Which casino wins the most?

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Article of: Amber Carboni
Last updated: 23/01/2023

Gambling at the online casino should take place above all because it is a fun and exciting pastime. You should never expect that you will win money and have the realization that the biggest winner will always be the casino. That being said, most people obviously want to win as much money as possible and it is absolutely possible to make big profits. The question is which casino wins the most? That question we thought to explore more deeply in this article.

Casinos with the most wins

Finding the casino with the most winnings is not easy. There are many threads about which casino wins the most on flashback, but no one has enough unfortunately come up with a good answer. You can search for ”win at casino flashback” to get tips on how to maximize your winnings. But in the end, it's always luck that decides.

Keep track of RTP

When looking for the answer to which casino you win the most, there are a few concepts to keep an eye on. One is RTP, possibly a known concept if you are a seasoned casino player but probably relatively unknown otherwise. The term is actually an abbreviation and Means Return to Player, i.e. how much you who play get back from your bet by winning. RTP is given as a percentage, but what is important to remember is that it is an average over many game rounds.

Every casino game has an RTP that can be anywhere between 92 – 97% approximately. If RTPn is 96%, it means that on average players get back$96 onor once they have wagered$100 Onor. This does not mean that you will get back 96% of your bet every time, but it is an average refund.

Sometimes some casinos can even specify the total RTPn for their entire casino. If it is high, it means that many people usually win with them. Therefore, it can be a measure to go on when looking for which casino you win the most. But it is absolutely not a complete measure, in fact it is a relatively poor measure. The reason is that most casinos do not specify the total RTPn of them, and then it will be very difficult to compare different casinos.

Slots with high RPT

To find a casino you win a lot at, it is therefore a good idea to look for casinos that have many slots with high RTP. In theory, the game with the highest RTP is the answer to which slot gives the most winnings. But then you need to remember that it is a theoretical payback percentage that is made on a through cut.

You can search for which slots win the most on flashback, as there are many threads on the subject. However, some popular slots with high RTP are:

  • Mega Joker from NetEnt (99%)
  • Joker Strike from Quickspin (98.11%)
  • Blood Suckers from NetEnt (98%)
  • Big Bad Wolf from Quickspin (97.3%)

It is possible to find any list of games that all have 98-99% in RTP. But we think it is important that the game is actually also fun and kept high quality.

Games with bonuses can bring high profits

Something that is important to consider when considering which casino wins the most is what you really mean by the question. The profit must always be put in relation to the stake in order to be able to assess whether it is a high profit or not. Betting$10 onor and winning$1,000 Onor will give you a bigger win than if you have wagered$200 Onor to win $ 1,000 Onor, even if the actual win amount is the same.

A good tip here is therefore to look for a casino bonuses with good conditions to play with. For example, some casinos give out a certain number of free spins without wagering requirements when new members make their first deposit. You can then play completely free on a selected slot machine. If you are lucky enough to get a win from your free spins, it will theoretically be a really high win because you have not bet anything at all.

Should you be lucky enough to win$200 onor with your free spins, you can if you want to continue to use them as a bet. With$200 onor you can of course make even more profits if you are lucky, and so in a way you have suddenly won a lot. Although this may not be what comes to mind in the first place when you think of a big win.

Progressive jackpots can bring really big wins

Sometimes you hear about people who win millions of dollars when they play online casino. When this happens, they have basically always played on a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a growing jackpot, and it grows every time someone makes a bet in the game. The jackpot in the game is connected through a network of several casinos in several countries. Thus, when someone plays the game at an online casino in Germany, the same jackpot grows as when you play that game from New Zealand, and you both have a chance to win it.

High competition for profit

This of course makes the competition very big for the jackpot, but it also makes it grow really big. And something that is really great when it comes to online casino is that in the face of luck, we are all equal. So even if the competition is big, you have just as much chance of winning as any other player.

When you want to find which casino you win the most at, it can therefore be smart to look for the casinos that have many progressive jackpots in their range. Unfortunately, you do not get a higher or lower chance of winning the jackpot depending on which casino you play from, but the chances are always the same.

Which casino is the best?

Instead of just thinking about which casino you win the most, you should make an overall assessment about which casino is best for you to play at. You can search on which online casino is the best flashback to get certain tips. But of course we advise you to read casino reviews to get an objective assessment of different casinos.