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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 06/01/2023

Small particles with one, two and three eyes, respectively, play the main roles in Reactoonz. The casino game, which is a sequel to the classic Energoonz, was launched in October 2017 and is one of the web's most popular slots. In this slot$wool is full of special features, including four quantum functions , mega symbols and wilds. 100% excitement and action can be promised in this slot that has an impressive depth. Take the game for a test drive for free and read our review! Can you successfully awaken Gargantoons out of its beauty sleep?

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Our Rating
Game information
Games 2017
Max profit 4570 X stakes
Reels / paylines 7 reels, 1 Payline
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.5
Coin value n / a
Total effort 0.20 - 100.00
Volatility High
Free spins No
Bonus features Yes

About Reactoonz

Reactoonz from the game maker Play N Go at launch, it was ranked as one of the most popular casino games online casino. The slot machine is a so-called grid-based in short, this means that the game has no paylines. Instead, on the 7 x 7 position screen, you should land a cluster of five identical symbols (with or without wilds). How the cluster looks matters less. All symbols are connected.

Each win gives rise to an avalanche. In short, this means that you get new chances of winning. After an explosion of the symbols you have already won on, new icons fall down so that there are always 49 symbols on the screen.

The standings with the 49 positions can be found in the center of the game screen. To the left of the symbols you will find a ”test tube” where your winnings during a series of spins are collected together. This feature is just for show. The game, unlike Energoonz no multiplier.

Casino games created for mobile entertainment

Of course, you can spin Reactoonz on your mobile and tablet. The game is tailored for spins on mobile devices and is available on all New Zealand casino .

Reactoonz RTP

Reactoonz RTP is 96.51%. This figure can be compared with the ”cut castles” on the net. However, it is relatively low compared to the developer's other Automata that are structured in the same way. If you like gridslots, there are titles from play'n go that pay more.


When you feel ready to kick-start the entertainment, choose bet. You do this with the buttons at the bottom of the screen. As usual in grid-based vending machines, you have no options to adjust. You choose a bet between 2 – 1000$ and then you start the wheels.

Video review of Reactoonz slot

Here you can watch a video of the review of the Reactoonz slot machine from Play n go. gaming experience

Hello All Earthlings, we will once again embark on adventures in the Galaxy. The game being reviewed is Reactoonz, a new addition from the provider Play N Go and also sequel to the game Energoonz! As you can see right away, this is no ordinary slot machine, it almost feels a bit like one of those mobile games you might have entertained yourself with if you weren't old enough to play for money.

Winning is simple, however, five symbols that sit together horizontally, vertically or both are what is needed for a win to occur.
The winning symbols are then cleared and new symbols fill the playing field, with a bit of luck in a way that allows for more wins during the same game round. Reactoonz is a game filled with different features and we are going to go through them all, we start with the simplest pieces:

Reactoonz paytable

Reactoonz slot paytable
Whenever four mini monsters appear in a square like the one on the screen, they turn into a big symbol that then pays double if it gives rise to a win. You may also have noticed by now that some of the symbols are surrounded by a kind of GLOW? Whenever one of these illuminated symbols is cleared away with a win,
it leaves behind two wilds, two wild symbols. These replace all other symbols in the game. On all your losing spins, you then also have a chance to trigger the instability feature. Our Gargantoon, the big monster on the right,
will then create between four and eight wilds randomly deployed across the playing field

The Reactoonz bonus round

Bonus round in Reactoonz
As I said, These were the simpler pieces, we now look at something that is at least liiite more hi-tech, the so-called quantum leap!
In the future I will call this quantum battery, it feels more logical and is easier to remember if nothing else.

As you clear more and more symbols through your winnings during the same game round, you recharge this quantum battery with different types of energy charges.
Each time you fill the meter under the quantum battery, this will be charged with one of four different energy charges. Each such energy charge activates a bonus effect in the game,
and when a charge has been consumed, you can see this by the quantum battery showing it as Gray.

In total, there are five different functions, four of which are made up of the following energy charges:

  • The first is called Implosion , it randomly converts between three and six symbols into jokers as well as destroys all adjacent symbols.
  • The Blue charge is called cutter , it selects a random symbol and then cuts this middle, the symbol turns into a wild and two diagonal lines cut through it. All symbols hit are converted into one and the same kind of symbol
  • The next function is Demolition , as you may have noticed, there are both one-eyed and two-eyed symbols in the game. When the demolition is activated, all one-eyed monsters on the screen are destroyed, leaving only the better-paying two-eyed monsters. With a bit of luck, this could end up with a nice surprise, I promise.
  • The last function is Alteration . Here, a symbol is selected at random, then this and all others are converted into a different type of symbol.

This was then the four different charges, it means that we have one function left. It is by a good margin the best of them and it can only be obtained after you have received your first four charges. This is what you are looking for and not entirely surprising here the really big winnings are also hiding, a meeting with Mr. Gargantoon!

  • Once you have impressed Gargantone enough of your winnings, he joins the party and randomly appears as a 3 by 3 field large wild symbol!
    As you will see in this video, it can get really crazy in a very good way!But this is not all, once the Gargantoon is used for the first time, he splits into two smaller Gargantoons and still acts The joker.
    Here it also does not end, but after this, these ”middle Gargantoons” also divide and become 8 small ones. At this point, you should be up for a juicy win of at least 100x the bet!

Really najs, or what do you think?

We jump to the paytable and see what it looks like for a one-crown bet. The first thing I look at is the highest payouts. We see that the premium symbols, those with two eyes,
pays anything from 75x the bet to 750X the bet as long as you manage to combine 15 or more stars or hearts. This should not happen directly in the base game, but you almost need a Gargantoon's help.
Perhaps a really successful demolition can also surprise

Let's invite Mr. Gargantoon to a math lesson. He thus consists of 9 jokers more or less, in the example on the screen he now connects to 1,2,3,4,5 and six purple symbols.
Six + nine is fifteen and the purple symbol then pays 750 times the bet.

We leave our fantasy spin and jump back to the previous videos:

  • The gargantoon is on his way to the Three New Zealand automatons and I think he has a nice surprise with him.
  • 376 times the BET, and this in addition to a €10 bet. That's a crazy win if you ask me.
    Now he shows up at another local resident, but do you see the same thing I see?
  • The gargantoon is surrounded by purple symbols more or less, six pieces make it count as 15 in total just like in our example here half a minute ago, with that we can add a win of 750 times the bet to the current round. He continues to split and creates more wins, we let him work a little and jump to the result, €3972 total on a €5 bet, that's about 800 times the bet total, a fantastic win!

Ratings of Reactoonz from PlaynGo

Ratings of Reactoonz from PlaynGo
So how well does this game perform in terms of its potential?

I think we can all agree that Reactoonz has good potential. With possible 750X winnings involved in chain reactions of various Joker effects and the like,
can I imagine total gains of at best upwards of 2000x, but hardly much more than that

That's enough anyway to give Reactoonz a seventh in potential!

What about Innovation?

This is not a unique game, but we have already reviewed some similar ones from the same game provider. But given that this is
one of the newest and actually adds a lot of new in its field, we can still squeeze out a seventh for innovation

What about the entertainment level?

We've already gotten a taste of what atmosphere and excitement this game can create, right now I feel like this is one of the most fun games to play and a ninth in the rating is clearly well deserved. entertainment, nine, and with two strong sevens and a solid nine, the overall score will be eight out of ten. Play n Go delivers another successful game and I round off another slot review. Learn more about this game or try playing it for free at . I wish you all the best and hope to see you in the next video as usual!

Reactoonz slot wild symbol


There are eight reactoonz trying to pair up on the screen. Four of them are high win symbols and you can recognize them by the fact that they have two eyes! The other four have only one eye and they are low-win symbols. The difference in payout is huge. You can't count on any big win with the low win icons no matter how many they are.

The symbol that stands out from the crowd is the pink figure with horns. A full hit with this rascal (i.e. 15+ symbols) gives you 750 times the BET in winnings.


It cannot be said that Play'N GO has skimped on the bonus features of Reactoonz. It is literally made of them, and they are very different from each other. We should also say that the concept is ingeniously constructed in the sense that the functions often follow one another. If you get into a ”shoal”, the functions can be lined up under lots of ”avalanches”.


In gridslots, winning combinations automatically create wilds. That's not the case in Reactoonz. Here you can instead get up to eight jokers in the form of plasma balls on the screen completely randomly in spins that do not bring a win. The feature goes by the name ”instability” and it is the game's gargantoon that activates it.

However, there is also another way to activate jokers. If you take a closer look at the screen in each new spin, you will see that each occurrence of a certain low win symbol is surrounded by an energy field. Should any of the symbols be included in a win, it activates two wilds. The feature may seem modest, but it's often central to enabling you to activate the game's more influential special features.


In the starting position, all symbols are exactly one position large. However, if four identical icons land next to each other in a square, they turn into one giantoon . This is not just for show. If your giantoon is part of a winning combination, the win is doubled.

Reactoonz slot with instructions for free

Quantum leap

Quantum jump is the collective name for four different features that you can activate by matching larger amounts of winning symbols. Each time you use the Avalanche feature (and any other special features) to collect a total of 25 winning symbols, you will load a quantum feature. When you do not get more wins on the screen, it is activated. If you have several pieces of quantum functions, they are ”queued”.

  • Implosion = 3-6 symbols become wilds
  • Cutting = creates a joker in the center of the screen and gives two diagonals with a random symbol
  • Alteration = transforms a particular low win symbol into a random high win symbol
  • Demolition = demolishes all low win symbols .

It is the latter that is normally the function that gives the best results.

Gargantoon Wilds

If you succeed in the feat of collecting a total of five quantum leaps, the sleeping Gargantoon in the lower right corner will come to life, this with a vengeance. He activates a wild feature that gives guaranteed winnings.

The first thing that happens is that he positions himself as a 3 x 3 wild in the middle of the screen. When all the wins are added up (including The Avalanches), he splits into two 2 x 2 wilds. Last but not least, he appears as wild in nine different locations.


Reactoonz almost immediately sailed up to the top 3 or top 5 (depending on the site) among the most popular castles at launch in October 2017. It's not like the popularity has faded. Reactoonz is a slot that attracts many thousands of players every day. We see it as natural. Most players like fast-paced slots with unique themes. Most people also enjoy having a variety of features to take advantage of. Then it doesn't hurt if the profits can be really big. Reactoonz offers all this, and more.

As I said, there are also a number of other gridslots in Play'n GO's selection. If you like Reactoonz, but would also like to try some other themes, you can try for example Viking Runecraft, Gemix and/or Cloud Quest.

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