Blackjack Professional Series

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Last updated: 01/09/2020
Blackjack is one of our personal favorite games. Since you have found your way to this page, we dare to guess that you either also like blackjack or simply want to learn how to play. Below you will find a fully functional free version of blackjack that allows you to try the game without any risks. The key to success is to both test and read on – so feel free to combine the trial game with some theory from the casino School (link to this can be found below).
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Our Rating

Blackjack Professional Series is a blackjack variant from the game developer NetEnt. It is also one of the blackjack games we prefer online. Blackjack Professional Series offers a good theoretical payout as well as the opportunity to play with three hands at the same time, which makes the gameplay a little faster and more intense. In addition, it is a perfect variant to practice in, as it contains most of the possible bets you usually find in blackjack.

If you are already familiar with blackjack, just play the best you want. For those who want to get started with the game, we run with a brief summary of the game. For more in-depth information on blackjack strategy, check out the section on blackjack at casino school !

Objectives of the game

You often hear that the goal in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. This is true to some extent, but the actual goal is to win over the croupier . The closer to 21 you end up without going over, the better your chances of doing this. Remember that the croupier is your only opponent, so even if you're sitting at a blackjack table with other players, it's only the croupier you need to care about.

The course of the game

1. Start by choosing one bet per hand. Since this game is on pretend, it is just as good to$em at maximum bet on each hand. You make your bet by selecting a chip and clicking on the squares on the game table to place the chips.

2. The next step is to press ”Deal”. The croupier now deals two cards each to your hands, as well as two cards to his own hand. You only see one of the croupier's cards, the other is dark.

3. Look at your cards and figure out the value. In Blackjack Professional Series, the value is calculated for you, but it may be helpful to know that ACEs are worth 1 or 11 (depending on what is best at the moment), numbered cards have their natural value, and face cards have a value of 10.

4. Now it is up to you to decide what the next move will be. The two most basic options are to draw new card or stay. Always stay if you have 17 or higher. If you get 21 on your first two cards, you have received blackjack and win 1.5 times the bet (unless the croupier also has blackjack). For more detailed info on bets and strategies, follow the link above to our blackjack school.

5. Draw as many new cards as you want, until you decide to stay or if you go over 21. There are also other options, such as double and split (again, read more about these options in the casino school).