Lort
Last updated: 12/10/2021

Our editorial guidelines

Just as we have high$off at the casinos listed with us, we are also careful about what we convey ourselves. We strive to always be transparent and sincere in our communication and have therefore set up editorial guidelines that we follow when creating content. Because casinolist.co.nz editorial team a bunch of experienced and knowledgeable employees with good knowledge of both the gaming industry and what players want, so this is something we think is both necessary and completely natural. Read on to learn more about our editorial guidelines.

Fair & clear

We are careful not to give a casino an undeserved reputation, whether it sounds good or bad. We therefore test our reviewed bookmakers thoroughly before we can give a review. Registration, game selection, customer service, bonus rules and wagering requirements as well as security such as licensing and safe gaming are all aspects we look at when reviewing an online casino . Can you get customer support in New Zealand during all hours of the day? The games work within online casino games just as smooth on the phone? Does the bookmaker offer a welcome bonus? Things like these are taken up in all our reviews in order to give as clear a picture of the casino as possible.

Honest & objective

In our reviews, as well game reviews as for gaming companies and casinos, we are always straight and honest. We address both advantages and disadvantages and do not deliberately omit any information. All in order to be able to give our readers such a clear and simple picture of what applies. Would a casino please us for several reasons, but offer a casino bonuses with what we consider to be unreasonable wagering requirements, this is something we mention. Likewise, if a casino stands out more than the others, for example by offering payouts without a payout limit, or a bonuses without wagering requirements .

Updated & relevant

Most online bookmakers are honed almost all the time. And for us it is important to be able to stand behind up-to-date and accurate information. We therefore regularly monitor the gaming companies, casinos and betting sites as we reviewed. This is to be able to keep us and our readers updated on what applies, or maybe has changed on the reviewed online casino. We are also in direct contact with many bookmakers, in order to immediately know when a bonus changes, or if new game titles end up in the game range.

Impartial & independent

Unlike many other sites on the internet that compare casinos and bookmakers, we do not own any of our own online casinos listed on the casino leaderboard. On such sites, you often see that specific online casinos have received significantly better reviews than others, even when you actually did not find extra benefits at said online casino. We therefore do not exclusively give higher ratings or reviews to specific casinos, but are independent and impartial.

Where do our guidelines come from?

Our Editor Emily Warren together with Isabelle Lort discuss and determine what aspects of the casinolist we are proud of who we see as the most important. For us it is important to building trust with our visitors and to create a site that is of high quality.

Please take a look at our terms of service , privacy as well as our cookie policy for more information. If you also want to know more about your rights as a player and KYC at casinos, we also have a page about just casino account verification .

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