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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 06/11/2020
Supernova is a real star hit to the slot machine, and offers a lot of pleasant surprises despite a simple setup. With multipliers that increase your winnings up to 100 times and an innovative layout, Quickspin has managed to put together a really, really nice modern slot. Play for free below, and don't miss out on our bonus offers.

About Supernova slot machine

A supernova is an exploding star-something that hints that this is a slot machine of astronomical proportions. Behind Supernova is the New Zealand game developer Quickspin. The game's theme is$etching $ ing giant stars, black holes and other space phenomena. And sure as hell it smacks when you manage to land a” Big Win " – a firework taken from the Big Bang itself. Join us and we'll take a closer look at what you can expect from this video slot that balances between the simple and the innovative.

Stakes, set-ups and winnings

Supernova has a slightly different setup. The main game itself takes place on 3 reels more 3 rows each. In order to win$, you must get at least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels, from left and right. Thus, it is enough for a certain symbol to appear somewhere on reels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time for a win. When this happens, one to two additional reels and a multiplier feature are activated, but more on that under the heading ”symbols and features”.

Of course, the different symbols have different values. The most valuable is the yellow star. Three of these on the reels mean 50 times the stake in the game's basic mode, and you can activate multiple symbol combinations on one and the same spin. If you fill the reels with one and the same symbol, you can win up to$27,000 onor. When the multiplier is activated, this win can instead amount to$270,000 onor.

Symbols and functions

Supernova$etches a lot of$ing into what happens after you win a regular win. When you win, two additional reels are activated, one at a time. On these reels there is a set of multipliers as well as black holes. If the first reel stops on a multiplier, your win is multiplied by the specified number. After that, the last wheel starts spinning, and here it comes to stay on a multiplier again. If so, the game round is over and you will receive your winnings, including the two multipliers. If you hit a black hole, you get to keep what you won so far, but you don't get an additional multiplier.

Wild symbol
The game also has a wild symbol, whose task is to make it easier for you to put together winning combinations. Wilds can substitute for all other symbols. For example, if you get a yellow sun on reels 1 and 3, a wild symbol on Reel 2 can complete the combination and ensure that you get a win.


Supernova succeeds in the feat of being at once simple and innovative. The game includes two phases, with the second phase being activated first if you win in the first. In the second phase we find multipliers that can increase your winnings by up to 100 times. The top prize of$270,000 onor is not huge, but big enough to make this a really enticing and fun slot we won't get tired of in the first place.