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Last updated: 13/12/2021

When you say the word” scratch card", many New Zealanders immediately think of Triss. This is the best-selling lottery ticket in New Zealand today, and since 1986 has been a standing feature of New Zealand Games its range. There are probably many of us who have treated ourselves to a three-piece after a hard day at work or given away a few lottery tickets to a cousin you don't know too well.

A regular pulley slot costs $ 25 onor and is covered by nine clovers with their sum each underneath. By scraping off the thin layer of foil you uncover the sums one by one, and to win$you get three identical numbers. Under the main field itself there is another box that can multiply the win by 1, 2 or 10. Triss currently has a turnover of just over 3 billion annually. The average win on triss is$50 onor, and on average, a little over every fifth ticket brings a win.

Triss has been available online for a while now for those who prefer to play online. In this article, however, we will focus on some options that give you as a player fairer conditions, better dividends and more high winnings.


Alternatives to Triss online

As I said, Triss gives a win of about every fifth lottery ticket. Then it may be interesting to know that many scratch cards online bring profit on more than every third ticket purchased! In Triss, about 49 percent of the revenue goes back to the players, while many online scratch cards are at over 90%. Exactly what the payout to the players looks like varies of course between different games, but on your netcasino you can find paytables that allow you to see how common different wins are. Here we go through some good and fun alternatives to Triss.

3 Wow
This game is very similar to three of a kind and has a similar and simple design with nine different squares as well as a multiplier. Just like in Triss, you can win millions of dollars here. Here is a top win that gives you$55,000 a month for a full 15 years. And keep in mind that you don't have to sit on any TV couch to be able to get this profit!

Anyone who has ever played Triss will probably immediately feel familiar in Tribble. The highest win is$100,000 onor, which in itself is not very high. However, there are lots of nice prize levels and in total one million lottery tickets bring closer to nine million dollar in winnings!

Lucky Double
In this scratch card, the highest win of$1,000,000 is onor. However, this is not the most impressive. On one million tickets there is as much as 17 million to take home! These are numbers that Triss from New Zealand Games will never come close to. Although the maximum win is not as high, you should keep in mind that the percentage of Million wins in Triss is small in comparison. Otherwise, the game is very similar to Triss, with the difference that each ticket gives you two separate fields to scratch and thus more chances of winning. This is one of many scratch cards from the game manufacturer Netent .


Scratch cards online

As online casinos and bingo halls have exploded in popularity, scratch cards have also appeared in digital editions. Today, a variety of variants are available, each with its own special features and functions. Although the digital lottery tickets do not offer the same physical feel, they have many other advantages compared to the scratch cards you buy in stores. Therefore, they have become a very popular addition to the classic small paper lots.

Online scratch cards work by a random number generator producing random sums. By using the mouse pointer, you "scratch" the ticket and thus get the amounts that are hidden underneath. There is also often an automatic scratch function for those who would rather see it go away.

The feeling just before you start scratching out the small numbers is unbeatable, and you fantasize wildly about what you could do if you got that top win. Many times you have to settle for a small penny, or if you are unlucky nothing at all, but the magic of$ing scratch cards persists anyway. Here we go through what you should know about online scratch cards.

Advantages of online scratch cards

Today, there are many reasons to look into scratch cards online as an alternative to, for example, three-card slots, tianlotter and others. Here we present some of these reasons and benefits.

Better winning chances
Compared to the physical lottery tickets, online scratch cards offer clearly better dividends to you as a player. In fact, the payoff is almost twice as high compared to a regular pulley slot. This means more and bigger profits as well as more pleasure for you.

Better price
Although there are both cheap and expensive scratch cards online, you can usually expect to get more for your money. Scratch cards you buy online are simply cheaper than equivalent lottery tickets in stores.

Scratch card bonus
Most online casinos that have scratch cards in their range also offer special scratch card bonuses for both new and already established customers. New customers can look forward to a so-called Welcome Bonus where the first deposit is matched with a certain percentage from the online casino, up to a specified amount. For already established customers, there are time-limited so-called reload bonuses, which work much like the welcome bonus. Keep up to date on your online casino's offers by opting in to email newsletters or by visiting the website frequently. Keep in mind that bonuses always involve a wagering requirements which means that you have to play for the money a certain number of times before you can make a withdrawal.

Increased accessibility
Playing scratch cards has never been so easy as it is today. For those who, for example, live in the countryside or get hungry for a scratch card when the local kiosk has closed, there is now always the opportunity to satisfy the craving for a moment of exciting scratch.

Play for free

Nowadays, you have the opportunity to try out several versions of scratch cards online completely free of charge, as many online casinos offer full-fledged demo versions. Although it is usually obvious how scratch cards work, it may be of interest to investigate how the different lottery tickets differ and which one suits you best. Of course, since you're not betting any money, you won't be able to win anything, but as soon as you feel ready to take the plunge into playing for real money, that option is just a few clicks away.

How to play

Scratch cards are one of the easiest money games you can find online, so it's incredibly quick to grasp the rules. If you've tried playing a physical scratch card, you don't really need much more information to get started and scratch online. However, for those who have not tried scratch cards or feel a little insecure, a short walkthrough may be in order. As in the case of the paper variant, you must of course first buy a ticket. The price of the tickets varies, but as a rule they cost less than the tickets you find in kiosks and shops. Further, you need to scrape off the digital ”foil” to uncover the hidden numbers. The goal is usually to scratch out three identical number symbols, although some variations on this theme exist. As a rule, your winnings correspond to the number that appears three times on the lottery ticket.

Brief background about scratch cards

The paper version of scratch cards has been around since the 1970s, and these today use a thin layer of latex that hides the amounts on the ticket. The most common variants of$are that the player scrapes three identical numbers to win. Some lottery tickets also have an additional box that can, for example, multiply the winnings or add some kind of bonus. The fact that Scratch Cards are so popular is probably due to the fact that they are simple, relatively cheap and can bring quite substantial winnings. Today there are also more advanced variants that take inspiration from other games such as black jack or poker . The transition to the network was also a great success, not least because of the availability, more reasonable prices and greater potential profits. In addition, the game is extremely user-friendly, as the rules are neither complicated nor difficult to understand.

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Christopher Edkins
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
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