Slingo Rainbow Riches review

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stars stars stars stars stars 4.5 / 5
Reviewed by: Amber Carboni
Last updated: 12/12/2022

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a delightfully colorful game, set on the green Irish expanses. The leprikon itself stays a bit in the background, but if you manage to climb the classic Slingot stairs, you will encounter him in various bonus games.

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About Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a slot from Slingo Originals and Barcrest is the Slingo variant of the Rainbow Riches slot that has been around for over 10 years. Just like the original game slot machines we are met here by a green-clad Irish leprechaun, who, according to tradition, is supposed to bring luck with him. Whether you get lucky or not and will be able to win money easily , they remain-but a fun game moment we are confident that you will at least get.

"Combining the very best of slots with the very best of bingo”

Have you previously not played online casino games or Slingo games such as Slingo starburst from the same game developer, we can tell you that it is a slot machine that combines the very best of slots with the very best of bingo and creates a whole new kind of Game.

slingo Rainbow riches

How to play - how does the game work?

If this is your first time playing a Slingo game, it may feel a bit confusing at first. The playing field is similar to a relatively classic playing field on slot machines, but the game will not behave the same. But once you get the hang of the game, which goes pretty fast, you'll see that it's not that$steamy at all! Just Slingo Rainbow Riches is a relatively simple Slingo game, which can be good to start with. It is clear what is happening, and you will quickly understand how to actually win .

If you like colorful games, you will most likely love Slingo Rainbow Riches, especially if Green is your favorite color. But just as the name reveals, it's the rainbow that gives you the really big wins. If you manage to climb up to the rainbow in the Slingo staircase, you can, with a little luck, manage to find the gold treasure that is said to be at the end of the rainbow.

The playing field in Slingo Rainbow Riches consists of a grid of 5×5 squares . In each square there is a number, just like on a regular bingo card. These numbers will persist throughout your game, but under the Slingo tile there are five more squares. In those boxes, five different numbers will appear during each spin and what you should do is keep your fingers crossed because you have these numbers on the playing field. If you have any of the numbers that appear, the number will be$usedfor on the playing field with the help of a star, just like in bingo. If you've got a whole row, you've got Slingo! The advantage of Slingo Games is that horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows count .

For every time you get Slingo, you will climb a step of the Slingo staircase located next to the playing field. The first four steps unfortunately do not give you any advantages, but all the next seven steps mean that you get a bonus game after your game round. The higher up the stairs you get, the greater the winnings or chances of winning the bonus games.

Rainbow riches slingo game

Game information
Games 2020
Max profit x2500 inserts
Reels / paylines 5x5 squares 12 winning ways
Theoretical payback-RTP 95.5
Coin value 0.10 -10$
Total effort 100 000
Volatility High
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free spins, bonus spins, wild

Bets & winnings

One important thing you need to remember when playing Slingo games compared to regular ones machines in the beginning, you do not pay per spin, but per spin. In Slingo Rainbow Riches, a spin round consists of 10 spins, and you can easily keep track of how many spins are left through the red balls located in a small container next to the playing field.

When your spin is over, however, you can pay for individual spins. This is a good feature if d is very close to climbing to a new level in the Slingo Staircase. What is important to keep an eye on, however, is that the price of a spin is constantly increasing, and can quickly get up to close to$100 onor for a spin when playing with the lowest bet.

Minimum bet you can play for $ 5 onor , something that can feel loud. But then you should remember that this gives you 10 spins. The maximum bet you can play with is$1,000 onor per spin. When your spin is over, you can thus pay for individual spins, exactly what price these start at depends entirely on how much success you have had during the spin. But just per spin is always very clearly written on the spin button.

The theoretical return to Player (RTPn) is 95.6 %. It's a relatively low RTP, but not entirely uncommon on Slingo games. The game has a volatility that is at a medium level, slightly higher, and Slingo themselves classify it as a volatility of 3/5. In other words, don't expect to win during each spin, or to climb high enough up the Slingo ladder to get a bonus during each game round. But if you manage to get there, then you can feel confident that the profit will fill up your wallet with a completely okay amount.

Our gaming experience

In order to give you as fair a picture as possible of Slingo Rainbow Riches, we have of course tested on a bunch of spins. We tested on 10 spins, which in total gave us 100 spins plus some free spins. We thought the game was easy to understand, and was really fun. Especially the bonus games are fun, and you really want to be able to climb to the top of the Slingo stairs to reach the treasure at the end of the rainbow. But here it is really important to limit yourself and not buy more extra spins than you are actually willing to pay for, because the price rises quickly.

The bet levels felt good and reasonable, and we are convinced that the game fits whether you like to play with big or small stakes. We have of course tested the original game Rainbow Riches, and can say that it was about time that an upgraded version appeared. The graphics are good, the colors are strong and clear and it's a really neat game.


Just like in slots, there are some features you need to keep an eye on in Slingo games. Slingo Rainbow Riches doesn't have too many features, and they're relatively simple. The most important are of course the bonus games, but they are simple but above all very fun so you will absolutely want to understand them! But in addition to the bonus games, which we'll get to soon, there are some other features you need to keep an eye on that we now intend to go through.

Wild symbols

There are two different wild symbols in the game. If this is not the first time you play a Slingo game, you will probably recognize them, as they are recurring in several of the Slingo Originals games. One is a joker with red clothes. When it pops up in a spin box, you get$yssa for any number in that column. On the other hand, if the second wild symbol appears, which is a joker in green clothes, you get$yssa for any square on the entire playing field.

Free spins

You also have the opportunity to get online casino games , just like in a slot. You can easily recognize the symbol because it clearly says free spins. The free spins symbol can appear in any spin box and will give you an extra spin when your spin has ended. If you have received two free spins symbols during your spin, then simply two extra spins are waiting for you.

The Slingotrappan bonus game

The whole game is therefore about you getting as many Slingo as possible, that is, completely crossed out lines. For every Slingo you get, you climb up one step of the Slingo ladder. When the spin is over, you will see how high up the stairs you have come. If you have reached the fifth step or more, you will get to play a bonus game. If you have managed to fill your entire Slingo ticket, you will come to the Rainbow, where there are really good prizes to be won.

There are five different bonus games, but some of them twice in the Slingo staircase, but then in the scaled-up version.

The different bonus games are:

Wishing Well

You get to choose from three different wish Wells. In each well there is a profit, but they can be different good. In addition, your winnings will be multiplied in this game.

The game is located on step number 5.

Cash Crop

Here, 50 coins will float around the screen, behind each coin there is a multiple. A certain number of coins will show reverse, if that amount will be-will be your win. In this game, you don't really have to do anything, just sit back and hope that Luck is on your side.

The game is located on step number 6.

The Magic Toadstool

Here, 24 fly agarics will appear on the playing field. You choose three mushrooms and hope that they hide good multiples. If you are really lucky, a fairy hides behind any of the mushrooms you choose. Fen will give you three extra multiples.

The game can be found on step number 7. If you get to step number 8 years, you get to play the same bonus game, but instead choose five mushrooms.

Road To Riches

The path to wealth is called the game, and that's exactly what it is. A long road you walk on, where every step brings you a profit. You spin a wheel that tells you how many steps you are allowed to walk. You keep spinning until you land on ”collect” on the wheel, and then get your collected winnings.

The game is available on both steps 9 and 10. On the 10th step, however, the gains along the way are much higher.

Pots of gold

If you manage to fill the entire playing field and thus end up at the top of the Slingo staircase, you can get a real treasure. Here, 12 bowls filled with money will spin around. Some in bronze, some in silver and two pieces in gold, which ones bring the greatest profit, we don't even have to say what? The bowl of money that stays above the arrow, is the one you win. The biggest win is a win of x1000.


The symbols to keep an eye on in Slingo Rainbow Riches are really not very many. It's really all about numbers and hoping for the right numbers to show up, just like in bingo. But some symbols that play a special role are still to keep an eye on.

The symbols you should keep an eye on are:

  • Red joker- $ yssa any box in the above column.
  • Green joker- $ yssa any square on the entire playing field.
  • Free spin - will give you an extra spin after your spin.
  • A red devil with horns-a boom that means that nothing numb gets$shoved in that column during that spin.

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches on mobile

Today, many people play casino online on their mobile phones. Of new mobile casinos , such as Yako caisno , Casino Games and NoBonus casino offers the game in its mobile versions. Slingo Rainbow Riches is a modern slot that is great to play on mobile. The game will automatically adapt to the size of the screen and you will have access to all the features of the game. Find a casino you like and start playing Slingo Rainbow Riches today. You can advantageously choose one casinos with BankID . Examples of these types of safe casino are all casinos with Swish where you can easily log in and make deposits with your Swish and BankID.


Slingo Rainbow Riches is a colorful and lovely slingshot game with simple features and bonus gameplay. Despite the simplicity, the bonus games are fun and the game feels fast-paced. It is a Slingo game with a medium volatility, which means that you cannot count on winnings during each spin, and that you will have to struggle a bit to climb the Slingo stairs. The theme of the game is fun, and you really want to fight your way up to the highest step, because there is treasure waiting at the end of the rainbow.

The bet levels are varied and you can play from 5 dollar up to 1000$Onor per spin. If you have played Slingo games before, you will definitely recognize yourself, and if you have not played Slingo before, you will quickly understand how it works here.

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