Himalayas: Roof of the World

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Last updated: 12/04/2021
Accompany the Tibetan monks to the famous mountain peaks and see what profits they can bestow on you. The game manufacturer Barcrest, which is behind the slot, has a solid range of games where the majority are classic fruit machines , so Himalayas differ in design as well as graphics and symbolism. The word Himalaya is sanskrit and has the meaning of snow dwelling: Hima means snow and Alaya is dwelling and in case you haven't guessed it yet, it is the famous mountains that take center stage in this game. In Himalayas-Roof of the world you find yourself in the snow-covered parts of the mountain range and as soon as you enter the playing field you are greeted by five reels with ten rows. 100 paylines are active while the wheel is rolling, which means that the symbols can end up in the same number of positions and thus generate a variety of wins.
18 + - play responsibly - minimum deposit$ 100-no wagering requirements on free spins. Spins are valid for 60 days.
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+18, play responsibly. Minimum deposit 100$ - free spins gilitga in Book of Dead - 0x wagering requirements.

About Himalayas

The mountain range that often attracts Mountaineers the world over, is a challenge for even the most skilled climbers and the game maker has really tried to convey this sense of adventure and challenge. Himalayas boasts well-made animations where you see, among other things, mountain peaks, avalanches, fluffy clouds and blocks of ice. The game involves stacking the highest paying symbols, which are the tent, climbing equipment, snow leopard and Eagle-woman/man over 5 reels. At any time, an avalanche can rage, which results in, among other things, bonus symbols with advantageous free spins. These free spins in turn help to expand the wild symbols that cover the reels. There is also a compass that has the ability to re-activate extra free spins. Using the "Big bet button" to try to get a few more extras can be a good idea as it can generate bonus games, high paying symbols and other useful bonuses.

Bets and paylines

The payback percentage for Himalayas varies, in the base game the RTP is 96% but if you use the aforementioned Big Bet feature, you will instead get an RTP of 97.75%. The Big bet feature thus gives you the opportunity for bigger payouts, as well as more and better bonuses. You can activate this function yourself via the control panel, where you will also find the menu for Game rules, the exact value of the symbols and the free spins functions. It is also possible to reactivate free spins that increase each time a compass symbol lands on the Fifth Reel in the Himalayas. Each compass symbol that is visible at the end of your free spins round increases the winning segment by one fifth and if you manage to fill the compass before the free spins round ends, the bonus is reactivated! If you fill the entire Compass, four new tracks will open containing completely new and randomly selected free spins.

Himalayas-Roof of the world offers 100 paylines, a random snow slide bonus, bonus symbols with a chance of 20 free spins (with a compass that increases the chances of it being reactivated), as well as a big freeze symbol that can generate more wilds. If you are willing to spend a lot, you also have more opportunities to win big. For example, there is a wild symbol that can substitute for all other symbols except the bonus symbol in a winning combination. In addition to that, the big freeze symbol, if fully or partially visible, can expand and fill the reel completely with wild symbols. When an avalanche is triggered and comes crashing down over the reels, it leaves up to as many as 50 wilds behind. You can also get extra spins – if three or more scatters land on the reels, the free spin feature is triggered. Number of spins depends on how many scatters landed on the reels.

Our Rating

Game information
Games 2018
Max profit 250 000 coins
Reels / paylines 5 / 100
Theoretical payback-RTP 97.7
Coin value 0.01 - 50$
Total effort 1 - 5 000$
Volatility Funds
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free Spins, Multiplier


The base symbols appear from left to right and can provide cash rewards or various bonuses. Himalaya-Roof of the world's basic symbols are the card deck symbols hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, all of which belong to the lowest value symbols. This is followed by the tent and climbing equipment, the snow leopard and the Eagle belonging to the highest valued symbols. The highest value tiles are a monk and a beautiful woman who can land on the playing field in so-called stacked versions. There is also a special wild symbol that can replace all other symbols and thus help to create winning combinations, this is easy to spot as it says ”wild” in letters of ice. On top of that there is a bonus symbol that consists of a bunch of walkers crossing a bridge, via this symbol you can win 8, 12 or 20 free spins!

In addition, in the game you have at your disposal two compasses that, when they become visible in the reels, can give re-spins. On a winning free spins round, a treasure map can be opened and this is a kind of bonus game. Here you will see different paths you can choose to take. The roads each hide a number of free spins, and you click on the desired point on the map for it to show how many free spins you have won. When you land a win, the win amount is based on the value of the symbols as well as your own bet. Additional chances of winning are available if you keep the big bet feature (BB) active or land a big freeze symbol. As mentioned earlier, this symbol, which only appears during a free spins round, can fill all reels on the playing field with wild symbols and increase your chances of winning significantly!

Bonus chances

There are two major bonuses in the Himalayas, the first being the Snow slide: a slightly mysterious bonus that can be triggered spontaneously during each spin. Once triggered, an avalanche will fall over the playing field, bringing with it up to 50 wild symbols. The second bonus is a free spins bonus that is activated when three or more bonus symbols are visible at the end of a spin. 3 symbols give 8 free spins, 4 symbols give 12 free spins and 5 symbols give as many as 20 free spins. During these free spins, there is also the opportunity for the Snow slide bonus to appear. In the free spins bonus, one of the reels is always covered with wild symbols, which significantly increases the player's chances of winning; it simply becomes much easier to land a winning combination.

Another bonus feature that is available in this win-packed video slot is the Big Bet feature and you will be rewarded with this if you bet high and high. The game offers different betting options: 20, 30 or 50 British pounds. Each of the options has a different effect on the game: if you bet 20 pounds, for example, you only need 2 bonus symbols to trigger the free spins bonus. It can in turn give 8, 12, 20 or 50 Free spins. If you bet 30 pounds, the conditions are basically the same as for 20 pounds, the difference is that the smaller paying card symbols are removed from the reels. If you bet 50 pounds, you get the same benefits as for 30, but you play with fixed odds and higher RTP, that is, a higher theoretical payback.


In Himalayas-Roof of the world you find yourself in a cozy snow-covered village, high up in the most inaccessible peaks of the Himalayan mountain range. Here the houses are lined up, with red roof tiles and beautiful window frames, while the mountain range towers up against the dark blue sky. The game manufacturer Barcrest has done a really good job with design as well as animations and winning opportunities. Himalayas is a well-made and visually appealing game that features both lovely graphics and significant payouts, which the player obtains through a combination of a variety of free spins and wilds. Game and bonus features work well together with the sense of adventure and challenge. This makes the game both exciting and fun to play. With fantastic extra bonuses for larger bets, you also get a taste and want to bet more, but it is also important to keep an eye on your finances.

In conclusion, it is only to be noted that Himalayas is yet another nice addition to the game manufacturer Barcrest portfolio. The video slot is exciting, challenging and fun to play, thanks in large part to the lovely theme that is inspired by the world's largest mountain range and thus has every opportunity to give the player a genuine sense of adventure and excitement. All the different bonus features as well as the high winning opportunities also make the game engaging, as it offers great winning potential. Especially for high stakes players. It can also be considered the only minus of the game; you need a relatively large ”bankroll” to access all bonuses and conditions. The base game offers an RTP of 94 – 96 %, and in the Big Bet feature you are offered an RTP of 97.75 %. Despite this, it is well worth making a visit to this beautiful village, somewhere in the Himalayan mountain massif.