South Park

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 08/06/2022
Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny make their debut in the world of slot machines! This video slot is absolutely packed with crazy bonus features, big wins and lovely characters. This is the biggest bet to date from NetEnt, and it really shows in the quality. Perfect for those who appreciate strong humor combined with a really solid gaming experience.

NetEnt's South Park is no more. To find other slots from NetEnt you can visit our page about slot machines from NetEnt .

About South Park slot machine

If you haven't lived under a rock in the last 16 years, you probably already know South Park. This animated and unusually rough tv series has since 1997 found new ways to amuse, shock and upset its viewers, and it shows no signs of abating. In a collaboration between NetEnt and the series ' creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and the others now step over to the world of slots in what is probably the biggest venture in the history of video slots.

This news was delivered during the ICE Totally Gaming Conference in London, where it was received with great enthusiasm. Per Eriksson, CEO of NetEnt, believes that the game is one of the ranks of high-quality machines with a brand theme. In the past, we have seen successes such as Scarface and Frankenstein , but according to the CEO, the South Park game is the biggest bet to date.

South Park is a typical modern video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. The maximum number of paylines is 25, and you can bet up to 10 coins per Payline. We expect that the maximum coin value will be €1 or 10:-. Thus, the maximum bet will be 250 coins, or up to 2500 dollar.

As big fans of both slots and South Park, we are incredibly tagged on this slot, and we believe that many game lovers out there agree with us in our enthusiasm. As usual, we provide a free version of the game above as well as giving you access to the best bonuses.

Symbols and functions

This is where South Park really excels. Never before have we seen a slot machine exploit a brand in such an impressive way. With small mini-storylines, original voices and a huge variety of characters from the series, there is a formidable set of bonus games and extras here. In short, it feels extremely professional, in a way we have never experienced before. Below we give a review of the features you should know.

Cartman's bonus game: you who have seen South Park know that Eric Cartman hates hippies above all else. In this bonus game, he should appropriately go hippie hunting. Help him spray a fire hose at various bushes to chase away the flabby hippies and take part in cash winnings – but be careful not to accidentally aim at a policeman or hard rocker!

Kyle's bonus game: "Kick the Baby" is one of the Broflovsky brothers ' favorite pastimes. This is free spin with a twist. You are awarded 10 free spins, and every time the Ike symbol lands on the Fifth Reel, a small scene unfolds where Kyle kicks Ike away. For example, depending on where Ike lands, you can get more free spins, multiplier, cash winnings or other fun.

Stop bonus games: Stan is ruggedly nervous when he's about to talk to his” girlfriend " Wendy – so nervous that he starts puking right at her. In this bonus game, the reels spin as long as the town pukes, and we are offered features such as Sticky Wilds that significantly improve the chances of winning.

Kenny's bonus game: In the past, Kenny died in every episode of South Park, something that was always accompanied by the words ”You killed Kenny! You bastards!" In recent years, he dies less often, but now it's time again! Help Kenny navigate a busy street and collect winnings. The game is over when Kenny gets hit or otherwise falls off the stick.

In addition to these bonus features, there are of course other goodies, such as three additional bonus features that$etch$ing wild symbols: Mr Hankey Wild Bonus, Terrance and Phillip Wild Bonus and Beefcake Wild Bonus.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is a New Zealand gaming company that has recently become perhaps the most respected in the world. Their games are consistently high class and somehow always manage to be at the forefront in terms of graphics and design as well as winning chances and bonus features. Among other things, the company is behind big favorites such as Mega Fortune - the slot machine that accounts for the two biggest online wins in world history. Here is an extensive list of free versions of NetEnt games .


South Park is one such slot machine that is difficult to do justice in text. With the chance of really big wins, top – notch animations and sounds, and more bonus features than perhaps any other slot machine, this is a given option-as long as you don't have a hard time with a gut-wrenching sense of humor.