Visa vs Mastercard

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Article of: Amber Carboni
Last updated: 18/01/2023

Visa and Mastercard are the two most widely accepted debit cards in the world and the cards are both common and popular with card users in New Zealand. With this in mind, it's no wonder that many people pit Visa vs Mastercard against each other to find out which card is the best. The differences between the two different cards are very small and it can therefore be difficult to know which of them to choose. However, there are some things that set them apart and that is something our payment card expert has taken a closer look at. Above all, it is examined whether there is any difference between the two different cards for those who want to play with credit cards at the casino.

Visa or Mastercard

The differences between Visa and Mastercard are very small, especially if you intend to use card payment at casino online, and you as a user will generally get the same experience regardless of which of the two cards you have. What has a greater impact is which bank or card issuer you choose to get the card from. Namely, it determines what conditions the card will have. That is, what interest you get on your$edit purchases, whether you receive bonus or cashback when paying with the card.

which card is better visa or mastercard

Difference between Visa and Mastercard

Although the differences are very small, and usually have no impact when you want to play casinos with credit cards it may be helpful to keep track of the cards. Above all, it can be helpful to know when choosing which$edit card to get.

  • In total, there are more merchants worldwide who accept Mastercard vs Visa. However, it is especially in less developed countries that problems can arise for those who want to pay with their Visa card.
  • Visa does not allow merchants to charge a fee when making payments. They also do not allow traders to set a minimum amount limit on purchases made with the card.
  • In general, Mastercard has a better exchange rate than Visa. Something that can be good to keep an eye on if you play casino in a currency other than New Zealand dollar. However, the difference is small, and the card issuers ' currency markup can make a bigger difference and is therefore more important to keep an eye on.


Visa and Mastercard are the two biggest cards internationally and the security of both of them is very high. Therefore, you do not have to take into account any security aspect when choosing which of the card you want to use. What instead becomes important when you want to run purchases, both physical and online or play online casino with the card is that the merchant is serious. That is, what determines security is whether you play at a casino that has high security, not which card you choose.


When it comes to fees, there may be an advantage to choosing Visa over Mastercard. The reason is that Visa prohibits merchants from charging a fee for purchases made with the card. So when you pay with your Mastercard, there may be a risk that you need to pay an additional fee. In New Zealand, however, merchants are not allowed to charge card fees from consumers, and therefore there is nothing to worry about when making purchases in New Zealand or playing at New Zealand casinos.

Characteristics and facts

Since we can state that the differences on Visa vs Mastercard cards are marginal, we have developed some facts and card characteristics for you to look at if you want to compare the cards with each other and make the choice easier. The cards have not only differences, but also many similarities. For example, both cards are equally safe to use, they have very high security features when used, and both can provide bonuses and other benefits when purchased. The most important thing for you as a card user is that you choose a card that suits your needs and preferences.

visa card

  • Many acceptance points and wider networks for online purchases.
  • Offers point purchases, cashback and other benefits on trips.
  • Lower or no fees at all (local
  • There is no minimum purchase limit.
  • Strong protection for online verification, coded chips and good security features when buying.
  • Globally, VISA payments are accepted in an estimated 34 million locations.

Mastercard cards

  • Offers different types of Cards. For example,$edit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards
  • Charges may apply.
  • Good exchange rate at foreign currency.
  • Strong security features when buying online or in store.
  • Good insurance benefits for card users when traveling, for example.
  • Mastercard is accepted in over 44 million locations.

Which is better-Visa or Mastercard?

Since the differences between the two different cards are very small, we would say that it doesn't really matter which of them you choose. It is more important that you choose a bank or card issuer that you think has good terms.

Things that are good to look at when choosing between the cards are:

  • Annual fee for the card
  • Interest-free days
  • What benefits are associated with the card
  • How high a foreign currency surcharge applies to payments in foreign currency

Online casino availability

Today, not all online casinos offer card payments as a payment method. It is becoming more and more common that casinos only offer fast payment methods such as Trustly and Swish. But our experience is that if a casino has card payments as an option among its payment methods, it is always possible to use both Visa and Mastercard. It therefore makes no big difference for you who want to play at the online casino which of the two cards you choose. However, the choice between casinos may differ, i.e. between the different casino operators, but not directly for the individual cards and for you as a card user at a Visa casino or Mastercard casino.

Credit card or debit card

Both Visa and Mastercard are$edit cards, meaning that the card is not linked to a bank account. You will instead receive an invoice at the end of the month with all the purchases you have made. However, both companies also have debit cards, i.e. cards that are directly linked to a bank account. At Visa the card is called Visa electron and at Mastercard the card is called Maestro. When it comes to playing casino, these cards can be a better option, because it is easier to keep track of not playing too much when the money is withdrawn directly from the bank account. This is important for you to know who chooses between different credit cards at the casino. Also, don't forget to never play for money you can't afford to lose. Playing responsibly is part of gambling at the casino so choosing debit cards that have good protection and that help you keep track of your finances is an advantage.