Ninja Chef

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 05/09/2022
If you have a great interest in food or the kitchen and are looking for a slot with a suitable theme, you should take an extra look at the game Ninja Chef developed by iSoftBet . The game takes the user into a kitchen where the Ninja chef prepares tasty and colorful sushi pieces and other Asian specialties. Therefore, the symbols that you can spin also have motifs that are carefully selected to suit this kitchen theme. See what you can spin in this classic and popular slot with an interesting theme and several bonus features that take the gaming experience to a whole new dimension.

iSoftBet with this launch, they have really proven that they never launch a game that is not well thought out and has exciting animated features and characters. In their slots you will find heroes, Dragons, Vikings and princesses to name a few examples. Their range of games that span across different game genres is therefore nothing to shrug your shoulders at. Their game selection today includes several hundred different slots, bingo games and more to have something to offer all casinos and users. No matter which gaming platform you visit that offers casino games, you can be sure to find at least one game from iSoftbet that is attractive and has a suitable theme.

Ninja Chef is a very cozy addition that was launched on May 2, 2013. Although the game has a few years on its neck, it is still a highly appreciated game that can be found on many websites that offer games. This is partly due to the game's layout and characters, but also that Ninja Chef is specially developed to be played on mobiles. This slot game is made up of 5 spinning reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines that boost the chances of winning. This combined with the game's extra features and bonus games makes for a game that is simply hard to resist.

Betting options in Ninja Chef

Something that many people discuss in gaming forums is how to bet smart in a slot game. You then want to find a game that has a very wide choice of BET levels so that you can experience both the excitement of betting the rub or slowly but surely build up your winnings by betting smaller amounts over a longer period of time. This is something that iSoftBet has had in mind when developing Ninja Chef. The game has a very wide register of different bets that you can make during the game and on which the possible winnings are then based. On mobile, tablet or computer, you can select a bet of between 0.3 up to 30 under the bet TAB for a gaming experience that is tailored to the user's individual wishes and win requests.

Our Rating
Game information
Games 2013
Max profit 300 000 coins
Reels / paylines 5 / 30
Theoretical payback-RTP 95.1
Coin value 0.10 - 10
Total effort 0.30 - 300
Volatility Funds
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free spins, multiplier, scatter symbol, Wild symbol

Ninja Chef's various symbols

If you like food themes and especially Asian food such as sushi, you will love this magical slot from isoftbet. The game has combined interesting symbols and motifs with good winning chances and 30 paylines to choose from. In this part of the review you can read in more detail about what all the symbols mean, what they give for dividends and what motives to keep an eye on if you want to win big.

J, q, K, a symbols

Although Ninja Chef in particular has attracted attention for its many symbols of food, one should not underestimate these building blocks of the game. The symbols J, Q, K and a are indeed less paying and give less winnings but can still give a pretty good payout with the right combination and bet.

Food symbols

The game Ninja Chef includes several symbols that have motifs of different dishes such as sushi in different shapes. These symbols give slightly different wins, but if you spin several of the same symbol, you can count on Medium wins that give a good clink in the box. Especially if you are a risk taker and have placed a higher stake.

Wild symbols

The Wild symbol in the game consists of a dynamite that can explode. This symbol can substitute for all symbols in the game except the scatter symbol. When you spin a wild symbol, you are awarded a slightly different multiplier depending on the number of wild symbols and its location in the reels. During the base game alone, you can get a total multiplier of 10, which then multiplies the winnings by a full 10 times. This additional feature allows you to spin really good winnings even if you are not under any of the game's appreciated bonus games.

Scatter symbols

The Scatter symbol counts as the game's most winning symbol. It features the motif of the Ninja boss that helps the player spin the game's highest winnings. If you want to win big, you should keep your eyes open on the motif of Ninja Chef. 3 forward scatter symbols will give 5 times the bet, 4 scatters will give 10 times the BET and finally 5 forward scatter symbols on the reels will give 25 times the bet.

ninja Warrior

Ninja Chefs Bonus Games

Ninja Chef also hides a very entertaining bonus game that opens up the doors to the really high winnings of the kitchen. But in addition to this, there is also a bonus that makes the game even more enticing and exciting.

If you are lucky enough to spin three scatter symbols with the motif of a Ninja boss, the game's fun bonus game is activated. Here, food will be thrown at the screen and you will then have to choose which symbols are to your liking. In total, there are three different dishes that you can choose from and that give slightly different bonuses. If you finally choose 3 puffer fish, you are awarded a bonus of 15 freespins but then without any multiplier. If you choose 3 pieces of meat, you are awarded 8 free spins and the winnings during the free spins are then multiplied by 3 times. Last but not least, you can also choose 3 pieces of sushi. This symbol is the most risky but can also bring the highest winnings during the game. If you choose 3 pieces of sushi, you will be awarded 5 free spins, but any winnings during the bonus will then be multiplied by a full 6 times.

Maximum profit and volatility of the game

Ninja Chef is primarily noted for its interesting design and winning bonus games but also for the good winning chances that the game offers. The volatility of the game is medium and, in addition, it has a RTP of 95.17% which is crucial for the gameplay experience and excitement of the game.

The game's maximum win can be spun during the game's bonus game with the highest multiplier. In addition, you can also win it if you have previously spun several wild symbols and then activated a multiplication that gives a 10 times larger winning amount. However, there is a maximum bet to bring home the maximum win of 1000 times the bet.

Summary of Ninja Chef

The game Ninja Chef is a very popular choice on several gaming platforms and not for just any reason. The game has a simple design and structure that is designed to suit all users. In addition, several cozy features have been included that provide a longer gaming experience and, above all, allow each spin to be decisive and profitable.

The theme of the game, which is about Asian food and especially sushi, which is also the motive for the game's more profitable symbol, makes Ninja Chef an excellent choice for food fans. iSoftBet has not spared$utet in the development of this very generous slot game. Step into Ninja Chef's kitchen today and see what prizes can be won.

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