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Article of: Julian Bage
Last updated: 04/01/2023

Since Satoshi Nakamoto founded bitcoin in 2008, digital currencies have been taking more and more place every year. Most people know about Bitcoin, not least from the economy news, but there are more digital currencies than that. Normally, bitcoin, etherium and other models are called$ypto currencies and they can be used today both for trading and as investments.

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Bitcoin casinos

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Cryptocurrencies at online casino

As currencies with the same passability as, for example, New Zealand dollar and euro, they have also been able to be used on games at$ypto currency casinos such as Bitcoin casino. This has long been a trend in Trustly casinos , where today it is important to make deposits in SEK and verify yourself on casinos with BankID for you who are a New Zealand player.

Previously, it was possible to both deposit and withdraw and activate and receive a casino bonuses for example, in bitcoin games or with the bitcoin casino currency. Since the New Zealand gambling market no longer accepts games with$ypto currencies, we cannot recommend a bookmaker that accepts bitcoin anymore. It can be downright dangerous for you not to choose to register games in casino with New Zealand license, and we strongly advise you against crypto casinos .

We would like to recommend that you instead take a look at our pages that deal with:

Advantages of cryptocurrency at casino

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Freedom of payment

No fees

Disadvantages of Bitcoin casinos

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You lose your consumer protection

No guarantees that you will get your money out

No tax-free games

How we rate$ypto currency payment method

Of course, we want you to feel confident that our rating is honest. Therefore, here we go through what factors we have considered when making our judgment.

Background and security

Security is of course the most important thing when playing at an online casino. We have therefore looked at whether it is safe to use$ypto currency and whether you can safely play online casino with this payment method. We do a short survey about what$ypto currency actually is, how long it has existed and what opinions/news exist and have existed on the subject. We also look at where casinos offering$ypto currency are usually licensed.

Function and use

Also the user-friendliness is an important factor for our rating of a payment method. Therefore, we have looked at how to use$ypto currency. We go through, among other things, what elements are used to be able to play with this payment method, how to access it and that we list the pros and cons.

New Zealand casinos

Since we only recommend playing at New Zealand casinos, we consider the availability of New Zealand casinos in our rating. We check whether it is possible to play with any$ypto currency at New Zealand casinos.

Smoothness when depositing

We have looked at how to proceed when you want to make deposits with$ypto currency in order to assess whether the payment method is smooth and simple.

Withdrawal options and withdrawal times

We have also examined whether it is possible to make withdrawals with$ypto currency at the casinos that offer the payment method. We'll walk you through how to proceed and how long it will take before you get your money.

Other payment methods

We list other payment methods to make it easier to compare the different options.

How to play with$ypto currencies

Cryptocasino is not completely different from a regular online casinos . The only difference really is that sites with support for$ypto currencies offer their players the choice to make deposits and withdrawals with digital currencies. In all other aspects, Bitcoin casinos work in the same way as other online casinos, but with several risks that are included when playing on a casinos without a New Zealand license .

Start playing with$yptovalutor-3 steps

To have the opportunity to play with Bitcoin and other currencies at bookmakers with bitcoin and casinos, you need to go through three steps;

1. Decide which$ypto currency to play with
2. Arrange with a wallet
3. Buy the currency.


Since it is not possible to play at New Zealand casinos if you want to use $ ypto currency, you will lose a lot of security. Cryptocurrency itself is usually considered safe to use, as long as you know what you're doing. If you pay with Bitcoins or other$ypto currency and you would be scammed or similar, there is no help to be had and you will not be able to get them back.

Casinos with Bitcoin

bitcoin casino figures If you feel that you would like to try your hand at crypto casinos or bitcoin casino, you probably want to know which bookmakers accept bitcoin or other casino$ypto currency for bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoin casinos do not offer the same security features or comply with the New Zealand laws. Which means they don't necessarily take the same responsibility for their players as ours best online casinos among the New Zealand gambling companies.

There is currently no New Zealand online casino that offers games with$ypto currencies. Nor can we recommend unlicensed bookmakers. In order for you as a player to be as protected as possible, we also recommend the tax free casinos , where you as a player have greater consumer protection as these casinos follow the benchmarks that exist within the framework of New Zealand casino. Many of these Vegas casino New Zealand online casinos that offer secure payments in mobile, faster casino withdrawals in mobile , where you take care of your game safety and take responsibility for responsible gaming .

Deposits with $ ypto currency

When you are the owner of $ ypto currency and want to play with them, you must first find a casino that accepts the payment method. Once you have done that, you first register an account and then go to the deposit page. Select the $ ypto currency you want to play with and follow the instructions. Exactly how you verify deposits may vary depending on which wallet you have and which$ypto currency you are using.

Withdrawals with $ ypto currency

If you have made a deposit with$ypto currency, you can usually also make withdrawals. Withdrawals are made in the same way as with other payment methods. Go to the withdrawal page, enter the amount of withdrawal you want to make and verify the withdrawal according to the instructions. Exactly how long it takes before you get your money varies between different casinos.

Bitcoin at New Zealand casinos

The New Zealand gambling market became regulated and new laws entered into force for New Zealand bookmakers in early 2019. The New Zealand licensing system in force today is intended to further protect players who are at risk of gambling problems, as well as identifying themselves in connection with their first deposit with BankID. This also means that you can no longer play with Bitcoin at New Zealand licensed casinos online . The deposits and withdrawals approved at New Zealand online casinos are transferred in SEK (New Zealand dollar) directly from one's bank account.

Before you can buy$ypto currencies, you need to get one wallet , or a wallet in pure New Zealand. Wallets are of different types. For example, you can use a web-based solution or save the$ypto currencies in an app on your mobile. Please compare different solutions before choosing. Please take a look at the security features that apply to each solution.

With a wallet ready, just make a purchase of bitcoin, ethereum or whatever$ypto currency you want to play with. The easiest way is to exchange New Zealand dollar at an online exchange service. There are also sites where you buy currencies from other members.

The future of $ ypto currencies and new casinos

Despite the fact that the New Zealand gambling market is fairly regulated, it is not an impossibility that games with$ypto can come back. There is already a little talk about Metaverse casino . Although it can feel like light years away with this kind of new casino , isn't it impossible that we will see other new ones casino payment methods and currencies to pay with if this debated phenomenon becomes a reality in the future.

Pros and cons of casinos with $ ypto currency

If it is Bitcoin or any other $ ypto currency you want to play with, there are of course advantages to finding a casino that offers the opportunity. Today, however, it is difficult to see advantages of playing casino with$ypto currency that are not the same as playing at online casino with e.g. Trustly. However, there is a reverse side. For$yptocasino, it can be said that there are three slightly more obvious disadvantages. It's about:

  • Changes in value
  • Reduced consumer protection
  • No tax-free games

Even those who have no deeper knowledge of Bitcoin know that the value of the digital currency has fluctuated somewhat enormously in recent years. After a modest, but still fairly steady increase in value, from the start both value and interest exploded (clear interaction!) at the end of 2017. In december 2017, the value of one Bitcoin was over 19,000 US dollars. Since then, the value has slowly but surely dropped and in August 2018, a bitcoin cost just over $ 7,500. This is something that usually continues to increase and decrease after that.

Ordinary currencies cannot fluctuate this much. After all, a New Zealand$ona is not worth$ 3 one day and then drops to$ 0.50 the next day. The changes in value are a disadvantage in the event that the value of the currency falls. If, instead, it increases, it is obviously an advantage.

For deposits with $ edit cards there are strong consumer protection rules and for deposits with Trustly you accept deposits with Bank identification. For deposits with $ ypto currencies, you don't really have any consumer protection at all . In addition, there is always the risk that your wallet or your computer will be hacked. You can also accidentally specify the wrong sender and in such cases it will be very difficult to get your money back.

Last but not least, we should mention that$yptocasinon all usually have a license outside the EU, such as for example from Curaçao. The effect will be that the winnings you possibly play in can not be seen as tax-free casinos. You will also not have the same protection as you have in a New Zealand casino and it can also be said that online casinos with$ypto are casino with no deposit limit which can lead to increased risk of gambling addiction .

Alternative payment methods

Cryptocurrency cannot be used in New Zealand casinos. We only recommend that you play at casinos that have a New Zealand gaming license and therefore advise you to use one of these payment methods instead:


Because we comply with New Zealand gaming regulations, we only recommend playing at casinos with a New Zealand gaming license. These casinos do not offer games with$ypto currency and therefore we will give the payment method$ypto currency a low rating. No matter how good and smooth a payment method is, we do not want to recommend it if it is not available at New Zealand casinos.


Playing online casino with Bitcoin or other $ ypto currency is something that belongs to the past, at least for us New Zealand players. Of course, there is the possibility of making deposits with$ypto currencies at international online casinos, but since the risks with it are too many and too large, it is not something we can neither recommend nor give a clear picture of at the moment. That said, We do not mean that Bitcoin is a bad currency, on the contrary, we have seen various cases where people found great benefits in buying Bitcoin. But for online games, things have been different since 2019.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin at casino

Can you play with Bitcoin at New Zealand casinos?

No, New Zealand licensed online casinos only accept deposits made in New Zealand currency. Previously, Bitcoin was an approved payment method at several New Zealand casinos, but since the turn of 2019 it no longer applies.

Which casinos offer deposits with Bitcoin?

There are several online casinos that accept payments with Bitcoin. However, the opportunity to play casino with Bitcoin is not offered to New Zealand players, although a gaming company may approve deposits with Bitcoin in other countries where the laws for online gambling look different.

Is it safe to play casino with Bitcoin?

As long as you play at a safe and secure online casino, your transactions should also be risk-free. Just Bitcoin is not something we recommend as it does not involve the same security as, for example, a bank account or direct transfers with Trustly, and that Bitcoin is not accepted at casinos with a New Zealand license.
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