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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 05/09/2022
If you are looking for an interesting slot game with a Viking theme, you have found the right one with Viking Mania, which is developed by Playtech. In Viking Mania, you are surrounded by characters that reinforce the game's theme and thus its common thread. You can, for example, spin Viking horns or other suitable figures. The entire gameplay is also animated and designed to suit all users. Whether you love the theme or not, Viking Mania offers a fun gaming experience with nice symbols and suitable background music that is inspiring.

About Viking Mania

The software provider for this slot machine is PlayTech who during their years of operation have won several prizes with their well-developed slot games, bingo games and casino games. PlayTech was founded in 1999 and today has a solid and exciting range of games with themes ranging from the bottom of the sea to the skies. But although PlayTech is very outspoken with its themes, all games are well thought out and easy to understand to create a better gaming experience. In addition, this software provider spends a lot of$to ensure that their games can be used on all devices so that all users are included. In addition, most offer online casinos today at least one game from PlayTech. In their range of games, you can, for example, follow down to the bottom of the sea in the game Wacky Waters or play with Tony Stark in the slot game Iron Man, which is based on Marvel's hit film and comic book of the same name.

The game Viking Mania has a classic structure and uses a theme that is partly very popular but which can also be seen in several other slot games on the market. However, PlayTech has added its own touch to the theme to create this game that stands out from the crowd of Viking themed games on the market. Above all, PlayTech has been very generous with adding bonus features and extra symbols to add more excitement to the otherwise quite simple design. Viking Mania is made up of 5 reels and 3 rows. So blow the horn and see what treasures await in this Viking game from the established company PlayTech. Perhaps you are also lucky enough to spin the game's bonus game that gives the user the chance to win really big.

Betting options in Viking Mania

One of the reasons why Viking Mania is so popular is not only because the game is well thought out and well animated. Another big factor is that as a player you have the opportunity to adapt the game to your own conditions. For starters, you can start by taking advantage of their free version of Viking Mania that can be found at several New Zealand online casinos. Starting to play the free version allows you to quickly build up an understanding of the game and its symbols before making a real money bet.

Once you have decided to make an actual bet, you can choose between making a smaller bet or a larger one of up to 25 if you want to test your luck and see if you can spin home the really big winnings that the game hides. Whether you prefer to play on a computer, mobile or Ipad, the game is designed to be enjoyed on all of these devices without having to compromise on the game's graphics or experience.

Our Rating
Game information
Games 2012
Max profit 10 000 coins
Reels / paylines 5 / 20
Theoretical payback-RTP 94.9
Coin value 0.10 - 250
Total effort 2 - 250
Volatility Funds
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free spins, multiplier, Scatter symbol, Wild symbol, Bonus Game

Viking Mania's various symbols

When you click on the spin button, the Viking world opens its gates and you have the chance to spin several interesting symbols that are linked to the theme of the game. The characters are animated to give the game a very inviting look and in addition to this one can also expect several bonus additions for an extra chance of winning.

9, 10, J, Q, K symbols

As in most slot games, Viking Mania also has some symbols that are more frequent and that the game uses as building blocks. These 5 symbols count as the least paying but can, if combined and wagered correctly, give a pretty good payout.

The Viking, the hornet and the Wild Boar

To follow the game's common thread, Playtech has also added several interesting characters to the game. For example, you can spin a Viking horn or a wild boar. However, it is the Viking but red beard that gives the best winnings of up to 100 times the bet. If you want to win big, you should therefore keep an eye out for the animated red Viking.

Wild symbols

If you spin a Viking man with a blond beard, you have been awarded the game's wild symbol, which can give rise to really good chances of winning. The Wild symbol only appears in the middle reel and substitutes for all symbols except the scatter symbol and the hammer.

Scatter symbols

The game's scatter symbol has the motif of a treasure map. If you Spin 3 scatter symbols, free spins are activated.

viking mania

Viking Playtime Bonus Game

But as if the game's characters and other symbols weren't enough, an extra addition has also been added to the game to make it stand out a little extra from the crowd. During the game you can spin Viking Playtime which is Viking Mania's fun and exciting bonus game.

To activate the first stage of this bonus game, you need to make the hammer land centrally on the playing field of any of the reels. The hammer then makes a stone rune appear down the field. At each game you can then spin up different letters and when you have formed the word BONUS, the gates open up for the last stage of the bonus game. During the bonus, one can win free spins, multiplying their winnings or various large cash winnings.

However, it should be borne in mind that you cannot change your bet during the first part of the bonus game because the stone rune will then automatically disappear from the game. However, should you choose the same bet again, the rune will reappear on the playing field.

Maximum profit and volatility of the game

The game Viking Mania offers an interesting layout even though the actual construction of the game is simple with 5 reels and 3 rows which is very classic for many slot machines on the market. But this is nothing that affects the gaming experience as PlayTech has added interesting bonuses to make the game attractive. For example, as the highest win, you can spin up a full 10,000 times your bet, which is higher than many other available slots on the market.

The game'S RTP is at 94.96% and Viking Mania also has a medium volatility to give a fair and rewarding dividend to its users.

Summary of Viking Mania

If you compare Viking Mania with other slots on the market with a similar theme, this game from Playtech really stands out from the crowd. This is largely due to the game's highly detailed symbols and included characters surrounded by a suitable playing field and background music. However, the simple structure is nothing that negatively affects Viking Mania. On the contrary, the simple structure is appreciated by users as it allows you to get a very good understanding of what all the symbols in the game mean.

But besides the construction of the game, it is clearly Viking Mania's bonus features that are the most appealing thing about the game. This is when you can spin wilds, scatters and hammers that open up bonus games and extra free spins to add a little more excitement.

If you want to try a new Viking game with good chances of winning and a smart layout, Viking Mania is clearly recommended. A very popular game from Playtech that will not leave anyone disappointed.

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