Holiday Spirits slot review

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 27/01/2022
The novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic for many of us as Christmas approaches. The saga has been made into a film several times, including The Muppets of the 90s and Disney who released an animated version in 2009 starring Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge.
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Now have game developer Play'n Go made casino entertainment of the Christmas fairy tale, and it is for us a very fun addition for Christmas 2020. Here is our review of Holiday Spirits and for those who want it is possible to try the wonderful slot machine for free at the top.

Holiday Spirits slot machine

About the slot machine

Compared to many others new slots based on a specific theme, we think this one is a little extra ambitious. Year much more than just the symbols that go hand in hand with the Christmas fairy tale theme . On the contrary, we can say that there are fewer factors that are actually reminiscent of a classic slot machine.

If you've seen a film adaptation of a Christmas Carol, you know The Thrill Of The Saga where Ebenezer Scrooge is taken on a journey together with The Ghost of Christmas Past , Present & Future . And it is not always a pleasant experience for Ebenezer Scrooge that is shaken several times, but for the viewer the latest Disney version is a graphic delight even if the film now has a few years on its neck.

For Christmas 2020, Play'n Go has chosen to invest heavily with the launch of Holiday Spirits. The music is of a pure nature and gives extra drama and excitement. The symbols on the reels sweep by at a swishing speed, adding even more flair to the theme. Even the 3 Ghosts have each been given a function that can increase the chances of winning ! Extra fun, we think, is when you can stop the wheels whenever you want during a spin by pressing the same Start button.

Game information
Games 2020
Max profit 1600 x stakes
Reels / paylines 3/5
Theoretical payback-RTP 96
Coin value 0.05-100
Total effort 1000$
Volatility Funds
Free spins No
Bonus features Re-spins, win Spin, multipliers, stacked symbols, Wilds

Bets & winnings

As in all online slots, the first thing to do is to set your bet. Here it is just an input value you need to consider, and it varies thankfully quite properly. If you want to play with the lowest possible bet, you play with 0.05 and at most, you can bet 100.00 per spin, which is equivalent to$1,000 .

Holiday Spirits, like other slots, has a theoretical payout ratio (RTP) of 96.29%, which is a perfectly reasonable figure. Volatility is medium , and we like it because you don't have to wait forever for something to happen, but of course it's a matter of taste.

Our gaming experience

We always test games we review thoroughly, and to give as clear a picture as possible of the game's payout, we always run 100 Test spins. Of these spins, there were 10 spins that resulted in regular coin wins, but we also got to test out a lot of the bonus features .

’ The Ghost of Christmas Future ‘greeted three times and’ the Ghost of Christmas Present ' once. Two of these bonus opportunities resulted in big wins, and two more big wins were generated by Ebenezer's watch multiplying one of these by the full x10. Ebenezer's watch acted a total of nine times during these 100 Test spins.


The features that have been baked into this lively slot from Play'n go are as if taken from the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. There is almost always something happening on the game screen and if you are lucky you will come across all the main characters from the original saga. Even Scrooge's old partner Jacob Marley shows up as nothing more than a regular symbol in the game! But in addition to having impressed graphically, there is also a chance of some extra nice chances of winning.

Holiday Spirits slot - Ebenezer's clock

Ebenezer's watch

In a Christmas Carol, The Watch is owned by Ebenezer Scrooge. And in Holiday Spirits it has also been included with extra excitement. At any point during the game, Ebenezer's watch can be brought to life and activate a random multiplier . Then any winnings will increase by x2, x3, X4, x5 or x10. The clock keeps to the top of the playing field in the middle.

Stacked symbols

In Holiday Spirits, all symbols can land on the reels as stacked symbols. They can thus take up space over an entire wheel. Should 2 stacks of the same symbol appear on a spin that does not bring a win, but there is an active multiplier, then win Spins are activated of Christmas Past, Present or Future.

All symbols can activate this feature by taking a seat on 2 reels, and should Ebenezer Scrooge himself in the form of a Wild land in such a winning pattern, it also counts. Just like in the game, some of these spirits can be scary, but mean well. Namely, the ghosts generate a guaranteed profit !

Holiday Spirits stacked symbols

Win Spins of Christmas

Perhaps the most frightening Christmas ghost is probably the ' Ghost of Christmas Future’ which is reminiscent of death itself. Swipe 2 reels covered with the same symbol while an X2 multiplier is active.

The stacked symbols become "sticky" and stick to the screen during a re-spin, and for each spin that does not lead to a win, the multiplier increases by x3, X4, X5 and x10.

Win Spins for Christmas

Today's ghost behaves completely differently and is more reminiscent of a cheerful Santa Claus. In order for the’ Ghost of Christmas gift ' to do its thing, it is also possible to spin 2 reels that are covered by a symbol while a X3 or x4 multiplier is active. Then a Re-spin with a guaranteed win is triggered, and the stacked symbols remain visible on the reels.

Win Spins of Christmas Past

Should a multiplier of x10 be active and stacked symbols appear on 2 reels, the win Spin of Christmas Past is activated. Here it is the ghost of the time that increases one's chances of winning by activating Re-spins, and for every spin that does not result in a win, the multiplier is lowered by a notch. Here, too, you get a guaranteed win with x2.

Ebenezer's Christmas gift

Just as Ebenezer becomes a kinder and more generous character at the end of the saga, there is a bonus feature adapted accordingly. To activate Ebenezer's poison so$is spent that the clock at the top of the game is active . This is otherwise a feature that is triggered completely randomly during the game.

Ebenezer's Gift is the Christmas present that is constantly visible at the top right of the playing field. This is marked with x2, and thus means that you not only multiply your win by the multiplier shown on the clock, but that the clock multiplier is multiplied by x2 !


The symbols in Holiday Spirits are partly taken from a Christmas Carol, and these stand for the game's high-paying symbols. Ebenezer himself sits on the highest value of the game, and he also acts as the Wild symbol.

This means that Ebenezer can substitute the value of other symbols in the game to contribute to winning. After this, the symbols drop in value, with his partner Marley, The Ghost of the future, the ghost of the present and the ghost of the past.

The lower paying symbols we also like a little more than if we compare with the majority of other video slots that have letters that symbolize the smaller wins. In Holiday Spirits, it is Christmas decorations that adorn the screen when you win less.

Holiday spirits symbols


With the launch of Holiday Spirits, Play'n Go have overestimated themselves when it comes to Christmas-themed video slots. The interpretation of the theme, the graphics, the finesse and the features are both very entertaining and$eativa that can get the whole New Zealand casino to cheer over a Christmas and festive slot machine.

We think that they have captured the whole atmosphere of the saga on which the game was based, and since the volatility of the game is not that crazy high, you have the chance to actually see a lot of the work that has been put into this Christmas slot.

We like the feature of Marley floating out of the screen when one of the bonus features starts, and that there is so much chance of multiplied wins. On top of that, it's a perfect slot to spin just to enhance the Christmas atmosphere!