Wonky Wabbits

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 08/06/2022
It's time to go out and look for fruit and vegetables together with a bunch of tricky rabbits. Wonky Wabbits is the latest slot from NetEnt, and despite being easy to learn, it contains an innovative feature and the opportunity to become a millionaire. Below you can try it out for free, and when you want to play for real winnings, just click through our bonus links.

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About Wonky wabbits

Last out in the line of video slots from NetEnt it's Wonky Wabbits. In this charming and colorful adventure we get to get acquainted with crazy rabbits that appear if you manage to land a nice combination. This slot offers a light-hearted and invigorating theme, and while it may not offer any revolutionary new features, we are sure that many players will be attracted by the cheerful colors and fun little animations that ooze childhood memories and summer tv.

Wonky Wabbits is a typical NetEnt slot, consisting of five reels and three rows. The fact that it is a relatively straightforward slot machine is reflected in the number of paylines, which stands at a rather modest 15. However, this is nothing negative – by changing the coin value and number of coins wagered, you can change the price of a spin to anything between$3 onor and 1500 bucks. The highest possible profit is a whopping$1.95 million onor, which of course is a big plus.

Symbols and functions

There are not many special features or the like in Wonky Wabbits – but the one that exists can potentially bring really nice dividends. We are talking about wild duplication, which we will try to explain briefly here. Wild symbols are, as most readers probably know, a type of” jokers " that can replace other symbols and thus give you more and bigger wins. That's how wilds work in this slot too.

The problem with regular wilds, however, is that they don't always appear where you want them most. This is where duplicating Wilds comes into play. As soon as you land a wild symbol on one of the reels, it will pop up another wild on the spot where it pays the best. Wild symbols are not very common in Wonky Wabbits, but when they appear, they can lead to really nice wins.


Wonky Wabbits is not a difficult slot to understand. That's not to say it's uninteresting, because the innovative duplicating wilds feature and the chance to win close to$2 million makes this a slot everyone should check out at least once. If only to pull on the smile bands for a little while!