GiG Games Roulette review

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 25/03/2022
Please note that this game no longer exists. To try out another free roulette game, you can click here .

GiG Games version of roulette is an RNG variant without real dealers. The game is thus controlled entirely by a random number generator and as a player you are alone with the computer-controlled croupier around the table. This type of game has lost a bit in status with the entry for online casino games , but there is still a wide interest in it. That interest is definitely met with this new game.

GiG Roulette was launched in 2019 along with a new, innovative version of blackjack . These two games complement the innovative range of video slots that GiG Games is continuously expanding with new titles.

About Roulette from GiG

The GiG Games version of roulette has most of the classic attributes. The game is in the form of European roulette and it is played with only one zero. However, there is no” racetrack " to use for placing special bets, such as in French roulette. You also can't play with special rules like En prison or La partage.

The game screen is created in the highest resolution and looks really nice on all devices. The betting area itself is located at the bottom of the screen while the wheel is centrally located above. On the left and right of the wheel, data about the game rounds such as recent results, ”hot and cold numbers” and more are presented. The graphics have an elegant touch with a nice mix of the classic colors green, red and black as well as gold and silver.

Of course, GiG Games roulette game is fully adapted for games on mobiles and tablets. In fact, it is even optimized for iOS and Android. The programming in HTML allows the game to open quickly and automatically adapts to the screen size. The fact that the game works best in landscape mode is obvious, but it is also possible to play in portrait mode.

The game is available in a version that can be tried on for free with pretend credits. With this version you can test the game feeling and/or just try out what it is like to play roulette online. Sites that offer the game include Highroller, Kaboo and Rizk.

Place your bets

Roulette from GiG Games is a game played with between 10-5000$ in bets (1-500 euros). The chips are six pieces and they have the following values:

  • Green:$10
  • Pink:$50
  • Orange: $ 100
  • Blue:$500
  • Red:$1000
  • Black:$5000

To place a bet, first click on the chip that symbolizes the bet you want to place. Then click on the field you want to play on. Of course, you can combine chips. For example, if you want to bet$ 70, lay out one pink chip and two green chips. If you play on your mobile, you naturally” dab " instead of clicking.

The maximum bet of$ 5,000 can only be placed on the red/black, high/low and odd/even bet options, respectively. It is a rule that applies to all roulette games. If you specify an unauthorized bet for a particular game option, you will be notified about it directly on the screen.

Just like in regular European roulette, in the GiG Games variant you have both inside and outside games. The latter are red/black, odd/even, high/low, dozen bets and bets on ranges of twelve (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36). The inside games are individual numbers and the combinations with which you can choose up to six numbers with the placement of a single chip.

Once you are satisfied with the choices you have made, the next step is to click on the play button. What happens then is that a virtual ball starts to rotate counterclockwise in the virtual wheel. At this stage, just keep your fingers crossed because the ball lands on a field that will give you a win.

If you win, your balance will increase with the actual win as well as your stake (you will get it back). If you lose, you can either play the same option again or choose something completely different. In the GiG variant there is a smart function for automatic replays and you can also save your favorite options.

Winnings & RTP

With 36 numbers and a zero, the payout for individual games will be 35 to 1. In case of winning bets on even money options (for example red/black) you win double the bet. In the game, you can see what the payout will be for different winning options.

The payback for Roulette from GiG Games is 97,30%. This figure is always the same at stake with a zero. The payback over time is simply based on the fact that the zero represents the house advantage.

Play GiG Roulette for free

Roulette is basically a very simple game. A few clicks is all it takes to place a bet and Chance decides everything. Moreover, the payback over time is always the same. However, the game's many betting options still mean that it can be perceived as a bit complicated. If you feel like it, we think you should try GiG Roulette with play money so you get to know the game. The clean design of this particular game is also perfect because the distractions are non-existent.

Also try GiG Blackjack

In connection with the launch of the roulette game, GiG also launched its own blackjack variant. This game has the same clean and simple design as the roulette game. It is suitable for both experienced players and those beginners who want to start their acquaintance with the game. You can find it at all online casinos with games from GiG Games.


The classic game in a stylish and simple design where the game feeling is in absolute focus – this is how GiG Games version of roulette can be summarized. You get all the excitement of the popular game while keeping the game environment distraction-free. Among classic table games without live dealers, this variant is undeniably a safe, fast and stable choice.