How we review casinos

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Last updated: 05/12/2022

Casino reviews are a central part of the content we offer here at every month our experts evaluate, compare and review New New Zealand casinos and write reviews for our readers. In addition, we are constantly working on updating older reviews, so that you can always find relevant information about the online casinos you are interested in. Read about how we review casino online and the rating criteria we follow. online casino rating system

In order to be listed on our leaderboards, the casino must first and foremost have a New Zealand casino license . After that, there are a number of different$iteries that we look at when we review casinos.
Our reviews are divided into different sections, where we take a closer look at the following sections of a online casinos or a betting site:

  1. Gaming license
  2. Responsible gaming
  3. Bonuses & promotions
  4. Wagering requirements
  5. Game selection
  6. Customer
  7. Payment methods
  8. Mobile casino & app

How to decipher the information box and score feeder

In each review there is also an information box with brief facts about the gaming site. Above that information box is additionally indicated four point meters where you can quickly and easily get an overview of how the casino stands when it comes to:

  • Bonus
  • Game selection
  • Customer
  • Fast withdrawals

As a hint, we can say that if the meters are standing around 80% so the casino is what we would call a classically New Zealand casino with everything you would expect for a great gaming experience. If the meters are approaching 90%, we are dealing with some who really know their stuff, and if they are as low as below 70, they have some to work with to reach the level that we expect from a online casinos in New Zealand .

Casino Information and ratings Picture examples of what the information box and score feeder look like at with individual ratings given as a percentage (%). Ratings are given on games, welcome bonus, customer service, as well as the speed of withdrawing money.

1: gaming licenses & security

Licenses at casinos can look different. In New Zealand, it is that handles and approves these for online casinos that want to offer games against New Zealand players. Other licensing organisations are the Malta Gaming Authority and the NZ Gambling Commission.

2: responsible gaming

An important part of being able to rank as a good casino is, according to our$iterier, that the casino cares about its players. As a casino, being able to access important tools to maintain responsible gaming is very important. All casinos should therefore be able to offer deposit limits and loss limits to give their players the best opportunity to be in control of their game.

3: Bonuses & Promotions

How we review a bonus

Welcome offers appear on the vast majority of online casinos today. It's not always easy to distinguish a good bonus from a bad one, and it's also tedious and time-consuming to do the analysis yourself. Since we collect all New Zealand gambling sites in our reviews, you can easily compare casino bonuses with us.

It has become increasingly common that New Zealand casinos do not offer any welcome bonus to new customers. We're on does not see this as something negative in our review. Whether one wants a bonus or not is entirely individual and there are simply advantages to both options.

A big advantage of a casino without a bonus is that you do not have to keep track of wagering requirements before you can start making withdrawals. However, we can of course not give any high points in our bonus score meter if there is no bonus to score. Therefore, casinos with no bonus only 10% in our meter . This way you can quickly get an overview of this if you are the type of player who is looking for a bonus.

4: wagering requirements

When assessing a casino bonus, we start from two aspects: Bonus value and bonus wagering requirements . In order for a bonus to get a good$rating, it is also assumed that it has a value that makes the wagering requirements reasonable. Because wagering requirements can vary from none at all to up to 40 times on both deposit and bonus not only high bonus amounts determine whether it is good or bad.

5: Game selection

How we review the game selection at a casino When we review the game selection at a casino, we primarily look at the number of games offered. But we also find out if the casino offers live casino, betting, bingo, lottery or other fun additions to the offer.

In order to get around 80-85% on our score meter, and thus be in line with other New Zealand online casinos, a casino needs to have at least 1000-1500 games . We think this is reasonable, given the large selection of slots available today.

What the casino offers betting or live casino , but a fewer number of games, they can still get plus points from us, because then there is a breadth of offer that can be attractive to many. Also a really high number of slot machines get plus points. Casinos that – on the other hand – have fewer slots than 1000 and also neither live casino nor betting are of course not worth quite as many points in our eyes.

6: Customer

In our casino reviews, we also examine the casino's customer service. Customer service is perhaps a little extra important for inexperienced casino players who have questions about how everything really works with wagering requirements and deposits withdrawals, and more. And therefore it is also very important that there is Customer Service in New Zealand , so that you can feel comfortable asking all the questions you want, and also really understand the answers.

Another important part of customer service is it should be quick to get an answer. If you sit and play and there is a problem, you want an answer now, and not tomorrow or after the weekend. Therefore, it is important to us that New Zealand casinos offer live chat , so that you can only throw away a message when needed.

We give 80-85% in our score meter if a casino has clearly stated opening hours for their New Zealand support-for example 8-23 every day-via live chat and email. If the casino has New Zealand support around the clock, they get higher points, and if they do not have clear opening hours for their New Zealand support or do not have New Zealand customer service agents at all, it gets lower points. Of course, casinos without live Chat also get lower scores.

7: Payment Methods

Our payment method score meter focuses, as the name indicates, above all on how quickly you can get your money paid out from the casino. We think that t within 24 hours is reasonable for casinos in the New Zealand market and therefore it is our benchmark to get 80-85% in our meter. Faster payouts deserve more points while casinos that need several days to approve payouts do not deserve as high ratings.

New Zealand online casino payment methods

When it comes to the supply itself New Zealand payment methods of course, we would like to see the possibility of using both BankID and a wide range of other common New Zealand payment methods. Is there additionally Swish as a payment method at the casino, it is probably as good as it can get.

Of course, we have in mind that many casinos today only offer Pay N Play, which means that payment methods other than Trustly usually not included in the offer, but where you can instead expect very effective payouts within just a few minutes, which of course weighs up our rating.

8: mobile casino & app

At we also look at how the casino looks and works in mobile devices . This is a matter of course for us, because we know that most of our readers use the mobile both to read our casino reviews and to actually play at New Zealand casinos.

In our review, we therefore check whether the casino has a apps for iOS and Android . We also check how easy it is to navigate the site from your mobile phone, how easy it is to find what you are looking for and everything else you need to be able to do to have a pleasant gaming experience.

However, we do not have a score meter for app and mobile casino at the moment, because the vast majority of casinos currently have a large mobile focus and there is rarely a big difference between play casino in mobile or to play through a computer.

What if a casino is bad?

We are constantly reviewing and updating our reviews. If a casino loses its casino gaming license or for any other reason disappears from The New Zealand gaming market, a new review is always made on the casino. If there is any casino you think we have given an incorrect rating or review or believe that a casino should be reviewed again, we would like you to contact us. You can contact us at casinolist .