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Last updated: 29/12/2022

There are many different games and many different rules in the casino world. It is not always easy to understand the different terms thrown around when playing. Even if you are an experienced player it is a lot to keep track of but if you are a beginner it can be a real nightmare. We have therefore written this glossary so that you can easily look up different words you may come across in the fascinating world of gambling from A-Z.


Responsible gaming : Responsible gaming is collection of measures to reduce the negative effects of gambling.

American Roulette: A roulette variant that is played with 0 and 00 unlike European Roulette which only uses 0.

Ante: A poker term for a forced bet that all players must pay.

Asian Handicap: A form of betting in which one of the teams receives a handicap. This means that the other team must compensate for the handicap in order for your bet to kick in.


Bad beat: A poker term in which a player has a very good hand but loses to an even better hand.

Bankroll: A player's total cash balance.

Basic strategy: The optimal strategy for Blackjack. If you follow it, the House will have an advantage as low as 1%.

Bet behind: Playing behind another player. You can play in the same box as another player in a card game, but the first player retains control.

Betting system: Different systems that a player can use for their bets. An example is Martingale.

Bingo: A term in bingo where the player manages to fill an entire line.

Bitcoin: A kind of virtual currency that can also be used to play on Bitcoin casino . There are currently no Bitcoin casinos in New Zealand.

Black jack: Blackjack is not only a game name but it is also the name of the best possible hand in the game. Blackjack consists of an ace and a 10 or a face card.

Blind: A rotating bet in poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem.

No Deposit Bonus: A no Deposit bonus is a bonus that the casino gives you without you having to deposit any money.

Bookie : A person or agent who accepts bets on game items.

Burn Card: A card in poker that is discarded instead of dealt.

Bust/Thick: When a player or dealer goes over 21 in Blackjack.


Cascading Reels: A game mechanic that involves removing symbols from winning combinations from the reels and replacing them with new ones.

Cashback: A kind of bonus where the casino gives back some of your lost money. This bonus is currently not available in New Zealand.

Chemin De Fer: A Baccarat common in France where players take turns being a banker.

Chips: Chips used for casino games. They can have different values such as 10 dollar or 50$Onor.

Cluster pays/cluster wins: Usually, winning combinations in a slot machine are created on paylines. There are slots with so-called Cluster Pays where you instead create winning combinations in symbol clusters.

Croupier: The French word for the dealer in Roulette. Responsible for spinning the roulette ball and paying winnings.


Daily jackpot : These work like regular progressive jackpots but they are triggered every day.

Dealer: Casino hosts who take care that a casino game runs as it should.

Deuce: A term for a 2 in card games.

Dolly: The cursor used to mark the winning number in Roulette.

Double Ball Roulette: A roulette which uses two bullets instead of one.

Drawing: Means either a draw or drawing another card.

Doubles games: Many slot machines contain different kinds of doubling games that give the player a chance to double their last win. These doubles games also come with a risk of losing everything.

Dozens of bets: A roulette bet that covers almost a third of the roulette wheel. You can choose to bet 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Pays 2: 1.


eCogra: e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an independent agency that reviews that casino operators act fairly.

One-armed bandit: An old name for what we today call slot machines or slots.

A Prison: A rule found in French roulette. Gives the player a second chance if they have bet on even money and the roulette ball lands on 0.

European Roulette: A game form that uses only 0 as opposed to American Roulette which has both 0 and 00.


Fish: The player who is the worst at the poker table or often loses.

Flop: The first three cards in a game of Texas Holdem.

Freeroll : A free poker tournament .

Freezeout: A poker tournament where you can't buy back in if you fall out.

Free spins: Free spins that can be played on a slot machine. Can either be freespins as a feature of a slot machine or a bonus that netcasino provides the player.

Insurance: If the dealer gets an ace in Blackjack, you can insure that the dealer will get a Blackjack. If the dealer gets it, you get to keep your money.


Home advantage: Playing at home in various sports often gives a slight advantage.

High Roller: A player who plays for exceptionally large sums.

Here: A term used in Black jack then you want more cards.

Hopper: In the good old days, slot machines had coins that were kept in Hoppers. These have today been largely replaced by a voucher-based system.

House advantage: A percentage that shows how much advantage the House has over the player. Called house edge in English.

Hole cards: The first cards you are dealt in games like Texas Holdem and Omaha.

Inside bets: A bet on any of the numbers in roulette .


Deposit Bonus / matched bonus: A bonus that gives bonus money on your deposit at a casino. Can often be termed as 100% extra up to$2000 onor.

I-slot: This category is even more modern video slots that are often interactive.


Jackpot: See "progressive jackpot".

Jackpot Slots: A slot machine that is connected to a jackpot network with a progressive jackpot .

Joker: A card that can replace all other cards in a deck.

Even money/Even money: If the player gets Blackjack and the dealer shows an ace as the first card, the player can choose to take a safe win. This win pays only 1:1 compared to the 3: 2 that a Blackjack usually pays.


Classic slot machines: By classic slot machines, we often mean machines with simple game formats. For example, these use fruit symbols on the reels and rarely have any advanced bonus features.

Column insertion: A roulette bet that covers almost a third of the roulette wheel. Pays 2: 1.

Short Shoes / Shoe: In card games such as blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker, the cards are drawn from a shoe.

Encryption: A technology that casinos use to protect a player's personal data.


Layoff: A bet that a betting site makes on another betting site to reduce its risk.

Lightning Blackjack / Lightning Dice / Lightning Roulette: Variants of classic casino games that contain multipliers that increase the excitement of the games.

Small series / Tiers: A roulette bet that includes the numbers 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33.

Limp: Calling the big blind in a game of poker.

Live betting: A kind of betting form that allows the player to bet money on a sporting event while it is being played.

Live casino: A form of online gambling where the player plays casino games with real dealers. These online casino games dealers broadcast live from a studio.

Loyalty program: Some foreign casinos provides extra bonuses and rewards to loyal players. Due to the New Zealand Gambling Act, there are currently no loyalty programs in New Zealand.


Martingale: A betting system that involves the player doubling his bet after each loss.

Matchbonus: A deposit bonus that gives bonus money on your deposit at a casino. For example, can be designated as 100% extra up to 2000 dollar.

Megaways: Megaways is a game engine created by game developer Big time Gaming that provides varying number of paylines to each spin.

Soft hand: A blackjack hand in which the dealer or player has an ace and even if they were to take another high card, the hand would not go over 21. The reason for this is because an ace can be worth 1 or 11.

Monsterhand: A poker hand that is very strong.

Multiplier: A symbol or feature in a slot machine that multiplies your winnings.


No limit: A poker term that means that the game has no betting limits.

Games: A bet in Roulette where you bet on 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15.

Nuts (Nuts): The best possible hand in a game of poker.


Odds: Odds is how much a betting site gives you when you bet right on a betting item.

Wagering Free bonuses: These are bonuses you can withdraw instantly without having to meet any wagering requirements. Casinos that have these are usually called casinos without wagering requirements .

Wagering requirements: To prevent bonus abuse, many casino bonuses have wagering requirements. These are simply how many times you need to play your bonus before you can make a withdrawal.

Orphelins: The numbers in Roulette do not belong to either the big or small series. Includes the numbers 17, 34, 6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9.

Out: How many undivided Cards are left to get a particular hand. If there are 8 possible cards for the player to get a straight in poker then there are 8 outs.

Outside bets: A bet on even chances and dozen or columns in roulette.


Pay N Play casino: A Pay n play casino is a casino where you log in with BankID . Also called casino without registration .

Perfect Pair: A side game that can be found on some blackjack tables. You win a bonus win if you get a pair of the same color.

Pit Boss / Pit Manager: A person who supervises the croupiers at a casino.

Pocket Pair: Pocket pairs are when a player gets a pair on their hole cards.

Progressive jackpot: A jackpot that grows over time and can become very large until a lucky winner manages to trigger one.

Push: A draw in a game of Blackjack is called a push.


Rake: A fee that the casino takes off a large part of the poker hands.

Random number generator (RNG): The software and algorithm that ensures that a digital casino game always has a fair result.

Re-buy: When a player buys into a poker tournament again.

Re-spin: A bonus feature that gives you another spin if you meet the slot's$off for a re-spin. For example, it could be landing a wild symbol or two scatter symbols. Especially if you get 2 scatter symbols, this gives you another chance to get the third scatter that is often needed to start a bonus game.

River: The last card in a game of Texas Holdem.

Roulette wheels: The spinning wheel on a roulette table that determines which bets win and which lose. The roulette wheel almost always contains 37 or 38 numbers.

Royal Flush: The best possible hand poker . It is a color ladder from 10 to A.


: The authority that oversees the New Zealand gambling market.

Game break: A player register for the New Zealand gambling market that allows you to switch off at all New Zealand casinos at the same time.

Able: A term used in Blackjack when you don't want more cards.

Sticky bonus: A kind of bonus that the casino does not pay out. Can be used by casinos to give a larger bankroll to their players so they can bet larger amounts. The opposite of this bonus is called No Sticky Bonus .

Large series/Voisins du zero: A roulette bet that includes the numbers 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25.


Tilt: Then a player reacts badly to a loss and it starts playing irresponsibly.

Trustly: Trustly it is a payment method with very fast withdrawals .

Turn: The fourth card in a game of Texas Holdem.


Video slot machine: A somewhat vague term but which mostly means a slightly more modern kind of slot machine with nice graphics and digital elements.

Paylines: Lines in a slot machine where you have to line up the same symbols to get a win. There can be anywhere from one to hundreds of thousands of paylines in a slot machine.

Volatility: How much a slot machine differs from the payback percentage in the short run.

Expected Value (Expected Value): Often used in poker to determine how much a player can expect to win based on the current game mode.


Wild symbol: A symbol that can replace all other symbols in a slot machine.


Payback percentage (RTP): The opposite of the House. This is what the player can expect on average to get back on a certain amount wagered.

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