White Rabbit

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 11/10/2022

The little white rabbit from Lewis Carroll's fairy tale about Alice In Wonderland is well almost more famous than Alice herself, at least in the world of castles. Even the game developer BigTime Gaming focuses on the stressed little rodent in its slot on the theme. In White Rabbit you make a visit to the enchanting and crazy land that can only be reached through a rabbit hole. Here you play with up to 248 832 megaways can activate the game's iconic free spins round at any time. High volatility, crazy features and a unique theme – White Rabbit has all the characteristics of a slot from BigTime Gaming.

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Our Rating
Game information
Games 2017
Max profit Up to 10,000 x the bet
Reels / paylines 5 / 248 382
Theoretical payback-RTP 97.3
Coin value Not applicable
Total effort 1-200$
Volatility High
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free Spins, Wilds, Megaways, Multipliers

About White Rabbit

You are familiar with the fantastic fairy tale about Alice In Wonderland, right? One ordinary, boring day, Alice suddenly meets a white rabbit dressed in a suit wearing an oversized pocket watch. He is obviously late for something and quickly rushes away. Alice, who could do anything for a real adventure, runs after. Right as it is, she falls far and long. When she gets back on her feet, she finds herself in a dreamland full of strange things and even stranger figures.

BigTime Gaming has been faithful to Carroll's fairy tale in White Rabbit, although the rabbit in particular may have been given extra space. The Mad Hatter is included, the Twins, The Lady Of Hearts and the nicotine-addicted Caterpillar as well.

White Rabbit, which was released in October 2017, is a beautiful slot. For example, it beats other highlights from BigTime Gaming, such as Bonanza and Danger: High Voltage , with horse lengths. Perhaps Extra delicious is that the game has a dynamic graphics and a soundscape that is adapted to the game's features.

white Rabbit slot machine

How to play White Rabbit

White Rabbit, like other Automata from the developer, has a special wheel stand. On each of the five reels there can be as many as seven symbols and it is the paylines you should hit, not paylines. In the base game, this megaways feature gives you up to 16,807 ways to win. When you play the free spins, you get up to twelve symbols on each reel and that gives up to 248,832 win ways.

Fortunately, all winning ways are in play regardless of your stake and in White Rabbit you can bet as little as$1. The maximum bet is$200.

The game developer BigTime Gaming is on a winning streak at the moment and the interest in the developer's slots is huge. One reason for the popularity is that the games can pay out so enormously. The Megaways feature is the main reason, but the Games also have a very high volatility. A smaller hit in the base game does not give much back while larger hits can give thousands of times the bet.

The average payback is very high. White Rabbit breaks both siblings like Bonanza and many other game developers ' most generous slots. The payback is either 97.39% or 97.72% depending on how the bonus round is activated.

white rabbit on mobile


White Rabbit has an odd theme and an odd design. Then it is appropriate that the special functions are also a bit odd? In White Rabbit there is a veritable candy bag of specials!


The first special feature you will benefit from is most likely the game's joker. It is Alice and her mirror that make up this symbol and it is a bit special in that it can come stacked. The symbol can be up to four positions high. The only thing that is a bit snopy is that it is only on reels 2 – 5 that it can appear.

white Rabbit slot scatter symbol Scatters & free spins

In addition to the Joker, there are two additional special symbols. It's about the White Rabbit itself (scatter) and an extra wild. You should really keep all your thumbs and toes for the rabbit to appear. With three rabbits on reels 2 - 4 you win free spins!

Caterpillar jokers

The chain-smoking caterpillar normally lies and dozes next to the wheels. Sometimes, however, he wakes up, and when that happens, he gives you extra jokers on the screen. There can be as many as four of them and each wild comes with a multiplier!

White Rabbit free spins

If you now manage to get three rabbit scatters, then what happens? Well, you will get 15 free spins and you get to play them with two specialers.

When the free spin begins, the reels are always seven positions high. Should you get a symbol in the form of a cupcake on a wheel, however, a position is added. At most, a particular wheel can reach twelve positions high. If you succeed, you get to play the free round one more time! A full quintet with twelve positions high wheels will give you the maximum number of winning ways, that is, 248,832 pieces.

This special is a treat in itself, but there's more. You can actually get a ”discount” on the price just by playing. Every now and then, gold coins land on the screen. Each gold coin causes the price of the Feature Drop to decrease.

The other special feature is that you get to replay the free round with the Queen's wheel . On this there are more high paying Queens as well as more wilds. Of course, this is synonymous with greater chances of bigger wins.

Buy Feature Drop

When White Rabbit launched in October 2017, it was the premiere of a Feature Drop -feature. What it's all about is that you can buy access to the freespins bonus at any time. The prize is 100 times your stake. For example, if you bet$ 5 per spin, you will pay$ 500 on a board to activate the feature.

This special is a treat in itself, but there's more. You can actually get a ”discount” on the price just by playing. Every now and then, gold coins land on the screen. Each gold coin causes the price of the Feature Drop to decrease.


There are ten paying icons on the reels. The Lady of Hearts (The Queen) pays by far the best. A winning path with five consecutive Queens gives a total of 25 times the bet. Other high win symbols are in the form of red, blue and green gems.

The other six symbols can be said to be low-win symbols. The Chesire Cat is included in this collection, as is the Hatter. Note that you need to hit slightly larger combinations of this collection of icons to get a win to speak of.

Gaming experience

It is no wonder that just a few months after its launch, White Rabbit took first place in the leaderboards of most New Zealand casinos. This title is something extraordinary in many ways. One thing to note in particular is the payback, which can thus be as high as 97.72%. The high volatility, which can bring profits of the extraordinary kind, is another thing to mention. The Free spins round has already become a classic, and unlike what normally applies, you don't have to wait for it!

Leaving aside the features, we find that White Rabbit impresses even in graphics and sound. This is a slot that feels alive, which makes everything a little more exciting. It will be a big thumbs up and top marks!

Review & Rating

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wonderland. It's time for another review and this time it's nothing less than White Rabbit, the latest addition to the market from Big Time Gaming

White Rabbit Bonus Symbol White Rabbit In front of us we have a game with rabbits, among others, three of these are needed to activate the epic bonus round with growing reels and retriggers.

We have lots of beautiful symbols with everything from Magic cupcakes to the Red Queen who pays really well with money.
This game comes straight from Wonderland and if a smoking centipede conjuring up jokers on screen isn't proof enough, I don't know what is!

I'm basically ready to rate the game already, but we'll take everything in the right order, of course. On the screen now we have the White Rabbit, the bonus symbol.
Then we also have the wild symbol that acts as a joker and replaces all other symbols.

We also have this smoking centipede, he sleeps most of the time but can come to life randomly on any regular spin outside of the bonus round
and sends a number of smoke rings that turn into jokers on the playing field. They usually look somewhat sofsnt here.

In order to understand this game better and how to win a lot of money above all, we will take a quick look at a part of the paytable.

The paytable

The winnings shown now apply to a one-euro bet and to win a lot is really all about the amount of paylines. We have dynamic wheels that vary in size from spin to spin,
it gives us crazy potential when the winnings are calculated by multiplying the number of symbols from the connecting reels with each other.

This means that if, for example, we get a good hit with the green gem as a symbol, let's say two land on the first reel, two on the second, three on the third , one on the fourth and four on the last reel,

should the win be 2x2x3x1x4, a total of 48, and so times what the green symbol pays – thus €2, we then get €96 in total.

Should we get the same hit but with the Red Queen instead, the symbol that pays the most, well then it would instead be the whole €1200.
This amount you can then double for each additional Red Queen that had landed

White Rabbit bonus round

Okay, then the bonus round. Something that makes this game really stand out, is precisely the bonus round. Apart from bringing in three rabbits on the screen, there is an alternative way to activate it
While playing, from time to time ”BTG coins”will roll down. These reduce the price of buying the bonus round and are then replaced by any other symbol. Yep, you heard absolutely right.
Thus, we can now buy bonfire rounds instead of spinning for hours when the rabbit simply does not want to show itself.

It is absolutely crazy fun, with a great risk of tilting crazy a lot too, I must say.

Buying a bonus round costs 100x your bet size for the bet you want to activate the bonus on, just remember that just because you buy a bonus round
this does not mean that there will be a good bonus round.

You never know and it may well end up with you buying a bonus for 500kr and leaving it with 120kr.
With some magical muffins on the other hand...What do these magic cupcakes do?

In addition to tasting delicious and being in a generally fluffy mood, these magical pastries have an ingredient that makes the reels in the game bigger!
Each time a cupcake lands on one of the reels, this expands by one symbol up to a maximum length of 12 symbols.

If you manage to get a wheel to be 12 symbols large, it also counts as a ”retrigger”, the Rabbit appears on the screen and spins a clock that determines how many extra spins you get , at least one, maximum 12. A clock as I said! If you manage to max out all your reels to contain 12 symbols, you have now also activated all the theoretical paylines in the game.
A total of 248382 lines!

As the playing field and the number of lines increases, the potential also increases rapidly and more and bigger wins usually come,

White Rabbit From Big Time Gaming

white rabbit slot rating
So what do I think of this game? As for the potential, the bonus round is a big part of this. A successful bonus can have lots of paylines and it is precisely the number of such that is all about. It will be a stable nine in potential for Mr. Rabbit.

What about Innovation? Rabbits, centipedes, muffins, random win-multiplying jokers, growing reels and a magical atmosphere... I can't help but put nia here too!

Is the game really that fun? Yes it is, and can you not take my word for it, we can test check with some other suitable person, the casino streamer letsgiveitaspin maybe?

It's almost a nine, but the centipede is a bit well greedy for my taste. With less sleep and more smoke rings, I would have gladly put a nine. Anyway, eight or nine, it doesn't matter much for the final score which will be a whopping 9 out of 10 points!

You can try the game for free or read more about it at casinolist.co.nz , this was all for me this time and I hope to see you next!