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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 08/06/2022
Based on the legendary film classic Scarface, NetEnt has created a slot machine that is among the very best of its kind. Here you will find high-quality animations, atmospheric music and exceptional extras that can help you to big wins even without matching symbols. In addition, there is a well-increased jackpot of a maximum of €30,000 to take home!

NetEnt's Scarface is no longer available. To find other slots from NetEnt you can visit our page about slot machines from NetEnt .

About the Scarface slot machine

Say hello to my little friend! Scarface is a video slot from NetEnt that is based on the classic movie of the same name. The game takes you on a journey filled with boundless action and is guaranteed to give you a gaming experience beyond the ordinary. The machine oozes quality and good design, with world-class graphics and sound. This, together with lots of great extra features, makes Scarface an experience no gamer should miss.

The game itself consists of five reels with three rows each, and there are 20 paylines. Among the features and bonuses you can expect are Scarface Wild and stacked wild which in turn can trigger the extra feature Nudge Spins, free spins as well as a great bonus game. In other words, there are plenty of features that improve both the gaming experience and the chances of winning.

Each of the 20 paylines can have a bet of up to 10 coins, with the value of each coin ranging from €0.01 up to €0.50. This means that in practice you can bet anywhere from €0.20 and up to a full €100 on each individual spin. There is also a non-progressive jackpot that pays out up to$60,000 edits, which at most can be €30,000 in actual money. There is also an auto-play feature for those who prefer this.


In the movie Scarface, Tony Montana is undeniably a wild guy, and therefore it is fitting that the wild symbols play an extra large role in this slot machine ! As usual, the wild symbols work by replacing all other symbols, giving you more and better combinations and wins. However, in this slot, all wild symbols are three rows high, which means they can occupy an entire reel.

If such a stacked Wild symbol is only partially visible, it works just like a regular wild. If, on the other hand, the whole symbol is visible, you should consider yourself lucky, because that's when things really start to happen. If an entire reel is occupied by a wild symbol, Nudge Spin, free spins or the bonus game can be triggered, depending on which reel it is about.

A full stacked wild on the second reel from the left triggers the Nudge Spin. Then the stacked Wild symbol moves down a notch with each spin, while the other reels spin as usual. If the wild symbol instead covers the third or fourth reel from the left, you get access to 15 free spins and the bonus game respectively.

Bonus games

If you are lucky enough to get a stacked Wild that covers the entire third reel, the bonus game is activated, where we get to know Tony more closely. Here we meet the famous movie scene in which Tony stands at the top of a staircase with a machine gun in his hand. Your task is to dodge the enemies who are after Tony and choose which weapon you want to use to attack them. Each enemy eliminated will give you bonus wins. The bonus round ends when Tony is shot in the back and falls into the pool. Action packed worse!


Scarface is perhaps primarily aimed at those of us who love the film and Pacino's crazy portrayal, but there is nothing that prevents even those who have not seen the film to take part in the excitement and winning chances in this incredibly well-made slot machine! Another slot based on a movie is Gladiatorial from Betsoft.