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Last updated: 29/12/2022

No sticky bonuses are the type of casino bonus that gives players the opportunity to make withdrawals faster after a win at the casino. Some players prefer no sticky bonuses over sticky bonuses. Some even think that you should completely stay away from sticky bonuses. But is this bonus really as bad as some say? In this article we explain the concepts of sticky bonus and no sticky bonus. After that, you can decide for yourself which one you like the most.

no sticky bonus

What is the no Sticky Bonus?

The most common welcome bonus at New Zealand casinos is the just no sticky bonus. The bonus allows players to use casino bonuses gambling in the casino and withdraw the bonus as real money.

The bonus is that you get a certain percentage extra on the money that the deposit amount corresponds to. For example, it can be 100% extra up to$5000 onor . You will then receive $ 5000 onor in bonus money in addition to the 5000 deposited.

Casino bonuses usually come with wagering requirements that must be met before a withdrawal can be made. If it is a no sticky bonus, you will be able to withdraw both the bonus money in real money and the amount you deposited after the wagering requirements are met. This kind of bonus is preferred by many players due to the fact that they are quite easy to understand .

Simply explained means a no sticky bonus:

  • Deposit money
  • Get your bonus money
  • Wager the bonus
  • Withdraw real money

Differences between no sticky bonus and sticky bonus

If it is a sticky bonus, you cannot withdraw the bonus money you receive. They are only there to help you meet the wagering requirements. Once you have done so, your bonus money will be removed from your total balance. All the rest you have won, however, you get to keep.

This sounds a bit strange, but it's not as dangerous as it sounds. Some players like sticky bonuses and there are actually some good reasons for this. One of the reasons why some prefer them is that the bonus sums are often much larger. They can provide 200% or 400% in bonus money in comparison to the no sticky bonus which often only gives 100%. For example, if you deposit$1000 onor and get an extra 400%, the casino will give you$4000 Onor in bonus money. You will then have a total of$5000 onor to wager your bonus with. A no sticky bonus would only have given you 1000 dollar to play for.

It can therefore be significantly easier in some cases to wager a sticky bonus. Nevertheless, remember that once you have met the wagering requirements, the bonus amount will be removed from your balance . This is unlike a no sticky bonus that you get to keep to the fullest. If you have managed to get more money than you started with, you are still on the plus.

We recommend that you always read the bonus terms and Conditions carefully. Sticky bonuses can be a little tricky because they often promise large sums in bonus money. This can be very enticing for some players and if you don't read the bonus terms and conditions carefully, it can be a big disappointment if the casino withdraws your bonus money.

Which sticky bonus to choose?

The opposite of a no sticky bonus is the sticky bonus. Both bonuses are about you as a player getting bonus money from the casino, but there are a couple of significant differences that can make the choice easier when choosing between the two bonuses.

No sticky bonuses

  • You may withdraw the entire bonus amount in real money
  • You can choose to withdraw your deposit and waive the bonus
  • Often a slightly lower bonus amount
  • Slightly higher wagering requirements

Sticky bonuses

  • You may not withdraw the bonus amount in real money
  • You can only withdraw winnings that exceed the bonus amount
  • Often a larger bonus amount
  • Slightly lower wagering requirements
  • You Must Play through the wagering requirement completely before you can withdraw money

Best strategy for games with no sticky bonuses

There is no strategy written in stone to follow. The most important thing is that you always play responsibly because gambling at the casino is about real money. In addition to a conscious gambling responsibility towards your own finances and budget, there are some things that can be good to keep track of before you start your game and choose to take part in a bonus at casino with no sticky bonus.

  1. Please read the bonus terms and Conditions carefully. For example, find out what applies if you want to use the bonus for games in the casino or in the live casino as there may be restrictions when it comes to which games you are allowed to play in order to achieve the wagering requirement.
  2. Find out if there are any time limits associated with the bonus. Some bonuses expire within a certain number of days. In New Zealand it is common for bonuses to have a time limit of 90 days, but always take an extra check before playing so that you know with 100% certainty what applies.
  3. Win limits on games may occur. Make sure that you do not exceed any specified win limit in the bonus terms and conditions.
  4. Be observant on your game rounds as you wager your bonus amount. Since you probably have a wagering requirement on your no sticky bonus, you need to make sure that you have met$avet before requesting a withdrawal of the money and not played too little. You therefore need to keep track of your gaming budget and cash so that the money in the gaming account does not run out before the wagering requirement is met.
  5. It's chance that determines whether you win or not, but choosing games with high RTP can be part of your no sticky bonus game strategy. However, you should be aware, as already mentioned, that there may be restrictions in which games you may or may not play when you meet the wagering requirements. This can also be about specific slot machines and not only about the gaming departments in the casino.
  6. Bet low. When you choose to place lower bets, you will be able to play longer and more times. Betting higher amounts of money does not increase your chances of winning and there is a risk that the money will run out faster. no sticky casino bonus

Words such as sticky and non-sticky can be very whimsical for the inexperienced player. At New Zealand casinos online, however, you rarely come across these phrases. You don't really have to worry about them too much. However, it is important to be aware of the differences and what they mean. This way you will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. As a rule, what we described in our guide is a 100% bonus on the no sticky bonuses.

Which bonus is best?

We ourselves prefer no sticky bonus but we understand that some players like sticky bonuses because of the large bonus amounts they give, because unlike the no sticky bonus, the 100% bonus can come with a higher bonus percentage of the 200% bonus or the slightly more unusual 400% bonus. It is also fun to play for a little bigger stakes when you know that it is money that can not be withdrawn. We hope this guide about no sticky bonuses has taught you the difference between no sticky bonus and sticky bonus so you can make your own decision about which one you like better.

What is important to consider?

The most important thing for you who choose a casino bonus is that you never choose to play casino for more money than you can afford to lose.

Always play responsibly!

FAQ section

When can I withdraw money from the no sticky bonus?

If there is a wagering requirement associated with the bonus, you can immediately after this$is met both withdraw the bonus amount associated with the no sticky bonus and any winnings you made using both the deposit you made at the casino and your bonus money. With a no sticky bonus, players can both use their own money and the bonus together. Other non-sticky bonuses do not allow players to withdraw the bonus amount in real money, but that money can never become real money for withdrawals. Only the winnings that a player possibly makes with the help of the bonus amount go with these bonuses to make withdrawals on.

What is the difference between a no sticky bonus and stycky bonus?

With a no sticky bonus you get to both play for the bonus money and withdraw it if you win something. You can withdraw both win money and the no sticky bonus money that may have helped you towards a possible win in real money. Unlike a sticky bonus, you are only allowed to withdraw your winnings. You can never pick out sticky bonuses in real money.

Which casinos have no sticky bonus?

Most New Zealand online casinos offer some type of bonus and the majority of these are no sticky bonuses. In New Zealand there are about a hundred casinos with this type of bonus. Most have a 100% bonus, but there are also 200% no sticky bonus and half sticky bonus.

How to best wager the bonus?

In the guide there is a bulleted list of strategies for the no sticky bonus. There we go through tips on things to consider when you, among other things, should wager your bonus. The short answer is to read the bonus terms and conditions for the particular non sticky bonus you choose, because they can look different. But usually it is about a wagering requirement around x20-x30 at most casinos that you are going to play through. More bonus terms to keep an eye on are listed in the article.
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