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Article of: Amber Carboni
Last updated: 12/12/2022

Responsible gambling is important for those who play for money. If you do not gamble responsibly, there is an increased risk that you will develop a gambling addiction and it can be very difficult to stop gambling.

Before you start gambling, it is important that you know about the risks of gambling, but also how to maintain responsible gambling, be aware of the signs of gambling addiction, and how and to whom to turn for help if you have lost control of your gambling.

Play responsibly!

Our approach to casino gaming & responsible gaming

hand holds heart Since gambling can be addictive and it is generally about playing for money at the casino, it is therefore important to we guide and help our New Zealand players in the right direction . And only against online casinos and betting sites with New Zealand license .

It is also important that you as a player understand what Responsible Gambling means-we will help you with this!

We want you to understand even before you start playing the signs that can signal you that it is time to stop playing so that you do not create a gambling addiction.

In doing so, we attach great importance to ensuring that our readers receive all the necessary information regarding important information about the casino.

The work of casinolist is to research and test commercial online gambling and betting, and then review the gambling sites. At all New Zealand casinos there are tools for players to play responsibly and maintain responsible gambling. We have written this article as a support to you who are feeling anxious or who need more facts or support for gambling addiction.

"We guide and help New Zealand players in the right direction towards online casinos with New Zealand license”

Don't let profits rule over pleasure

The most important thing for us is to point out that even if you play for money, gambling should always be a pleasure and not a possible way to make money .

Therefore, it should be enough to play for smaller sums, because the pleasure should lie in the gambling itself and not in how much profit you make .

What is a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is about excessive gambling and can create negative consequences for you.

It is therefore important that even before you start playing, you know and understand what it means to play responsibly and what a gambling addiction is. This is so that you can counteract and reduce the risk of falling into gambling addiction .

"Someone who is addicted to gambling has lost control of their gambling”

Is gambling addiction a mental illness?

Gambling addiction

Yes, gambling addiction is a psychiatric condition and the similarities to a substance addiction are many. Before you start playing, it is important to know that gambling can be addictive and that responsible gambling is one of the most important things you can read up on before betting money on online gambling.

Gambling – games that can create spelbeorende

It is also important to point out that a gambling addiction is only about gambling and should not be confused with addiction to computer or video games. Gambling is about betting and you play for money.

Gambling is usually played at a casino. It is becoming increasingly common to gambling addiction takes shape in an online casino .

At online casinos there are both card games, dice games and bingo these are typical games of chance. Also machines , poker online betting is available at Betsson casino is also games that can provoke a gambling addiction .

Lotteries also belong to the crowd within this game type. However, games have lotto does not have the same effect on humans to induce a gambling addiction as the aforementioned types of gambling have.

Who is affected by gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction can affect everyone . Gambling addiction has no face and anyone can create a gambling addiction. For someone who is addicted to gambling, gambling is the most important thing. The addict does not care about the consequences of gambling and it can be hard to stop playing .

Someone who is addicted to gambling has lost control of their gambling. Gambling is about relationships, work and the economy .

Everyone can be affected by gambling addiction

Why is it hard to stop playing?

Games affect our brain , just as, for example, some substances can do. Studies show that when playing for money, certain substances will be activated in the brain .

How is the brain affected by gambling?

Substances in the brain affect the reward system when playing as gives short-term feelings of happiness , something that the brain remembers.

The feeling many players experience is that it becomes difficult to stop playing and therefore want to continue playing.

Gambling already begins in your brain and it can be difficult to take back control of your gambling. But it is also important that you know that there is help for gambling addiction !

The brain is affected by gambling

Early signs of gambling addiction

There are early signs that you are heading into a gambling addiction, and the sooner you get the hang of these, the way out can be much easier.

Signs that indicate that you have a gambling addiction are:

  • That you often think about the game and when you can play next time
  • That you often feel restless and irritable when you haven't played for a long time
  • That you have to play for larger sums to feel excitement
  • Lying to others about your gambling
  • That you are trying to win back money you have played
  • That you do things you would not otherwise do to get money for gambling
  • That you don't stop playing when you had actually decided to

In order to ensure responsible gambling, it is important that you keep an eye on these symptoms and pay attention to them early.

Should you notice that as little as only one of these points applies to you, you should immediately stop playing in order to enter te risk falling into a casino addiction!

Chapter 1 - How online casinos work

In addition to understanding how a gambling addiction works, it is also important to keep track of how online casinos work to reduce the risk of falling into a gambling addiction .

The more you know how an online casino works, the more responsible you can play.

Learn to understand how online casinos work

First of all, it is important that you only choose play at licensed casinos and preferably online casinos with a New Zealand license.

If you choose to play online casinos with New Zealand license in this way, you can be sure that you be treated fairly when playing .

"At online casinos without a New Zealand license, you run a greater risk of excessive gambling”

By keeping track of which online casinos have a New Zealand gaming license, you can promote your responsible gambling and reduce the risk of playing too much.

Foreign casinos without a New Zealand gaming license do not offer the same gaming protection for their players e just like New Zealand casinos.

At online casinos without a New Zealand license, you run a greater risk of excessive gambling and you risk playing for money you may not really be able to afford .

No matter how fair the game is, the casino will always be the big winner and it is important that you understand how they use psychology to make you play more .

"Early onset age of gambling increases the risk of gambling addiction and gambling addiction”

Age limit for underage players and New Zealand license

New Zealand players at online casinos have it relatively good today because The New Zealand government in 2019 introduced a New Zealand gambling law .

The new gambling law applies to casinos operators must have a New Zealand gaming license . The licence shall be issued by to get to offer New Zealand games in New Zealand.

In addition to The New Zealand license, The New Zealand Gaming Act is also very strict about how online casinos are allowed to market themselves and attract players.

Minimum age at the casino

At the casino there is an age limit to be able to play and bet real money. At online casinos there is protection of minors and you should therefore be at least 18 years old to play .

Research shows that a early onset age of gambling increases the risk of gambling addiction and gambling addiction . There are therefore good reasons why those who provide commercial online gambling and betting have the protection of minors that they have, and only allow games for people over 18 years of age to play.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – random game

A licensed casino only uses games that have a RNG , that is, a random number generator that determines which symbols will come up in the game.

RNG technology is an advanced an algorithm that always gambling is fair .

Psychological tricks that online casinos use

Online casinos are a for-profit business and in order to be able to distribute large sums of money, they must also bring in large sums of money. The income comes from you and other players betting money in the games.

Previously, large casino bonuses the best trick online casinos had was to attract new players and to make existing players spend more money. Today, The New Zealand Gambling Act only allows casinos to offer a small welcome bonus, as a step in getting more players to play more responsibly and reduce gambling addiction.

Despite this, there is a you may be attracted to bonuses and that you play more than you had intended. Especially if it's a bonus with wagering requirements. You may then have to wager the bonus many times, with your real money – before you can start withdrawing winnings.

Other tricks casinos use are that they introducing big winners on the front page . By giving the winners a face, the feeling that they are possible to win becomes more real, which in turn leads to you playing more than you had intended.

Other tricks that online casinos use:

  • Stimulating sounds
  • Small payouts that happen often - something that really paves the way for addiction
  • Attracts with a sense of community

Chapter 2 - statistics on gambling addiction

As we mentioned earlier, an important part of countering a gambling addiction is understanding that commercial online gambling and betting can actually be addictive.

In order for you to get a better understanding of excessive gambling, we have collected some facts and statistics about gambling addiction from the Public Health Agency.

Gambling addiction statistics

Statistics & Facts-gambling addiction:

  • About 340,000 people in New Zealand have some degree of gambling problem
  • 45,000 people have a fully developed gambling addiction
  • 56,000 people have an elevated risk of gambling problems
  • 15% of people who gamble every month have a problem gambling
  • 68,000 children in New Zealand have a parent who has some type of gambling addiction

Online gambling has the greatest risk

Online gambling at online casinos is the type of gambling that counts as high-risk gambling.

Statistics show that problem gambling is most prevalent in online gambling compared to land-based games. The percentage of players with gambling problems is twice as high among those who play online games.

online casinos

Men are at greater risk of excessive gambling

Statistics also show that men have a greater risk of excessive gambling and falling into a gambling problem compared to women.

"Both men and women can become addicted to gambling, but everyone also has the opportunity to gamble responsibly”

This is not because men play more than women, because this is not the case. But men are often more risk-averse in their gambling , which in turn can lead to problematic gambling.

All the, both men and women can become addicted to gambling , but everyone also has the opportunity to play responsibly.

Gambling addiction affects relatives

Like all other addictions, it is not only you who are affected of your dependence, but also of yours relatives affected by your gambling addiction .

When someone has a problematic relationship with gambling, that relationship will affect other more important relationships in the person's life that can be so damaged that in the worst case they cannot be repaired.

Dependent gambling

Helping someone with gambling addiction

A gambling addiction takes over large parts of life and someone who has a gambling addiction will spend most of the day thinking about gambling everything that has to do with gambling. This is at the expense of family, work and other obligations the person has. All this will become secondary for someone who has a gambling addiction.

That's a lot it is important that you as a relative do not become codependent , both for your own sake and for the sake of the gambling addict.

You need to set clear boundaries about what is not okay for you but remember, you will never be able to help someone who doesn't want help.

It can be very difficult not to want to help, but never lend money to someone you suspect has an addiction. There are other ways to help!

Try shift the focus away from gambling , highlight the things in life that work well. Strengthen the person's self-esteem instead of pointing out faults also failing or getting angry.

Things you as a parent can do:

  • Listen to the dependent
  • Strengthen the person's self-esteem
  • Shift the focus away from gambling
  • Set boundaries for your own sake
  • Never lend money

Signs that a loved one has a gambling problem

  • The person in question receives a change in behavior
  • The person begins to ignore obligations they have previously taken responsibility for
  • The person doesn't want to talk about their gambling and gets angry or annoyed if you ask
  • They lie about how much they play.
  • The person isolates himself

Denial is a common sign in someone suffering from gambling addiction and gambling addiction. As a relative, it is important to know how to confront the person in question so that it does not produce the opposite effect.

Are you worried about someone?

If you suspect that a relative is suffering from gambling problems and you want support in how to act, you can search help directly with The support line . Also Spelberoendes riksförbund offer support to relatives.

Chapter 3-How to play responsibly

The most important thing is to prevent gambling problems, because once it becomes an addiction, it is much more difficult to get out of it.

Playing responsibly means keeping an eye on your game and the signals that exist.

Play responsibly

Test yourself for gambling addiction

Ask yourself the following questions regularly to keep track of your gambling:

  1. Does gambling affect everyday life?
  2. Do you feel the need to bet ever larger amounts of money?
  3. Have you ever lied about how much you play, or how much you play for?
  4. Do you often think about gambling?
  5. Do you feel guilt, anxiety, worry because of your gambling?

Test yourself against gambling addiction

Take a cooling off period

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may need to take a cooling-off period. Stay away from gambling for a while .

It can be difficult and at first, there is a high risk that you will think about gambling often and be attracted to play again . If this is the case and you find it difficult to stop playing, we advise you to try alternative jobs it makes you think about something other than your game.

Find a hobby, try talk to a relative or a friend or try mindfulness such.

Mindfulness you can get help with directly through the 1177 healthcare information and care guide in New Zealand.

Take a game break

When you feel you want to play, you can instead:

  • Take a walk
  • Call a friend
  • Meditate with the Headspace app, for example
  • Listen to calm music
  • Write down your feelings
  • Dedicate yourself to any hobby you have

"Gambling can be addictive and that it is important to play responsibly”

Avoid gambling addiction-Tips

There is a significant correlation between the perception of gambling and the risk of falling into a gambling addiction . First of all, it is important that you understand that gambling can be addictive and that it is it is important to play responsibly .

We want to share a few simple tips on how to think because reduce the risk of falling into an online casino addiction . In addition to these tips, there are also some AIDS that you can use, and we will return to these later in the text.

Play only because it is fun entertainment

Even if you play for money, it is important to emphasize that play at online casino should be for entertainment purposes only . Of course, it can be difficult to keep track of this, and therefore you need to regularly ask yourself why you are playing.

Questions you can ask yourself to keep track of what is your motivation for gambling:

  • How does it feel when you play at online casino?
  • How do you feel after playing?
  • What emotions within me trigger online casino?
  • How often do I think about online casinos?

Of course it is be completely honest with yourself when asking these questions , otherwise you will not get anything out of the answers. Feel free to write down the answers . In this way, the feeling of the answers often becomes much more real and you can also keep track of whether something changes.

It is important that you have a calm feeling around the online casino. If you feel that any of these issues would provoke you, then it's time to start doing something about your gambling. If you play regularly, you should come back to these questions at least once a month.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose

Always expect to lose, because in the long run it is always the casino that is the big winner.

It is very important that you never gamble away more money than you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to play at the casino or play for money you do not yet have.

Set up a gaming budget and never exceed it no matter what happens. For example, there are apps you can use to make a budget that helps you keep track, or you can make one yourself in an Excel sheet, for example.

"A general rule is to never try to win back money you have lost”

Never try to win back lost money

Playing at online casino is always a risk, and there is the possibility of both winning and losing money – that's part of the thrill of online casino!

It's always nice to win money, but you also have to expect to lose money.

A general rule is to never try to win back money you have lost . The risk that you lose even more money is instead imminent then. Partly because it is easy for you to get stressed and make ill-considered choices, but also because the casino is always the winner as we have mentioned before.

Of course, losing money is sad, but it's simply something you have to reckon with. If you have made a big loss, you simply bite into the sour apple and think about next time whether it is really worth it.

Decide before each session how much to play for

Before you sit down and start playing; decide how much you will maximally play for . Then you stick to the decided, no matter what happens.

Either you make a general decision about what should be your maximum bet during each session, or you make a decision before each time you play.

Either way, you should always stick to the decision you have made, even if you almost won and just want to take "another round” . It also doesn't matter if you win or not. When you have played for as much as you decided – it's time to round off the game simply.

If you have made a profit, it is best to withdraw the profit immediately .

Decide how long you will play and take breaks

Just like you should always decide how much money you should play for before you start playing, you should also decide how long you should play for.

By setting a certain time period for your gambling, you can promote responsible gambling in yourself .

Set a timer or something similar to really keep track of the time. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun and it's very easy to get stuck in gambling for longer than you originally intended if you don't make a plan.

"Take a break. Stand up and leave the screen for a short while, that may be enough”

It is also good to take small breaks during the game , it is unfortunately very easy to forget about the outside world during a game session. But if you take regular micro breaks, it's usually easier to get back to reality.

  • Take a break
  • Stand up and leave the screen for a short while

Never play when you feel sad or down

Never play when you feel sad or down and think it will make you feel better. Instead, get back to gambling when you've started to feel better.

When you are down, there is a great risk that you will make decisions that you would not otherwise make , which has negative consequences for your gambling and your finances.

It is also a bad idea to play when you goal badly, as gambling can actually make you feel better short-term. You don't want to teach your brain that gambling is something you can go to to feel better.

If you feel unwell and depressed, you should seek help elsewhere than through your gambling. Stay away from gambling until you feel good again.

Do not gamble after drinking alcohol or taking other drugs

As you probably already know, alcohol and other drugs make it harder to make thoughtful decisions.

”When gambling for money online, alcohol should not be part of the experience"

We know that at land-based casinos, cocktails are part of the experience, but the reason for that is basically that the casino knows that people tend to make worse financial choices when they have drunk alcohol.

"As little as one or two beers can actually affect your judgment”

Gambling responsibly goes hand in hand with drinking responsibly. Therefore, avoid alcohol or other intoxicants when gambling.

When gambling for money online, alcohol should not be part of the experience . As little as one or two beers can actually affect your judgment. Therefore, stay away from alcohol and drugs altogether while playing.

Play responsibly

Avoid gambling if you have had addiction problems in the past

If you have or have previously had an addiction problem with anything else, you should avoid commercial online gambling and betting. This is because you run a greater risk of becoming addicted to gambling.

Some people have a dependent personality and have simply it is easier to become dependent . If you have previously become addicted to, for example, alcohol or drugs, then there is a high risk that you will find it easier to get caught up in an addiction even with gambling.

Addiction problems are often hereditary . If someone in your immediate family or relatives has had problems with addiction, you should be extra careful and pay attention to early signs of gambling addiction.

Choose your payment method carefully

Which payment method you use at the casino can actually have a bigger impact than you think .

It is of course important that you use a payment method you always feel safe and comfortable with. Learn about the payment methods before you wager real money and use payment methods where you can keep track of the money you intend to play with.

"Play responsibly by making conscious and safe choices when it comes to the choice of payment method”

Today it is very popular with so-called Pay N’ Play casinos, where you pay via Trustly, Swish or Zimpler. All of these payment methods are linked to your BankID and involve making transactions directly to and from your regular bank account. Most often directly from a mobile phone. This can make it difficult to keep track of how much you are playing for.

Play responsibly with Safe Payments at casino

All payment methods are not bad and it is possible to counteract excessive gambling by adjusting how much you should be able to transfer between your accounts and use the service.

”A tip is to play with methods that allow you as a player to set amount limits on each payment method”

At casino with Swish, you can already make settings in your Swish app on how much you should be able to swipe each month. A tip is to play with methods that allow you as a player to set amount limits inside each payment method. That is, you do not only use the amount limits, in the form of deposit limits, that online casinos offer you inside the game page itself.

The transactions to the casino are easily lost among other transactions, and it is more difficult to keep track of your gaming budget. If you have the option of having a separate bank account that you make transfers from Via Trustly, it can be a very good option.

"In an e-wallet, it's easy to transfer only as much as you can afford to play for.”

If you are not playing at a pay n’ play casino but at a casino that offers several different payment methods, an e-wallet can be a good option. In an e-wallet, it is easy to transfer only as much as you can afford to play for to your e-wallet and then make transfers to your casino account from the e-wallet. This makes it easier to keep track of your gambling budget and you can take more responsibility over your gambling.

Play responsibly by making conscious and safe choices when it comes to the choice of payment method.

Never play casino on invoice

Under the New Zealand Gambling Act, it is not legal to offer games on traditional$edit. However, you can pay via your mobile subscription at some casinos, which you in turn pay via invoice. Siru mobile is an example of such an invoice payment. Siru mobile casino payment is not recommended, but we recommend that you only play with direct payments .

Technical tips

We also have some technical tricks you can use to reduce the risk of playing more than you had planned.

  • Turn off autosnurr – it's easy to lose track of how many spins you've made when you don't have to actively click each spin.
  • Do not deposit more money into the player account than you are going to play for during this session - today it is possible to make deposits quickly. There is no need to deposit more money than you plan to play for during this particular game round.
  • Reduce effort - you yourself determine the bet on each game, try to always play with small sums, because then the loss will be less.

Chapter 4-Prevention of gambling addiction

It is important that you play responsibly and that you prevent a gambling addiction. For this, there are quite a few AIDS at hand. Gambling often starts as a fun thing, but you have to be aware that there are always risks when playing at online casinos.

Game break

Perhaps the most important feature and aid available for New Zealand players is Game break . Spelpaus is 's national self-exclusion register and is very helpful both for those who have a risky behavior with your game and for those who have already fallen into a gambling addiction.

Spelpaus is a self-exclusion register where you close yourself off from all games with a New Zealand license . As well online games as land-based games. However, since it is you who turns off your$, IT is important that you keep an eye on your gambling. Spelpaus has tools that can help you keep track of your gambling.

You who have a risk behavior and want to keep track of your gambling should use Spelpaus tool more often than someone who does not have a similar risk behavior. However, it is important to know that anyone can end up in a gambling addiction because gambling can be addictive. Therefore, anyone who chooses to play online games should use their self-test at regular intervals.

Contact Spelpaus:

Disconnecting from games via Game pause

Through Spelpaus you can switch off at all New Zealand licensed casinos. You choose how long you want to shut yourself off. You can switch off for a certain period of time or until further notice.

The options available at Spelpaus are:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • Until further notice

If you suspend yourself for the time being, you can log in after 12 months and choose whether you want to end the suspension. Otherwise, it continues.

Film about self-exclusion

Here you can see a short video that helps you with how a self-shutdown via Game Break is done.

Self-exclusion at casinos without a New Zealand gaming license

If you use the self-exclusion register Spelpaus, you will only be banned from online casinos with a New Zealand gaming license. This means that you will still be able to play at casinos with a gaming license from other countries ' gaming authorities. But it is also possible to switch off from these casinos.

You can choose to switch off from each individual casino. Many times you can do it on your own by logging into your game account if you have one. If you do not already have a player account at the casino, you should of course not create one just to then Close you.

To resolve this, you can instead block casino sites on your computer, tablet or mobile . It may be helpful to keep an eye on you must block each casino site separately via this method . Alternatively, restrict all adult content on the browser.

Casino blocking add-ons

The easiest way to block all casino sites on your tablet, computer or phone is to download an add-on to your browser that will help you block casino sites.

Once you have the Add-On installed and activated on your device, you will not be able to visit online casinos. Instead, you get a warning box when you visit the game page.

Stop playing and take a game break

Examples of casino blocking add-ons:

  • Casino Blocker (Android and iOS)
  • Betfilter (Windows, Mac, iOS and Andoid mobile phones)
  • GamBan (Mac OS X, Windows, Android or iphone)
  • GamBlock (Windows and Andoid mobile phones)
  • Netnanny (Windows, Mac, iOS and Andoid mobile phones)
  • BetBlocker (Windows, Linux and Mac)

Of course, this is not a waterproof solution for gaming problems because you can disable the add-on yourself. Hopefully it can still be a reminder to help you make the right choice.

Casino Blocker

Casino Blocker is one of the most common add-ons to use. With Casino Blocker you can install a casino block that can be used both on Firefox or Chrome. Both in computer, tablet or in mobile phone. Casino Blocker add-ons are free .


GemBan is an add-on that you can use for Mac OS X, Windows, Android or iOS. Year free to install GameBan on Mac, PC and mobile phone.

Block yourself at casino online

How New Zealand gambling regulation helps prevent gambling problems

New Zealand has a strong gambling policy and In 2019, a new gaming law came into force in New Zealand . Along with it also came strict restrictions and regulations that will help prevent gambling problems in the New Zealand population.

The New Zealand regulation on casino games and commercial online gaming can also promote responsible gambling among New Zealand players.

The$ing casino gaming regulations help players become more aware of gambling and can play responsibly . Casinos are also forced to take more responsibility for gambling, which is the most important thing in the work against gambling addiction and for more responsible gambling.

New Zealand Gambling Act

Registration requirements

According to the New Zealand Gambling Act, there is a$off on the fact that all online casinos have track of who is playing on their site. That's why most online casinos today you register an account with your BankID . This also prevents underage players, as you will not be able to register a bank account with BankID if you are under 18 years of age.


The New Zealand Gambling Act also states that the casino must make sure that you set up various restrictions before you start playing at a casino.

When you register as a new member at an online casino, you also need to set a deposit limit , there should be a limit that applies per day, one per week and one per month.

If you set a limit higher than$10,000 per month, the licensee will contact you to determine if you are at risk of developing a gambling problem. The same applies if during your time as a member at a casino you try to raise your limit.

If you choose to lower their deposit limit, the change should take place immediately . However, if you make a raising it will take 72 hours before the change takes effect in$aft. This is so that you have an opportunity to calm down and think through your decision.

In addition to the$deposit limit, most online casinos also require you to set a loss limit, time limit and withdrawal limit.

Bonus rules

As we mentioned earlier, there are also strict rules in the New Zealand Gambling Act regarding what applies to$ing bonuses at the casino. Each licensee may only offer one bonus of max 100 $ onor for one player.

If licensees operate more casinos, players can only receive a bonus from one of these casinos.

There are also rules that the bonus conditions must be clear and easy to understand , and information about the Welcome Offer must not be misleading.

You should always have 60 days to wager a bonus which has wagering requirements and it should be clear how you have the option to wager the bonus.

$ 100 casino bonus

Rules of$ing marketing about gambling

The New Zealand Gambling Act also includes regulations on the marketing and advertising of gambling or lotteries.
Advertising must observe moderation and promotion must not target persons under 18 or directly to persons who have closed themselves off from gambling .

It is only allowed to advertise games and lotteries that hold a New Zealand gaming license.

Duty of care

In the New Zealand Gambling Act, great importance is attached to something called duty of care. Duty of care means that a license holder has an obligation to protect players from excessive gambling and to help them reduce their gambling if there is reason to do so.

The licensee should monitor players ' gaming behavior, which is one of the reasons why players must register before they can start playing and contact players if they want to raise any of their restrictions they have set. If there is a need, the license holder must help the player to limit their gambling.

Bets on$edit are not allowed

Licensees may not offer games against$edit. Thus, you cannot make deposits with a$Edit card or use a means of payment that involves receiving an invoice.

Deposits must be made directly , with money you actually have. This reduces the risk of playing for money you don't really have.

Chapter 5 - are you addicted to gambling?

As with all other addictions, the first step to getting out of an addiction is to realize for yourself that you are actually a gambling addict.

"A fun thing like gambling can easily become an addiction”

However, it is not always so easy to realize because gambling always starts as a fun thing, at least for the vast majority. It can be very difficult to notice for yourself when gambling starts to get out of hand you lose control of your gambling. A fun thing like gambling can easily become an addiction.

We previously went through early signs that indicate that you are heading into a gambling addiction. Once you have become addicted to gambling, both mental and physical symptoms can occur .

Mental symptoms of gambling addiction:

  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Thoughts about suicide
  • Anxiety problems
  • Insomnia
  • Sharp mood swings
  • You feel stressed

Physical symptoms of gambling addiction:

  • You often have headaches
  • Problems with stomach and abdominal pain
  • Sweating
  • Poor immune system
  • Palpitation

Of course, these problems can also be symptoms of many other diseases or ailments and you should always take them seriously. But if you know that you regularly play and have a combination of both mental and physical ailments, there is a great risk that you are addicted to gambling.

"People who seek professional help for their gambling addiction manage to get out of it to a greater extent than those who try to cope with it on their own”

If you feel that a combination of these symptoms is right for you, you should first of all consult a doctor . Tell your healthcare provider that you are gambling and suspect that you may be suffering from a gambling addiction.

Statistics show that people who seek professional help for their gambling addiction manage to get out of it to a greater extent than those who try to cope with it on their own.

Get help with your gambling addiction

If you feel that you are starting to lose control of your gambling, we strongly recommend that you seek help for this .

In New Zealand there is more than one organisation that is there to help you if you feel that your gambling has become a problem. The online casino you play at should also be able to help you get in touch with the right organization that can help you in the right way.

By get help with a gambling problem directly through a charity or through the online casino, so that you can maintain responsible gambling and/or get help to stop playing at the casino totally. Either if you speak to the support at the casino or via links. These direct links should always be available at the bottom of the casino's website .

Chapter 6 – Getting Help and support

Charities in New Zealand for gambling addiction and support$ing games at casino:


The support line

To the support line you can call alternatively, write to them live chat if you are concerned about your own gambling or someone else's gambling habits.

Contacting the support line takes place anonymously if you wish and are completely free of charge and you can get up to three calls. The support line counts as first aid for gambling addiction , and they can guide you further in how you can get long-term help .

Städlinjen's website

In addition to the fact that you can get help with your gambling via call can you on stö also do a game test. The test is completely anonymous, but can be a good eye-opener for your own part to see your gambling habits.

The support line also has a self-help programs . To access it, you need to create an account with them where you enter your email address.

The self-help program includes, among other things:

  • Motivational tools
  • Spelllog
  • Alternative activities
  • Reminders
  • Relapse plan
  • Newsletter

Here you can visit Support line Contact page connect directly with someone who can help you, answer questions about responsible gambling, tips and advice on gambling addiction and support your feelings and thoughts.

Phone numbers for Stö
020 81 91 00

the support line

Sustainable Care

Previously, the Gaming Institute existed, but for some time now it has been part of a project called Sustainable care. Sustainable Care works both against gambling addiction and against alcohol addiction.

Sustainable care's treatment consists of a eight-week Internet-based treatment program where you get comprehensive therapist support. You will be in contact with your therapist once a week by phone, where the conversations are deepened and the treatment individualized.

The content is based on CBT cognitive behavioral therapy and MI motivational talks.

Getting help through Sustainable Care is free of charge .

Play Moderately

Playing just right is part of the New Zealand games, which should promote healthy gambling . Spela Lagom works very preventively against gambling addiction by educating people about what a gambling addiction is, how a gambling addiction arises and what you can do so as not to end up there.

Spela Lagom itself does not have a contact center or similar for those who feel that you have lost control of your gambling. They refer you to organizations that can help you, such as the helpline.

At Spela Lagom you can also play too much as a relative or as an employer of someone you experience get guidance on what you can do and how you should proceed .

The National Gambling Exclusion Scheme

Game break we have already told you about earlier in the text, but is a very important tool for those who feel that you have lost control of your gambling.

By turning you off at Spelpaus do you block yourself from all gambling licensed in New Zealand , both online and land-based.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous, or Gamblers Anonymous is the equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous. A community of men and women who share experiences, strength and hope to help each other get out of a gambling addiction.

You go on completely free meetings , and the only thing that$is spent to become part of the community is a desire and willingness to stop playing.

As with Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous has a 12 step programs to help you get out of a gambling addiction.

At the moment, meetings are also offered via zoom at Gamblers Anonymous .

  • Meeting Page via Zoom: 667 777 3344
  • Passcode: 670709

Times & meeting days:

  • Fridays at 19-speaker meeting
  • Sundays at 20.00-12 step meeting

Spelberoendes riksförbund

At Spelberoendes riksförbund you who want support and help$ing your gambling addiction and also relatives can get in touch.

Weekly self-help meetings are organized. It costs nothing there is no $ registration. Attending a meeting at Spelberoendes riksförbund is anonymous .

Digital meetings take place via zoom link. You can reach the link directly via Spelberoendes Riksförbund's website . To attend a digital meeting via computer, no download of the Zoom software is required. However, if you're on a mobile device, you'll need to download the Zoom app from Google or the Apple store.

Times & meeting days:

  • Mondays at 18.30-19.50
  • Thursdays at 18.30-19.50

It can be helpful to keep track of the fact that an organizer will let you into the meeting, so wait for this to happen. The entrance to the digital meeting opens at 18.15. You can be admitted at 18.35 at the latest.

Please contact Spelberoendes riksförbund via their email if you have any questions.

  • E-mail: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions about responsible gambling and gambling addiction

How do I gamble responsibly?

There are several factors to consider in order to play responsibly. But the most important thing is probably to always decide in advance how much money you should play for and then stick to it, regardless of whether you win or lose. Another important point is to never gamble when you are depressed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In these conditions, it can be difficult to make responsible decisions, and the risk that you play for more than you had planned is much greater. It is also important to remember to never try to win back money you have lost.

What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

Early signs of gambling addiction are that you often think about gambling, even when you are not gambling and that you need to gamble for larger sums to get the same kick that you got from gambling of smaller sums in the past. Other early signs are that you often feel restless when you're not playing, that you lie to others about how much or how often you play, or that you can't stop playing once you've decided to. If any of these symptoms affect you, you should immediately take a break from gambling.

What tools are there to play responsibly?

Perhaps the most important aid is Spelpaus, to which all casinos with a New Zealand gaming license are connected. Game break means, among other things, that you have to set different limits when you become a member at a casino, such as deposit limits and loss limits. Spelpaus also helps you to shut yourself off from all games with New Zealand license. You can shut yourself off for a certain period of time if you feel you need a break from gaming, or for now if you'd rather.

What can I do if I suspect I am addicted to gambling?

If you suspect that you are addicted to gambling, you should immediately stop playing and close yourself off from all gambling through the website The National Gambling Exclusion Scheme. but you should also seek help and support for your addiction. You can either contact the care guide at 1177 who can guide you further or you can directly contact a help organization.

How to stop playing casino online?

It can be difficult to stop playing at the casino and daring to take the help of professionals is important for you to be able to stop completely if you experience that you have a gambling addiction. Suggestions of aid organizations you can turn to is the support line, The National Gambling Exclusion Scheme and Spelberoendes riksförbund. You can also contact the casino you are a member of who can help you with tips and advice. If you have been able to identify that you are gambling too much, you can also talk to a loved one for support. Dealing with something other than casino games is important if gambling has gone beyond syr.