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Reviewed by: Emily Warren Linkedin
Last updated: 08/06/2022
Get ready for an action-packed adventure in the characters of scifi horror. Aliens from Netent we find an amazing game system, where you constantly fight against an invasion of Aliens while spinning the reels. With three different game levels and loads of bonus features, this is one of the most entertaining slots we've seen. Below you can play for free and find nice casino bonuses.

Our Rating

Aliens from NetEnt no longer exist. To find other slots from NetEnt you can visit our page about slot machines from NetEnt .

About the Aliens slot machine

In 1979, the now iconic film Alien was released, where for the first time we got to know Ellen Ripley and the sickly scary Xenomorphs – or ”Aliens” as they are often called after the title of the films. Since then, we have been able to revisit this fantastic science fiction story in a number of films of varying quality. Even in the slot form of Aliens has previously been relevant, but it is only in connection with this new NetEnt slot that we seriously get to dive into the nerve-wracking atmosphere of the first two films.

Basically, Aliens is a slot machine with five reels, three rows and 15 fixed paylines. Nothing revolutionary so far, but the strength of the game lies in the amazing bonus features that we'll go over below. You can choose from 10 different bet levels and a coin value between 10 cents and 10 dollar. The minimum bet per spin is a decent $ 1.50 onor, while the maximum bet is a whopping 1500 bucks. The maximum win is 570,000 coins, which means that the highest possible Win amount lands at a whopping$5.7 million onor.

Symbols and functions

Basically, this whole slot game is integrated with a big bonus game where you are supposed to find and attack the Alien Queen. In parallel with the reels spinning and bringing winnings as usual, you move through a game in the game where you step by step get closer to your goal, and the winnings grow the further you get. The game is divided into three different levels:

Level 1: The Search Here your goal is to scan the area for Aliens. Every time you win, a meter is replenished, and when the meter is filled, you have identified your goal and move on to the next step. The icons in the meter also act as multipliers, making your winnings bigger the further you go.

Level 2: The Encounter In this adrenaline-fueled moment, you come face to face with a plethora of aliens. You take on the role of a marine, and here it is survival that counts. The game screen now always contains three fixed symbols that significantly improve your chances of winning. You also keep the multipliers you collected during Level 1, so the winnings can shine away properly.

Level 3: The Hive If you manage to survive the waves of aliens in Level 2, you will get to the Queen's nest. In the process of spinning the reels, you attack the nest with ammunition and grenades. The better it goes for you, the more damage you inflict on ”The Hive”. A random multiplier will help you on the trot and increase your wins as well as your attack power. Winning this level is no easy task, but incredibly exciting and entertaining! There is also a wild symbol that helps you through all the levels of the game by replacing other symbols and improving your chances of winning.


Alien's strength lies in the fantastic bonus game that is fully integrated into the regular gameplay. Most of the time you spend at Level 1, but from time to time you climb further and get the chance for even more powerful wins. Aliens is a terribly stylish and well-made slot machine with excellent profit opportunities.