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Reviewed by: Amber Carboni
Last updated: 26/01/2023

Load up with garlic and sharpen the wooden stakes, because now Dracula has woken up from his deep sleep. Dracula is a slot game developed by NetEnt in collaboration with Universal Studios, and we dare to promise a blood-curdling experience.

About Dracula Castle

Everyone knows the story of Dracula, The Vampire who lives in Transylvania. This slot was launched by New Zealand game developer NetEnt in 2015 in partnership with Universal and is available on more or less all New Zealand online casino . Dracula is a slot that is graphically very appealing, but also has a lot of features to offer. In addition to the classic functions, there is something here that was completely new at launch and which is called the bat function.

You will never miss when you make a win, because Dracula himself who sits on the left side of the playing field hisses every time you win. As usual, NetEnt has put a lot of effort into both graphics and sound to be able to deliver a really good game. This is not for the easily frightened!

Game information
Games 2015
Max profit -
Reels / paylines 5 reels 40 paylines
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.58
Coin value 0,1-10
Total effort 2-2000
Volatility Low / Medium
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free spins, stacked Wilds, bonus feature

Bets & Winnings

Something NetEnt is good at is making it clear how to change the size of your bet in the game. You choose which level you want to play at and how much coin value you want. Once you have made your settings, you will always see what costs per spin in dollar will be at the bottom of the game. The stakes vary between$2 onor and$2,000 Onor. Here you can bet a substantial amount if you wish.

Something they have been a bit more secretive about is the maximum win in the game. The maximum win is actually not indicated at all when you take a look at the game's winning plan, but if you pay attention, the information swishes past the top of the game at regular intervals. The maximum win is 80,000 coins.

RTP Dracula

RTPn, thus the theoretical payback for Dracula slot is 96,58%. Not a level that impresses, but still perfectly okay.


The game developer NetEnt behind Dracula is known for delivering games with many and really good bonus features. Despite the fact that this slot has quite a few years on its neck, it really delivers when it comes to features. There are a lot of extra features you need to keep an eye on.


The game has two different types of wilds. Regular and stacked wilds. The former works just like a regular wilds and can substitute for other symbols to give a greater chance of winning. Stacked wilds, on the other hand, only appear during free spins and are only available on reel number three. It substitutes for all other symbols and gives the highest possible winning combination on a Payline.

Free spins

If a stacked Dracula symbol and a stacked Lady symbol appear simultaneously on the playing field, you will receive 10 free spins. Dracula can only appear on reel two and Lady on reel four. If you were to get a stacked Wild symbol during your free spins, you will also get two extra spins.

Bat function

The bat feature was brand new when this game came out and unique to this particular slot machine. This is a feature that is activated randomly and can appear at any time. When the feature is activated, a bunch of bats will fly onto the playing field. Together they form a cluster of matching symbols, which in turn give you a win.


The lowest paying symbols in the game are wall shields with card denominations, i.e. J, Q, K and A and pay out between 5 – 40 coins. The slightly higher paying symbols are three different characters in the game and give between 10 and 60 coins. The highest paying symbols are Dracula himself and the girl named Lady. These symbols pay out between 20-200 coins, but they can also come stacked. Getting both of them at the same time will start as we mentioned the free spins, but to win you only need to get a portion of their$oppar.

The Wild symbol consists of the letter W, of course in the color blood red. There is also a stacked Wild and on it you will find Dracula and Lady holding each other.


Dracula is a fun slot from NetEnt and even though it was released in 2015, it feels modern and current even today. You will find several fun bonus features and we especially like the bat feature. As there are a lot of features and extra symbols, it can be a bit difficult at first to keep up with what is actually happening in the game, especially if you are not a seasoned player. However, we really like that Dracula makes a hissing sound every time you make a win.

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