Dragon Power Reels

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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 12/12/2022

Dragon's Luck Power Reels is the biggest slot you can find with its ten reels. The game can also provide really big wins, actually up to 3888x the bet, per spin. Read More About Red Tiger gaming's games in our review. Don't miss the chance to play for free!

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Dragon's Luck Power Reels

Dragon's Luck power Reels from Red Tiger is an up-and-coming version of the game developer's classic Dragon's Luck. The upgrade consists in the fact that the Power Reels have double the number of reels and double the number of rows. So you get, on paper at least, twice as much fun when you choose this game on online casino games .

Red Tiger Games have a penchant for ancient China and ancient Japan . It is a genre that has really been bribed with a variety of slots with dragons, koi fish, Chinese/Japanese characters and more in focus. Dragon's Luck power Reels (and the original) have a classic theme for the genre. The game screen is framed by columns and sloping ceilings clearly inspired by the classic picture. On the reels you will find koi Fish, Dragons, gold coins and more.

The game screen is very wide. It is of course a must if you are to be able to squeeze in a full ten wheels. However, Red Tiger has managed to make the game look quite airy anyway. It's not like the symbols are crowded with each other.

The game pace is high and the reels stop almost immediately after you click the spin button. It also has to do with the size of the game. Each spin would take a long time if the ten reels were to spin more separately.

To claim a win on the game, you must get at least three identical symbols in succession anywhere on any of the 30 paylines. You don't have to hit three or more in succession from the leftmost wheel. This allows you to have the opportunity to meet clusters of symbols of the same kind which gives hits on several paylines at the same time. It may take a while before you understand how this wheel feature works. We can therefore recommend that you play a few free trial with Play Money in our demo version before you wager real money or make your way to a casino with free spins without Deposit to be able to find an advantageous start in this game for those who have the desire to test on.

Stakes and winnings

Dragon's Luck has ten reels that are all six positions high. This means that you always have a full 60 symbols on the screen. The paylines are 30 in number.

When placing your bet, you don't have to worry about either the number of paylines or the coin value. Instead, you play with fixed stakes p between $ 1 and$1,000 . Autoplay is available as an option and you can play turbo spins by holding down the space bar.

The winning scheme is a bit special. The different numbers of the different symbols show multipliers for your bet per line. For example, if you win on a line with three 138 symbols, you win even money. In the paytable, the win for that outcome is stated at 30x and it should be multiplied by your bet per line of the total 30 lines.

The most you can win on a line is 3888x the line bet, i.e. 130x the total bet. Thus, if you get full screen with 138 symbols, the win will be 3888x inserts . It's a win of the larger kind!

Slots with high max wins typically have a higher volatility / risk. This also applies to Dragon's Luck power Reels. Here you are playing with a volatility that is somewhere around$ing 8 on a scale between 1-10. Dragon's Luck power Reels RTP is 96.10%.

Our Rating
Game information
Games 2018
Max profit 3888x inserts
Reels / paylines 10/30 (Both Ways)
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.1
Coin value Not current
Total effort 1 - 1000$
Volatility High
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Mystery symbols


The gallery of symbols in Dragon's Luck consists of a total of eleven symbols. Two are pure special symbols while the others are paying. The two special symbols represent coins.

In fact, there is not much difference between the icons that pay the best and those that pay the worst. As an example, the 138 symbol pays only slightly more than five times the payout of the 10 symbol. It is still possible to speak of high - win and low-win symbols.

The former include a gold coin with the text 138, a geisha-type doll, a koi fish and a water lily. The other symbols, which can thus be classified as low-win symbols, are A, K, Q, J and 10.

Dragon's Luck power Reels from Red Tiger.

Game features

Dragon's Luck has a slightly special set of special features and actually none of the classic bonuses (wilds) exist, freespins and bonus games) in the game. Instead, it's all about mystery symbols .

Dragon Coin

Dragon Coin is a symbol depicting a gold coin on which a dragon is minted. This symbol is a mystery symbol that can come both on individual positions and as stacked on the reels. When the symbol appears on the screen, it will display randomly selected symbols. All gold coins that appear in the same spin always show the same outcome.

There is really no limit to how many Dragon Coin can appear. There is certainly a theoretical possibility of getting full screen!

Mega Coins

Mega Coins is the name of a mega symbol in square format that gives you guaranteed winnings. The symbol, which in short is an overgrown Dragon Coin, appears in the format 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 or 10×6 symbols. Note that there is no guarantee that the mega symbols will appear in full. However, you always get at least three positions covered by the symbol.

The fact that you get at least three positions with the same symbol means that you always take home a win n is a mega symbol displayed . Of course, the more of it displayed, the greater the winnings

Good to know is that the mega symbols do not appear very often. During our approximately 2000 Test spins, a mega symbol landed on the reels for approximately every 20 spins. Only once did a mega symbol of the size 5×5 land in its entirety on the screen.


Dragon's Luck power Reels is a very well-made slot that has the potential to bring you very big wins. At the same time, the game has a risk level that allows you to wait a long time between wins. In short, be sure to gather a lot of patience before you start playing.

If you like slots with high potential, the game may be a favorite. However, if you want to play with wilds, free spins and maybe some bonus game when spinning slots, you may opt out of this title right away. Not all slot machines have free spins or bonus games, but it is really unusual with games completely without Wild features!