Player rights at the casino

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Article of: Emily Warren
Last updated: 06/12/2021

As a player at a casino with a New Zealand gaming license, you have a lot of rights. Most rights exist to protect you as a player against getting into a gambling problem. It is good to know what your rights are at casino online, but it is also important that you know what your obligations are. Here we go through what it is that applies to you as a New Zealand player at online casinos.

My rights - casino players

As a casino player online casino games with a New Zealand gaming license you have the right to block yourself, regulate deposit limits, deregister and see your history. You also obviously have the right to always be able to withdraw your money if you have fulfilled the conditions you agreed to when registering.

your casino rights

Player rights at the casino:

  • Blocking your own gaming account
  • Adjust deposit limits
  • Deregistration
  • View history
  • Withdrawal of money

Please note that you are not covered by the rights when you select play online casino games .

Blocking via Game pause

All New Zealand online casinos should be connected to Spelpaus. By The National Gambling Exclusion Scheme should you be able to block yourself from gambling, for a limited period of time or indefinitely. During your blocking time, you should not be able to log in to any casino with a New Zealand gaming license, but you should not be contacted by any casino either. This also applies to mobile casino or if you created an account with casino apps .

As long as you have not created game account without verification, i.e. playing in a casino without registration you can use the New Zealand blocking service at Spelpaus.

Regulate your deposit limits

When you become a member of a casino with New Zealand license you will need to set a deposit limit before you can start playing. This is a way for you to be able to play responsibly . You have the right to regulate your deposit limits while you are a member of the casino. A down payment must be made immediately, while an up payment must not be made on the same day, in order to protect you from playing more than you had planned.

Deregister yourself from a casino

You have the right to unsubscribe at any time from an online casino of which you are a member. Exactly how the deregistration is done can vary, but if you contact customer service, they will help you with this. Once you are deregistered, you should no longer need to be contacted by them.

View your history

You always have the right to view your own history of deposits and casino withdrawal when you are registered as a member at an online casino. The casino is obliged to save history and to keep track of its customers. And if you request your own history, you should be able to get it. Most often you can see your history yourself on your pages inside the casino and in your game account.

Your obligations – casino players

As a casino player, of course, you also have obligations, and mainly it is about actually reading the terms and conditions before accepting the casino bonus, freespins or similar offers to win money at a casino.

By reading through the terms and Conditions carefully and making sure you understand what applies to$ing your bonus, you can ensure that your offer actually becomes the one best casino bonuses, without question marks or ambiguities. Casinos without wagering requirements usually means you don't have$off on your bonus, but be sure to see if there are wagering requirements attached to other things, such as your first deposit.

You always have the right to withdraw your winnings from a casino, as long as you have met all the conditions you agreed to when depositing or similar.

Help – I can't get my money out!

why can't I withdraw my casino winnings

The most common conflict that arises is that the casino denies a withdrawal, where the player claims that they should actually get their money. But in the vast majority of cases, at least when it comes to casinos with a New Zealand gaming license, it is the player who has missed something.

It may be that you missed a wagering requirement when you received a welcome bonus, or think that you have met$aven, although you really do not have it. It may also be that you have not verified yourself enough. Sometimes verification is not enough. casino games which is the most common method in New Zealand for e-identification at casinos when creating an account and becoming a member.

Of course, the casino should inform you if there is any further verification, but it may be good to contact the casino if you feel that you have not received a payout that you really should receive.

Report a casino that does not pay out winnings

  • Applies to winnings over$1,000
  • Turn to ALN, the general complaints board

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to report a casino, then it goes. It is a process that you can take through ARN, the general complaints board in New Zealand.

The gambling Inspectorate in New Zealand is the business that reviews online casinos. does not take care of disputes or reports you as a player want to make against a casino, but only handles the licenses with the operators and examines them.

register casino

How to make a notification

Visit the page and create your case. You can then follow your case via the website after logging in with your account.

Before you report:

Before you register, you should contact the casino itself. At ARN there is also a lot of advice for you as a player and where you can turn for help. Then you can also check directly on the page whether ARN can try your dispute.

How to register a casino:

  1. Use the registration form via the ARN website
  2. Send the evidence

After your registration:

After you have drawn up your registration, the processing begins. This processing can take up to 6 months.

  1. Your case is checked
  2. The casino will respond
  3. ARN settles the case with lawyers
  4. Decisions are made