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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 22/09/2020
Elemental is a new slot that was launched in 2018 by the game manufacturer Leander Games . They are currently relatively unknown in Europe, which they want to change through their slot machines. One of their most famous slots at the moment is Megadeath which you can find at many European casinos. Leander Games was founded in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were in their early years an aide to the gaming giant Microgaming but has recently broken out and today stands on its own two feet. In addition to slot machines, they have also managed to manufacture their own platform and can offer a complete solution to today's casinos. Whether they manage to break through seriously in Europe remains to be seen, but they are at least making a good attempt with the Elemental slot.

About Elemental

Elemental is just as the name reveals about the natural elements which are fire, earth, water and air. The symbols that spin around on the reels all represent one of the elements. The slot is first and foremost adapted to mobile or tablet and works regardless of which operating system you use. Elemental is easy to play as you do not need to install any programs or apps to start the game. You just log in to the casino you want to play at and then open the slot in your browser. Leander Games has also released a free version of the game with the same features as if you are playing for your real money. You can then test the slot and see all the bonus features in peace and quiet without worrying about your game balance running out.

Bets and paylines

Leander Games runs on the same concept as most other game manufacturers and has Here launched a slot that has five reels and three rows. The slot has 20 fixed paylines which cannot be changed no matter what bet you choose to play with. Wins are always counted from left to right and you must have at least three identical symbols in a Payline. What is special about Elemental is that it can create as many as 60 different combinations based on three symbols. The maximum profit is $ 1,500 which is equivalent to about$140,000 New Zealand onor. The RTP of the slot is 96.05 % which is what most of today's slot machines ends up around. RTP stands for Theoretical payout and means that you generally get$96.05 onor back for every hundredapp played.

To set your desired bet in Elemental, use the plus and minus buttons located to the right of the playing field itself. The minimum you can play per spin is$2 onor and the maximum is$1,000 Onor. Whether you want to play with smaller amounts or bet high, it's easy to find a level that fits your budget. You can change your bet level as often as you like during the game. Pay attention to setting this before you start playing so that you don't bet more than you intended. When you start the game, it is normally set to 10 dollar per spin. To the left of the game you will find an auto function where you can set the slot to spin 5-100 times automatically.

Our Rating

Game information
Games 2018
Max profit 250 coins
Reels / paylines 5 / 20
Theoretical payback-RTP 96
Coin value 0.10 - 50
Total effort 2 - 1 000
Volatility Funds
Free spins Yes
Bonus features


Elemental is basically a simple slot but offers nice visual effects and elaborate graphics that will make you want to play for hours. Those players who enjoy a bit simpler games will appreciate what Leander Games has done with the beautiful background depicting an enchanting forest. The game becomes even more relaxing thanks to the moths flying around in the background. The classic card symbols that complement the elements are all printed on round and smooth stones that perfectly match the forest theme. When you win, the symbols sparkle and there is a mystery and magic all over the slot. While playing, you will listen to soothing and pleasant sound effects and music that make this a complete gaming experience. You can also play without sound if you prefer.

In Elemental there are a total of 8 symbols that are divided into four premium symbols and four lower valued symbols. If you play with it maximum bet of $ 1,000 onor will the Jack and Lady give a payout of$100 onor if you get three pieces in a row. This is then followed by the king and ace both giving$200 onor at three symbols. Among the premium symbols, it is the blue ring that represents water that pays the lowest and gives$400 onor. This is then followed by Earth and air which respectively give 500 and 600 dollar. The most coveted symbol is the red ring that represents fire and it gives a payout of a whopping$1,000 onor and three lands on the playing field. The goal is to fill the playing field with these symbols.

Bonus features

Elemental is a slot filled with various bonus features and when triggered they help to give you increased wins and better combinations. Although there are no scatter symbols or free spins, there are other symbols that you should keep a little extra eye on. One of these is the game's wild symbol that you recognize in the form of a big sun. This has the ability to replace all other symbols on the playing field and give you the best possible winning combination. The sun can appear anywhere and anytime on the reels. However, it is quite rare and you may have to play for a long time before it is activated. You will notice when it appears as it expands and shows up all over the wheel it lands on. It also begins to sparkle and flash on the wheel.

Although there are no free spins in Elemental, you can still win re-spins with the help of the sun. Each time it expands on a reel, it will stay and reward you with a re-spin. In total, you can win up to 4 re-spins at the same time. Here, Elemental has many similarities to the classic slot Starburst whose wild feature works in the same way. This means that you can fill the entire playing field with wild symbols which would give the maximum payout. Another bonus feature that Elemental has is that it always gives a win when three identical symbols land on adjacent reels. Thus, the Payline does not have to start on line one and continue, but can just as easily end up on line three and continue to line five. The only$avet is that the payline goes from left to right.


Leander Games is a very untested game manufacturer here in New Zealand and in the rest of Europe, even though they have been active in the market since 2008. With Elemental, they have launched a very straightforward slot that, despite the lack of bonus features, offers a pleasant and relaxing gaming experience. The pace of the slot is slow, both when it comes to the background music and the speed of the reels spinning. This is primarily a slot that suits those players who prefer a slightly slower pace and who want to enjoy the great graphics. Elemental has no scatter symbols or bonus games which can be seen as a bit negative by many players. We therefore recommend this slot to those who prefer games without too much features and interrupting moments and like to win the big wins in the base game.

Although Leander Games is not one of the most famous manufacturers, you have the opportunity to find Elemental at several of our major New Zealand casinos such as NordicBet and Videoslots. If you have a casino bonus or welcome bonus, you can wager this on Elemental, among others. The highlight of the slot is the expanding wild symbol, which can also give you up to four re-spins. We also like that a Payline does not have to start on the first reel, but can start anywhere on the playing field. Because the slot is so simple, it is suitable for beginners who do not have much experience with casino. It's easy to understand how it works and you can bet as little as$2 onor per spin.