South Park Reel Chaos

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 16/12/2021
South Park Reel Chaos is possibly the most action-packed slot we have ever tested. Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters take on the role of masked villains and heroes and fight each other in the way that only the South Park kids can. With a maximum win of$3.25 million, this is perhaps the hottest slot of the year – at least if you like South Park. Try it out for free below, and don't miss out on our exclusive bonuses.

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South Park: reel Chaos by NetEnt is no longer available. To find other slots from NetEnt you can visit our page about slot machines from NetEnt .

South Park Reel Chaos

It's time again to visit the imaginative kids in the small town of South Park. As usual, their games are a bit out of tune, and this time each kid has taken on the role of a superhero or supervillain. Anyone who follows the TV series can figure out that Butters is obviously Professor Chaos and that Cartman goes under his alter ego ”The Coon”. Of course, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and other characters also appear in the slot.

NetEnt recently released a South Park themed slot machine (in september 2013), but now it is time again. South Park Reel Chaos is crammed with the same humor we got used to in the TV series by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. If you like the series, you will love South Park Reel Chaos, as the animations, voice acting and tone are right where they should be. Rarely do we see such elaborate machines , quite simply.

Stakes, set-ups and winnings

South Park Reel Chaos consists of 5 reels and 3 rows. The game has 20 fixed paylines. You can choose a coin value between 10 cents and 5 dollar, as well as BET level between 1 and 10. The bet per spin will thus be between 2 dollar and 1000 bucks depending on your settings.

There are a lot of different ways to win, but usually it's the usual thing: line up matching symbols along a Payline from left to right. The most valuable regular symbol is Professor Chaos, which gives up to$5000 onor per Payline. The maximum single win in the game is a whopping 650,000 coins, giving$3.25 million onor at the highest coin value!

The theoretical payback in this slot machine is 96.8%.

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Symbols and functions

Let's say right away that there are ridiculously many special features in South Park Reel Chaos. We give a quick overview of what to expect, but we strongly recommend that you experience it for yourself!

Mintberry Crunch Bonus Spins
The most fun feature of the game is the bonus round. This is activated by 3 appearing somewhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here you will have to fight 4 different enemies in turn: a pair of rats, General Disarray, Professor Chaos and Anime Professor Chaos. You beat the opponents by winning during the free spins, and the feature is peppered with funny comments, nice animations and not least big wins. A multiplier increases for every enemy you defeat, up to 4x the winnings.

  • Cartman's stacked Wilds
    This feature is activated randomly during the main game. Cartman attempts to capture general Disarray and creates stacked Wilds as he spins the reels.
  • Kenny's Multiplier
    Also this function is activated randomly. Kenny takes on Professor Chaos, and during one round you get a multiplier of up to 5 times the win.
  • Stan's Multiplying Re-spin
    This feature can be activated after a winless round. A re-spin is triggered on all 5 reels, and the reels keep spinning until you get a win. With each re-spin, your multiplier increases, up to 10 times the win.
  • Kyle's Overlay Wilds
    Again a random function. Kyle sweeps the reels clean from evil hamsters, and creates between 3 and 5 Overlay Wilds.

NetEnt's own comments

(Note: our translation)

Our friends from South Park are back-this time as superheroes! NetEnt, together with South Park Studios, proudly presents the sequel South Park: Reel Chaos! In this 5-reel, 3-row, 20-Payline video slot, the fourth graders must protect the city from Professor Chaos and his cronies. Our amazing heroes bring with them a heavy arsenal – stacked Wilds, Multipliers, Multiplying re-spins, Overlay Wilds and running Bonus Spins!

Follow this group of 9-year-old heroes through 4 Mini-features that lead to the final battle, Epic Bonus Spins. For each defeated enemy, the multiplier increases, which can bring up to 4 times as large winnings. If all villains are overcome, you will be rewarded with a lovely win bonus. Bet the iron in this second South Park slot-because there will be”Reel Chaos"!


What a slot machine! If you don't like South Park, maybe you should look further. But if you have clicked your way to this page, we dare to guess that you have some kind of interest. South Park Reel Chaos delivers on all fronts. With good payback, winnings of up to$3.25 million onor and terribly fun special features and bonus rounds, this slot lives up to all expectations. A grand slam from NetEnt, quite simply.