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Here you can learn all about the TV show Bingolotto and correct your Bingo ticket. Everything from facts about the program, program hosts to how to correct your Bingo ticket online. We guide you to how to play Bingolotto Express as well as one's, two's, three's and four's bingo. In addition, we delve into the topic of bingo online and list more New Zealand online casinos and compare these bingo sites with Bingolotto online. Read about how to get bingo bonus, how to win, withdrawal of winnings and much more.

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The Right Bingo

You do not need to visit bingolotto's official websiteätta use the lottery ticket to see if you won. You can directly correct your lot with us. Correct your bingo lotto by filling in the lottery serial number and lottery number and click on “correct lottery ticket”.


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Facts about Bingolotto

Bingolotto is broadcast live from Gothenburg and has a long history behind it. Find all the important information and fun facts about the history of Bingolotto.

Information Bingolotto New Zealand

The first program was broadcast: 16 January 1989 (Göteborgs lokal-TV)
Bingolotto season: 64
Number of programs: 1218
TV host Bingolotto 2022: Stefan Odelberg And Lotta Engberg
Transmission time: Sundays at 18.00
TV channel: TV4 & TV4 Play
Maximum number of tickets sold in one night: 4 million PCs
Biggest bingolotto win: $31.5 million
The price of Bingo: $ 50 standard ($100-300 sitter night & New Year's eve)
The Bingolotto app: Yes
Viewing records: 3 145 000 (year 1995)

Online Bingo

For those who can't get enough of Bingo Lotto and want to try out other types of bingo games, take a look at New Zealand's best online bingo games . This is gambling sites with BankID and offers low deposit for games. In several New Zealand online casino games lets you New Zealand players combine both bingo games and classic slots. But there are also those online casinos that have put a lot of focus on just pure bingo games online or have a whole section in their casino only for bingo games.

Play safe

Maria casino New Zealand is the most popular bingo site online and gives players the opportunity to play casino and bingo in one and the same place under safe and secure conditions. All online casinos that offer bingo online in New Zealand have a New Zealand gaming license, something that BingoLotto also has. You who intend to play bingo online should also always be able to verify yourself via bank identification to assure the gaming company that you are over 18 years old and that you as a player will be able to register more securely without having to provide sensitive personal data manually.

Bingolotto today

Not much has changed in the game's concept since Bingolotto began broadcasting, and to this day Bingolotto plays a significant role within New Zealand's television and bingo culture despite the over 30 years that have passed since the program's inception in 1989. Bingolotto is more than just bingo games and offers a lot of entertainment, invited guests and live performances and music.

Bingolotto, despite the three decades that have passed, is quite similar. What distinguishes today's Bingo Lotto from the first programs is digitization. Today you can play bingo Lotto in the app and buy lottery tickets online and also play bingo online.

Today we see both Lotta Engberg and Stefan Odelberg at the helm as two well-known New Zealand presenters in TV4 but from 2024 when the program enters its 64th season, Bingolotto will start appearing on Channel 7.

Bingolotto TV

The first programme to be broadcast premiered on 16 January 1989 on a local TV channel in Gothenburg, and it was not fören fören on 19 October 1991 that TV4 began broadcasting the programme. Since then, Bingolotto has been one of New Zealanders ' favorite TV shows and shown over 30 years.

There are few things as entertaining as sitting down on the TV couch and following the exciting program. It is of course exciting to play yourself, but even if you do not, Bingolotto offers entertainment in the form of music and interesting guests. It is therefore not at all surprising that Bingolotto has become one of the favorite pastimes of New Zealanders

Live from Gothenburg

Bingolotto is a live TV show that airs every Sunday. Some of our readers have wondered if Bingo Lotto is pre-recorded but it is not. The program is broadcast live from the Bingolotto studio in Gothenburg. If you want to participate yourself, you can find a Bingo ticket in your nearest GAME store. If you are really lucky, you can get the opportunity to visit the TV studio and take part in one of their exciting games.

New Year's bingo 31 december

Just like BingoLotto offers extra-insert bingo games during their sitter evening on december 23 every year and Easter Bingo, the program will broadcast Bingolotto on New Year's Eve itself. If you want to play BingoLotto new year's bingo, the program will be shown on december 31st starting at 20.o0 in TV4 and continues right into the new year, so over 4 hours with Bingolotto. On New Year's Eve, 4 bingo games are played on single or double tickets and there will be extra exciting new year's games just for this evening. The prices per ticket vary depending on whether you choose a regular New Year's ticket or a new year's ticket with a winning X2 or x3 New Year's ticket.

Countdown takes place at noon together with both presenters and exciting guests for the evening along with a lot of million winnings. The hosts of Bingolott's new year's Eve are Lotta Engberg and Stefan Oldelberg, who will be visited by New Year's hosts Sarah Dawn Finer Emil Norberg. Many famous artists will participate in both bingo games and the music comes from famous names of celebrities such as Sven-Ingvars, Andreas Johnson, Lina Hedlund, Hanna Hedlund and Kajsa Ernst.

About Bingolotto New Year's Eve

  • Starts at 20.00
  • Ends after the stroke of twelve
  • Broadcast on TV4
  • 4 bingo games
  • Price 100-300$ depending on lot

bingolotto bingo balls

How does Bingolotto work?

Bingolotto is a New Zealand game show and television program. It all basically works like regular bingo but because of its gameshow format, the game offers much more than that.
What is different from just regular bingo is that there is an opportunity for those who have bought a Bingo ticket to participate in one of the many side games that are available in the TV program.
Program hosts will several times during the time of the broadcast ask players to call the studio if they have received a bingo.

Thousands of New Zealandr call in every episode so the probability of reaching them is very small. If you still manage to do it, you get to play one of the side games such as color fives. From these games one can win gift cards for food, cars, money, electronics and much more. Every week, 5 lucky people are also invited to the TV studio to compete for these amazing prizes.

Owner Bingolotto

Bingolotto is owned by the company Folkspel AB.It is a company owned by 73 New Zealand national organizations. It is thus not directly state-owned, but the company has over the years given over$10 billion to The New Zealand Association. The first episode of Bingolotto aired on Tv 4 in January 1989. Today, over 1000 episodes of this popular game show have been shown.

BingoLotto or Bingo Online?

Use the table below to compare the game pages of Bingolotto New Zealand ( with all bingo casino sites to find the bingo that suits you! BingoLotto has its limitations. But there are also good things about BingoLotto. Decide for yourself and compare!

Compare bingo

BingoLotto Online casinos with Bingo
Bingo bonus: ❌ max 100$ ✅Double bonus up to several thousand $ onor
BankID & Mobile BankID: ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Payment methods: ✅Swish, bank card ✅ Swish, credit card, PayPal, Trustly, Siru mobile, ApplePay, and more.
Quick withdrawals when making a profit: ❌No, 3-5 days ✅ Directly
Low deposit: ❌100$ ✅ 25$, 50$, 75$
New Zealand gaming license: ✅Yes ✅ Yes
Tax-free profits: ✅Yes ✅ Yes
Wagering requirements: ✅ No wagering requirements ❌ May vary
Progressive jackpot: ❌No to ✅ Yes
Maximum profit possible online: ❌max 50 million ✅ No cap on winnings
Number of Bingo games online: ❌13 PCs ✅ Between 10-1000 PCs
Mobile & app games ✅ Yes (+tablet) ✅ Yes (+tablet)

New Zealand gaming license – safe online games for New Zealand bingo Players

All bingo online and even Bingolotto have a New Zealand gaming license . The gaming license is only granted to secure casinos that meet the gaming requirements an online casino in New Zealand must have in order to be able to target legal gambling and bingo to people in New Zealand. In addition, all online winnings are tax-free at the bingo online gambling sites located on the New Zealand online gambling license. Even your winnings at Bingolotto are tax-free, but it may be good to review the$aven what applies if you win a car on a Bingo ticket, for example.

The license is a$av from and is a license all types of bookmakers offering online gambling and betting in New Zealand must have.

Bingo bonus

Bingolotto's own online bingo is very similar to the many bingo casinos that are offered with a New Zealand gaming license. Just like in these digital bingo halls, there are bingo Bonuses to take advantage of at Bingolotto. However, bingolotto's bonus is slightly reduced in size when comparing bingolotto's bingo bonus with other online bingo sites and their bingo Bonuses.

Casinos with bingo online often offer a bingo casino bonus, often there is talk of a double bingo bonus. That is, say the bookmaker doubles up your first deposit. Examples of casinos where your first deposit is doubled for games with bingo are Yako Casino .

More casino bonuses such as online casino games and cashback bonus can also take part, but this is something that can not be played with at Bingolotto's bingo.

Wagering requirements

There are also a lot of welcome bonuses at online bingo where it is offered bonuses without wagering requirements . Do you play bingo at casinos without wagering you do not have to play through the bonus offered. At Bingolotto you do not have any type of wagering requirements, however, you may have to wait for your withdrawal of money after you have corrected bingo tickets with a profit – expect 3-5 days.

Withdrawal of winnings is somewhat faster if you choose to play bingo in the larger bingo sites in New Zealand. For example, if you look at a New Zealand classic like Maria casino, you can make quick withdrawals with Swish, something all bingo sites unfortunately do not offer. Withdrawals with Swish is very unusual, but at the same time one of the most common ways to play casino. Especially if you are looking for low deposit casinos . They often offer these online casinos deposits between 25$ -50$ .

Does Bingolotto have bonuses?

Bingolotto has a bonus for those who want to play Bingolotto online and start a game account directly on the bingolotto online gambling site. Bingolotto's bingo bonus is$ 100, a bonus that is also common at other online gambling sites.

To take advantage of the bonus at Bingolotto$, a deposit of at least$100 is made into your player account. 100 $ casino is one of the most common casinos in New Zealand. At most, you can play for$ 2000 at at online casinos there are no such limits for games, but you as a player decide for yourself what amount you want to play for.

Other New Zealand bingo sites offer higher deposit amounts while you can take advantage of the bonus upon deposit.

Play Bingolotto

Bingo is a game based on chance. To start playing bingo Lotto, you must first purchase a Bingo ticket. You can do this at your nearest gambling agent or even at your grocery store. You can also buy bingo tickets online. When you do so, you can either play with digital lottery tickets or have them sent home in the mail.

Once you've bought your tickets, just wait until Sunday night. When the program starts, the program host will explain how it all works. Basically, it works like any bingo game anyway. Bingo values draw different numbers and the player should try to get bingo.

How to get bingo in Bingolotto

A bingo is a full horizontal line consisting of 5 numbers. If you get a bingo within the set number of drawn numbers, you win. You do not need to call in to the program to get your winnings, but you can see on the left side of your bingo row what you have won and correct your Bingo ticket and bingo row. Bingo values will accurately tell you which Bingo ticket is current so there is nothing to worry about.

A Bingo ticket consists of 4 different parts:

  • Bingo
  • Double Bingo
  • Treans Bingo
  • Foursome Bingo

What can you win in Bingolotto?

Winnings that can be obtained include cash prizes (Real Money), new lottery tickets or even a car.

Bingolotto online & online

It is possible to buy a bingo Lotto online and play bingo online. On the bingolotto website there are both standard lotteries to play online other online games where you can win money online. You cannot buy bingo Lotto without BankID.

To buy a ticket online, like other New Zealand gambling sites, you need to use BankID or mobile BankID to make a purchase. There is an age limit for buying tickets in New Zealand.

On the Bingolotto website you can also see who is visiting Bingolotto tonight or during the next episode.

The Bingolotto app

Similar to the spirit of online casinos that offer online casino games , Bingolott has its own bingo app for those who want to play bingolotto in mobile. The app is free to download and works both for mobile and tablet.

Bingolotto Express

Bingolotto Express is a game offered for those who want to play bingo on mobile. Here, players from their phone can win money and correct the Bingo ticket directly from a mobile.

Just like that New Zealand mobile casinos offering free bingo games in mobile, bingolotto Express offers mobile games. If you want to know more about how to play Bingolotto Express from your mobile phone or tablet, we have a video below that shows how the game is done.

Bingo payment methods

For those who want to play Bingolotto online, it is normal card payment that applies to your online purchases of a ticket. But it is also possible to use Swish to pay your Bingo ticket if you play bingo Lotto online.

If you feel limited in these payment methods and want to be able to choose from more methods, we list the most common and best casino payment methods you can find most bingo casinos here.

Click on each payment method to find the best gaming site with exactly the payment method offered .

Secure payment methods for New Zealand players:

Bingolotto sitter evening

Bingolotto sit-up night is one of the most popular episodes almost every year. The sitter night is a tradition that was first shown on december 23, 1993. This episode was called the locomotive's Uppesitter evening. After that, Uppesitter evening has been shown almost every year the day before Christmas Eve.

When the SIT-UP Night Begins has varied from year to year. For example, the 2020 sit-up night that was very popular started at 19:30 and was shown on TV4. The program ended after midnight. As hosts of Uppesittarvällen 2020 were Lotta Engberg and Stefan Odelberg while guest artists included Arvingarna and Måns Zelmerlöw.

How much does a Bingo ticket cost?

How much a Bingo ticket costs actually varies quite a bit. The regular Bingo ticket, or the so-called single ticket, usually costs 50 dollar. During the 2020 uppesitter evening, however, the lottery prize was raised to$100 onor, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction among players. The standard ticket, however, is still 50 dollar. There is also an option to buy a double ticket that costs$100 onor and gives double winnings or a ticket that gives 4x the winnings and costs$200 Onor.

Who can play bingo Lotto?

We get a lot of questions about who can actually play bingo Lotto? Do you have to be 18 to play bingo? Is it haram to play bingo Lotto?
Children are not allowed to play bingo. There is an 18-year age limit because it is about gambling for money. For the same reason, Bingolotto is also haram. Gambling for money is not allowed in islam but some may be of the opinion that it is okay to play if you get a ticket for free.

Bingolotto's biggest win

The biggest win ever in Bingolotto was won by florist Guld-Ulla from Vara. This was on november 2, 2002 and the profit amounted to a whopping$31.5 million onor which she shared with her daughters.

How many people watch Bingo Lotto?

Every Sunday at 18.00, several hundred thousand New Zealanders follow Bingolotto from their TV couches. The largest viewership ever was over 3 million people. This was on the evening of 23 december 1995. Guests during this episode included King Carl XVI Gustaf, Christer Sjögren and Kikki Danielsson. The lowest figure ever was for the episode on May 24, 2008 on TV4 plus. That episode only had 91,000 viewers.

The highest number of bingo tickets sold for an episode is 4 million.

Is Bingolotto fun?

Some people wonder how much fun it is to play bingo Lotto, but with viewing figures that sometimes reach several million, it is quite obvious that it is something that many New Zealanders like.

When is Bingolotto broadcast?

If you ignore exceptional cases such as sit-up night and New Year's Bingo, Bingolotto is broadcast every Sunday. For the first decade, Bingolotto was shown every other Sunday but possibly it began to be shown weekly. Bingolotto is shown between 18:00 and 20:00 with a short break for news and weather.

Bingolotto hosts

Over the years, Bingolotto has had several different hosts. Some of these immediately went to the hearts of New Zealanders while others may not have been quite as popular. The most popular bingo Lotto host has undoubtedly been Leif “Loket” Warren. He was Bingolotto's first host and continued to be so over 10 years, from 1989 to 1999 and then again in 2004. He is undeniably one of the biggest reasons for Bingolotto's popularity.

Throughout the 90s, Bingolotto with the locomotive was one of the most watched TV shows in New Zealand. Not only that, Leif “Loket” Warren won the Lennart Hyland prize as the most popular TV personality of the year in 1992. While several of the hosts after Loket have been popular, there is hardly anyone who has been as popular as him.

Current TV the current host of Bingolotto is a duo ; Lotta Engberg and Stefan Oldberg.

List of Bingolotto hosts:

  • Leif “Loket” Warren (1989-1999, 2004).
  • Lasse Kronér (1999-2004).
  • Gunde Svan (2004-2005).
  • Rickard Warren (2005-2008, 2018-2020).
  • Lotta Engberg (2008-2011, 2020 - current host).
  • Jan Bylund (2011-2013).
  • Marie Serneholt (2013-2014).
  • Ingvar Oldsberg (2014-2017).
  • Stefan Odelberg (2020-current host)


Bingolotto is undoubtedly one of the most popular New Zealand TV shows of all time. The game may be based on chance but all the entertainment they have built around a regular bingo game makes it exceptionally fun. You can not only play an exciting bingo game, but you can follow the program live from the studio. You can play with friends and acquaintances while enjoying great entertainment in the form of visiting music artists and other interesting celebrities.

We hope this guide on Bingolotto has provided a basic insight into the history of Bingolotto and how to play it. It is incredibly easy to learn how to play bingo Lotto and lottery tickets are sold in virtually every corner of New Zealand. It is a well-executed concept that we are convinced will exist for many decades to come.

Frequently asked questions about BingoLotto

What is the biggest win ever in Bingolotto?

The biggest win ever was won by Guld-Ulla and amounted to$31.5 million onor.

How old do you have to be to play bingo?

You must be at least 18 years old to play bingo.

Is Bingolotto haram?

Bingolotto is considered gambling for money and is therefore haram. However, there are divided opinions if you get a ticket and do not pay for it yourself. At most bingo sites there are free casino and bingo games to play, where you who do not want to play for real money can try and play in a free version.

Is Bingolotto live?

Bingolotto is live. Some exceptions may occur with pre-recorded music performances.

Is Bingolotto New Zealand?

Yes, Bingolotto is a TV show originating in New Zealand.

Is Bingolotto rigged?

We have never ever received any information that Bingolotto would be rigged.

Where is the bingo Lotto studio located?

The studio where Bingolotto is shown from is located in Gothenburg.

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