Security Policy

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Article of: Emily Warren
Last updated: 22/02/2022

Information security objectives

The goal of information security at is to guarantee our users as few interruptions as possible when using our services. All information stored and used by is guaranteed to be protected and that the safety and privacy of visitors is not compromised. also guarantees to use all necessary and possible security measures in terms of protecting the information stored.

Information security policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect the organization's information from both external and internal threats, whether intentional or accidental.

The organization promises to assure the following:

1. Only authorized persons have access to confidential information stored by us. This is determined according to the principle of least privileges.
2. When there are changes in the casino directory system, security, stability and availability of stored information must be kept consistent.
3. The integrity of information about our customers, as well as business information, must be maintained at all times.
4. The organization, as a media provider and leading platform, promises to provide world-class security solutions to our iGaming partners and their customers.
5. All gaming laws and other regulations that are necessary to maintain a gaming license will at all times be integrated into our processes and systems.

Information security management risks has a framework for information risk management. The organization manages risks through this framework, which has been put in place in order to identify potential risks and that these will be properly managed. This enables the organization to integrate a risk-based approach into all decision-making processes.


Each of our employees has a responsibility to comply with this information security policy. It is the task and responsibility of the managers to implement the different information security requirements within the respective departments.

It is the management representative's direct responsibility to design, plan, implement and operate ISMS within the casino leaderboard.

The effectiveness of the information security management system is verified and monitored by an internal audit committee.

We reserve the right to review and amend this information security policy if the organization undergoes material changes.