Viking Runecraft

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 09/02/2023

The game developer Play'n Go has made a big impression with their previous game releases, not only because they look stylish and have engaging game features, but because they often base their casino games on well-known themes that give the game a character that many quickly get hooked on. It was not unexpected that their video slot Viking Runecraft would follow the same type of track, already in the game title you hear what they have chosen to give the slot machine for theme. And of course there are already some slot games that follow in the footsteps of the Vikings, but with this game release, Play'n go shows something truly unique. The reels don't even spin and there is a wheel of fortune built into the game, but there is much more than that to pick up in the video slot from play'n go based on Norse mythology.

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Our Rating

Game information
Games 2017
Max profit 500 000
Reels / paylines 7 / cluster
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.7
Coin value 0,1-100
Total effort 0,1-100
Volatility High
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Bonus games with asagudar


Play'n go is one of the few game developers that is not content with launching entertaining slot machines. The more game titles they release, the more impressed we become and arguably their fans as well. With the slot Viking Runecraft with an RTP of 96%, they show that they continue to develop at a similar speed as younger, more inexperienced game developers do to assert themselves.

We really like the bonus features that stand out by including multiple Wilds with more features than just substituting for other symbols. That they also included a wheel of fortune that can give the player a much more attractive win. Viking Runecraft is also relatively volatile, making it a perfect choice when it comes to facing wagering requirements which is associated with most online casino bonuses .

About Viking RuneCraft

Viking Runecraft is quite different if you compare it to classic slot games that we've seen for a while online casinos now. Gamification has hit big in recent years and several of the game industry's game manufacturers are breaking each other with new slot machines which includes bonus features that sometimes don't even have anything to do with slot machines. Not least Play n Go which constantly brings out new unique game titles. This engages players in a more personal way, increases the chance of bigger wins and impresses most slot fans graphically.

The mechanics of Viking Runecraft are also quite different. Here, instead of the typical spinning reels, we have a 7×7 grid in which the symbols land and thus generate winning combinations. To get a winning combination,$is also used to get 5 or more symbols in a cluster where they touch each other horizontally and/or vertically.

Win up to 5,000 X your bet , reach up to different levels for each individual God and collect runestones for increased chance of a bonus in the game's unique bonus wheel! RTP of 96% and lots of exciting features.

Viking Runecraft


All winning symbols contribute to the growth of the Runes of Valhalla bonus. This means that each spin gives the chance to collect up to 5 different winning combinations that only apply to the symbols that reflect runestones. Whoever collects at least 1 winning combination of runestones will reset the active pattern to activate the runes of Valhalla bonus round. This is where the unique wheel of fortune appears . When it spins, just keep your fingers crossed that it stops on any of the fields illuminated by the rune stone to win the bonus amount that appears. The number of illuminated runestones in the bonus wheel depends on how many winning combinations you landed before the lucky wheel starts spinning.

There is a lot in Viking Runecraft that is unique to video slots, not least the bonus features. Inside the game there is a meter that is replenished for each time you land a winning combination. And every time the meter is filled completely, 1 out of 4 possible functions is triggered.

Fury of Fenrir

Four diagonal lines of symbols land on the playing field. Two rows of symbols disappear and the other two lines of symbols all turn into another symbol to make room for better combinations.

Judgment of Jörmungandr

Here, a large bunch of symbols are destroyed in a stream that runs from one edge of the playing field to the other. Along the stream of symbols, a bunch of other symbols will then transform into another single symbol.

Scorching of Surtr

Three symbols catch fire that can spread to a random number of nearby symbols in the pattern grid. All symbols that start to burn are completely destroyed and replaced with new symbols that fall into place. The nice thing about this feature is that all new symbols that land in the scorched field consist of the same variety.

Lure or Loki

When Loke's feature is triggered, two symbols in the game are selected at random. One of these, as well as its matching symbols will be removed from the playing field. The second symbol selected, as well as its matching symbols, will simultaneously be transformed into another symbol.

Ragnarök bonus games

This treat can be triggered in two different ways, but can only be activated once per game round. The meter in the game can be refilled a second time after triggering one of the functions above. If you manage to fill the meter to the maximum again immediately afterwards, the Ragnarök function is activated, which gives the player an extra free spin.

Another way to activate this bonus feature is to double the meter. This is possible by winning further with other symbols. If you succeed in this before any of the above functions are triggered, the Ragnarök function is activated immediately.

When this feature is in progress, the game's regular meter is replaced with a bonus meter. If you win with enough symbols throughout the bonus round, you will be rewarded with a total win multiplier. A winning combination of 20 symbols generates a multiplier of x2. If you match 40 symbols, the win is multiplied by x3. A combination of 60 symbols multiplies the win by x5, and if you manage to match 80 symbols, you will be rewarded with a multiplier of x15!

The Ragnarök function


There are a total of 13 different symbols in Viking Runecraft of which 4 of these are different types of Wilds. The remaining symbols consist of 4 strong symbols and 5 weaker symbols with a lower value per winning combination. The symbols with the highest value in the game, with the exception of the bonus symbols, reflect typical items belonging to the asagods. Thor's Hammer is worth the most, followed by the Viking helmet, axe and pendant which have the lowest value of the strong symbols. The weaker symbols of the game consist of runestones of different colors.


The game's various Wild symbols all reflect God. Odin, Thor, Freja and Heimdall each have a joker in the game, which in its own way helps to hopefully generate more rewarding winning combinations.

The Thunder God Thor can cause thunder to strike down which creates 5-9 Wilds.

Wise Odin creates 4 jokers in groups of 2 where the jokers in each pair are vertically adjacent.

Goddess of beauty, Freya has a wild symbol that is guaranteed to win when her wilds appear in 4 different cluster patterns starting at a random position on the playing field within the innermost 5×5 pattern. The Wild symbols continue to appear until at least one win dims down.

and Heimdall he offers at least as much excitement as he makes sure that a Wild symbol appears on every line of the game.

Viking Runecraft wild symbols

Watch video review of Viking RuneCraft

Below is a transcript of the entire video for those who choose not to play with sound, or to summarize.


Hello everyone and welcome to this slot review. Today we will take a closer look at one of my favorite games from the provider Play N Go, Viking Runecraft

As you can already see, this is not your usual classic five-reel slot,
this game is full of cool features and we are going to go through all of them. But first, a little taste of what's to come:

Here we have a real lucky fin again, Mr. Jarttu who finally manages to activate the ragnaro round, the bonus game.

Speaking of multipliers and winnings;

Viking Runecraft 5 symbols

Then we have some of all the features of the game already, but in order not to miss anything, we take everything from the beginning. What you should primarily know when playing this game,
is that you need 5 connecting symbols to create a winning combination. For the combination to be valid, all symbols must connect to each other either horizontally or vertically, not diagonally.

Viking Runecraft bonus round

Now it's time to get acquainted a little closer with the gods on the left side of the game screen, who sometimes help you during your adventures with their magical$after by creating a number of wild symbols.
Viking Rune craft 4 Gods
These$after can be activated randomly if a spin does not lead to any winning combination, Odin

Tor We'll see what it looks like, and we'll start with the thunder god Thor. Lightning strikes down the screen, creating 5 to nine randomly placed jokers on the screen.

Then we have Odin, the God of wisdom along with his two Ravens Hugin and Munin. These go out on the playing field and place four wild symbols on the screen in groups of two.
Usually they end up a bit apart but at best they land next to each other just like this, preferably somewhere in the middle of the screen to create as many winning combinations as possible, one of the best ways to quickly reach the Ragnarok round

Then we have Freya, the goddess of beauty. Freya creates four scattered wild symbols on the playing field, usually this leads to one or two winning combinations, but with a little luck they do not.
In this case, each joker will expand and become two jokers. There is no win when the expansion continues to three and in very rare cases as many as four wild symbols. Heimdal

Freja The last God to fight by our side is Heimdal, the guardian of the gods. He creates a randomly deployed wild symbol on each of the horizontal lines of the playing field.

Back to the basics then. On the screen you will see a map of the playing field with both dark and illuminated squares.
You start with a pattern of dark squares that then light up as you create a winning combination in the corresponding place on the playing field
When all the squares have been lit, you have filled your pattern and level up!

What's the point of leveling up then? Well another part of the game screen we haven't gone through, is the box at the top left corner. This is a pot that grows with your winnings,
a small part of these constantly increases the amount and once you level up, you get a chance to win the specified amount through a spin on the Valhalla wheel

Should you fail to win the pot when you level up, however, it is not the whole world, the pot stays and continues to grow until you manage to win it at one of your next level increases. This is what it looks like when you level up and Spin The Whale Hall wheel in search of the pot.

To now win this pot, we need to land on one of the illuminated fields. The more different kinds of symbols you have cleared to get to this wheel,
the more fields will be illuminated and the more chances you have to win

Bonushjul Unfortunately, there was no match this time, but as I said, We will have more chances later. Without messing things up too much now, I want you to look at the wheel placed to the left of the playing field.
One could almost say that it is the most important part of the game

As winning combinations occur during a spin, the reel will slowly fill up with one step for each symbol cleared. Once the circle has been filled and is yellow all the way around, activate one of the following functions:

We have the wrath of the Fenrir Wolf, the power of the Midgard Serpent, Surt's pain and Loke's allure

But instead of showing these one by one, let's jump straight to the big bonus round, the Ragnarok spins.

Ragnarock Spins

To start these you need to fill your yellow circle one more turn, the color will then be blue and when the whole circle is filled after clearing 40 symbols in total, your ragnarok round will be started.

What's so great here is that in addition to a juicy multiplier feature, this bonus consists of all these four features that replace each other continuously during a long epic spin.
So you get to see all four mentioned features and the bonus round in one, two birds with one stone, here we go!

Viking Runecraft free spins

The first function is Surt's Pain , the scorching of surtr. Three different symbols are randomly selected and destroy all surrounding symbols, then your chosen symbol is duplicated.
Then there's fury of Fenrir, Fenrisulven's Indignation . This time, four diagonal lines are chosen at random, two of which are destroyed and the other two become one and the same symbol.
Two left and it's time for Judgment of Jörgmungandr, The power of the Midgard Serpent. A loop of symbols is selected and most are destroyed, the few that remain are converted into one and the same symbol. Last out we have the Lure of Loki, Loki's allure . Two groups of symbols are marked on the playing field, one is destroyed while the other is transformed into one and the same symbol.

Ragnarock Spins Bonus

The multiplier wheel you see on the left side during the Ragnarok spin fills up as you win and clears more symbols, as you see it goes all the way up to 15x but unfortunately we only managed to get up to 2 this time.

Viking Runecraft prize table

Fortunately, I've saved the best for last, but before that, let's just take a quick look at the paytable

Viking Runecraft paytable

This is the paytable when you spin for a euro spin. We see that the highest paying combination gives 1000 times the bet back, this when you get 15 or more red hammer symbols paired.
Usually, however, the bigger wins tend to be more in line with this: the second highest symbol in a group of 10, pays 25 times the bet. Had it been the highest paying red symbol, the same combination would have yielded 75x.
It's not bad at all, considering that this is just a combination. A spin can last a long time and usually covers several winning combinations .

So what do you think of the potential?

It has been a long journey here and I will not drag out on it much longer, this is how it feels to win big in Viking Runecraft!

Mr. Jarttu has something really good going on here, it's already a pretty big win and the multiplier on the left will only grow. What Dream hit if it went all the way to 15x, is it possible?

Alright so Jarttu managed to win €858 during this bonus round, on his €20 bet. So about 200kr spin and a win of 8500kr. about 43x, 43 times the bet.
What was so great about this bonus, though, was the multiplier that went all the way to 15x, which is the max. The win is then 15 times larger, i.e. 43×15, 645x the bet!
Jarttu bet €20 per spin so that times 645 is what he won, a total of €12,860, about 125,00$ !! It's crazy unreal and wonderful at the same time.
We'll get started with the rating of this game, and start right away with setting a nine for potential

Ratings of Viking Runecraft

How innovative is this game? There are so many different features and things that happen in this game, basically there are many games mainly from the same provider that work similar,
but with this game, it's still a level up. This is as brilliant as it is innovative and the score for Innovation will be seven

Last but not least, Entertainment. This game is exciting, it is fun and it is capable of arousing strong emotions. We have lots of variety and don't get tired of playing this in the first team.
In short, this is a super fun game and I love it. It will be a nine for entertainment and that is also what the total score will be for Viking Runecraft!

History of Viking Runecraft

That's all for me this time, be sure to try this game out or read more about it at, you will find the link below. Best of luck, see you in the next video!

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