Can you get rich at a casino?

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Article of: Julian Bage
Last updated: 23/01/2023

Playing at casino online is a fun pastime whether you like table games or online slots. It's a great way to spend some time if you have an hour to spare. Some players, on the other hand, take these games a little more seriously and try to make money from them. But is it really possible to get rich at casino or does it pay to just see it as a fun pastime? Does it matter which strategy you choose and how do you know what is best?

Can you make money on deposit bonuses?

Casino bonuses it's the perfect way to expand your game. Most bonuses in New Zealand today are deposit bonuses and these give you bonus money in addition to the amount you deposit. However, you cannot immediately withdraw your bonus money because it would be too easy.

A casino bonus therefore almost always comes with wagering requirements. There are wagering free casino bonuses but these are not very common.

It is these wagering requirements that will not allow you to get rich on casino bonuses. As a bonus has wagering requirements, you must first play for a certain amount before you can make a withdrawal. Since the house always has an advantage in casino games, these wagering requirements are adapted so that the player in the long run goes on minus even if they use a bonus. Sometimes you can still get lucky and win some money on a bonus, but you are guaranteed never to get rich on them.

Is it possible to make money on free spins?

In addition to deposit bonuses, a large part of the bonuses available at New Zealand casinos are free spins. In contrast to deposit bonuses, however, these are often without wagering requirements . This is absolutely a good thing and it sounds like you could make some money from them.

While it's definitely easier to go on the plus from free spins with no wagering requirements than it is to do it on deposit bonuses with wagering requirements, you will hardly get rich from them. The reason for this is that these free spins bonuses often have very low cash values . The total value of these bonuses is mostly around$100 Ona while each spin has a value of$1 Ona or less. There are rarely any big wins to be won from free spins.

Casino game strategies

Whether it is possible to make money on online slots is a matter of course "no” from our side. It therefore deserves no heading of its own in this article.

Casino games, on the other hand, are a completely different matter and many players swear that they can make money on Blackjack, Roulette and other similar games. The question then is whether it is really possible to get rich on casino games or if it is just humbug?

One of the most common stories we hear is Blackjack players claiming to be able to count cards. The whole thing is based on a system that was created in the 60s by the mathematician Edward O. Thorp. He, with the help of a number of aides, managed to get rich playing Blackjack. In the following decades, many copied his system and thus managed to make money on Blackjack by counting cards.

Now many decades later, however, it is almost impossible to gain an advantage over the house by counting cards. Casinos have taken many measures to prevent this and these measures include the following:

  • Prohibition of jumping from Table To Table
  • Mechanical card mixers
  • Systems that notify the dealer when the player has an advantage
  • A reduction in dealt cards before the deck is reshuffled

Another myth that abounds among gamers is a system called Martingale . This is a system where the player doubles each losing bet. If the player loses$20 onor, they bet$40 Onor the next round, and if this bet is also a loss, then the next round is a bet of$80 Onor. The idea is that you possibly win back twice the original bet. The house still has an advantage on these bets and sooner or later comes a very expensive loss. Instead of a way to get rich in casino, this is a very safe way to get poor.

Can you get rich on sports betting?

Sports betting is actually one of the few forms of gambling that you can make money on. It's not easy but there are actually a few betting professionals in New Zealand. The betting pros have a working system for finding over-odds which means they can get a small advantage over the House. It is still not easy and there is a lot of training and experience to succeed in this.

In addition, one must develop statistical models and manage one's bankroll impeccably in order to be able to make money in the long run. It's a tough job and even if it's possible to make money, the probability of getting rich betting is very small.


Getting rich in casino is not something that anyone should expect and living on gambling is difficult. However, there are several ways to make your money last longer. Playing slots with a high payback percentage and learning Basic strategy for Blackjack are two excellent ideas for just that, but 100% sure tips to win on do not exist. Casino bonuses are another way to increase your bankroll, but due to wagering requirements, it's hardly a way to get rich or win on slots. We therefore recommend, as usual, to play because it is a fun pastime and not to make money.

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