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Last updated: 08/08/2022

Editor and writer at casinolist.co.nz for 2 years, with a penchant for politics and social issues. Publishes, edits and writes, with a focus on news from and casino-related content. She is also responsible for all the main pages on the site and takes care of the daily work of updating these.

About Emily

My Name Is Emily and I am an editor. casinolist.co.nz. I have several years of experience in the gaming industry and have a good idea of What New Zealand players have for$of at casinos and betting sites. I focus a lot on the main pages of the site and the daily work of keeping these updated. In addition, I have an eye on the New Zealand gambling regulation and the politics around it.

One area I'm particularly passionate about when it comes to the gaming industry is the legal one. I am very concerned about the best interests of our readers, and that everyone should understand the terms and conditions of New Zealand casinos . You as a player should always feel safe when choosing an online casino through our site.

Engaged in gambling policy

I have always been involved in both social issues and politics.I find the game policy particularly interesting as it sometimes involves major changes that take place quickly.I always keep a close eye on as well as which bookmakers really stick to the new restrictions in New Zealand.

I have heard and read several times about desperate players who have fallen into the glue both financially and in many other ways, as gambling has turned into a problematic addiction. It is super important that we as casino guide online makes every effort to only recommend bookmakers that stay within the restrictions set by The New Zealand gambling authority.

Emily as editor and editor

When the comes up with new security measures or the like, a lot has to be changed at various gaming companies. Therefore, it is our responsibility, and primarily mine, to ensure that our information and reviews of online casinos is accurate and up to date.

Emily's free time

In her spare time, Emily prefers to play chess, something she has been a fan of since middle school. She also likes to get caught up in good detective series, both on Netflix and in book form, and to keep going physically with yoga and swimming is also something that Emily appreciates.

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