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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 02/09/2022
Greentube has delivered another well-designed slot that has a very interesting theme and is guaranteed to entertain the player for a very long time. Greentube has the giant company Novomatic as a parent organization today has in its range several prominent games that are very popular and appreciated by the public. Greentube was founded in 1998 and has Thomas Graf as CEO who contributes to the company constantly striving forward and keeping up with the competitive market.

As Greentube has grown into the huge company they are today, they also have several subsidiaries in the gaming industry. These include BlueBat Games Inc and Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd.

About Rumpel Wildspins

If you look at Rumpel Wildspins, this is a game that is also considered one of Greenstub's bestsellers and launched in 2014. Despite the fact that it was a few years since the game was launched, it is still widely used on most online casinos .

The game contains an exciting combination of magic, fantasy and additional features such as bonus rounds that give the player the opportunity to multiply their winnings. In this review you can get a better understanding of what the game has to offer and then choose whether to start with their free version or play with real money. This game from Greentube leaves no one disappointed.

Betting options in Rumpel Wildspins

If you are looking for a slot that offers the possibility to play with smaller amounts, Rumpel Wildspins is a perfect choice. In combination with an interesting theme, you also have the opportunity to bet smaller amounts of only 0.2 coins per Payline, which is perfect if you want to test the game and get a better understanding of the structure of the game and winning chances.

Playing with a smaller stake also means that you can have a longer gaming experience where you slowly but surely build up your understanding but also have fun along the way. But the game does not disappoint as it also gives the user the chance to bet larger amounts in order to be able to spin the really big winnings. If you are really lucky, you may also be able to spin the game's big jackpot.

Our Rating
Game information
Games 2014
Max profit 25,000 coins
Reels / paylines 5 / 20
Theoretical payback-RTP 95.1
Coin value 0.20 - 50
Total effort 4 - 1 000$
Volatility Funds
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Free spins, scatter symbols, Wild symbols, multipliers

Different symbols of the game

Rumpel Wildspins is made up of 5 different reels and 3 rows. On all reels and rows you can then spin a lot of different symbols. In addition, the game also has wild symbols and other motifs that are relevant to the theme of the game. The game has a background that consists of a darkened sky with stars and clouds that is both inviting and a bit mysterious, which fits well with the fantasy theme that the game is based on.

Before you spin, you can decide for yourself how much bet you want to place and how many paylines you want to use. The more paylines, the bigger the bet. Which symbols you then spin determines how big a win you are awarded in the current round.

10, A, J, K, Q symbols

As in most slot games, Rumpel Wildspins are also made up of symbols that include 10, a, J, K and Q. These symbols are also considered the most common and therefore do not give the player the chance of any record wins. But if they are combined correctly in the reels, you can win as much as 10 times the bet.

Crowns and precious stones

The symbols that are second least paying but still fulfill their function in the game are the two symbols that represent a diamond ring and a$ona in gold. These two symbols are very inviting and beautiful and, when combined correctly, bring wins in the middle win range. However, in combination with wild or scatter symbols, they can give the player significantly more coins.

Wild symbols

This symbol has a craft as a motif and if you spin these symbols you have the chance for the slightly higher winnings. If you Spin 5 wild symbols on the same round, you win 2000 coins. The Wild symbol also substitutes for all symbols in the game except the Scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols

However, the most profitable symbol in the game is the scatter symbol, which has a green frog motif. If you spin three frogs on the same round, 15 free games are awarded. If you also increase the number of frogs to 5, you win 20,000 coins, which is the game's highest win if you don't count the jackpot.

So if you want to win really nice and big wins, you should keep your eyes open for the charming little frog that appears looking like tight during the game.

Rumpel Wildspins slot machine

Bonus games in Rumpel Wildspins

But in addition to scatter, wild and the more traditional symbols, Greentube's game Rumpel Wildspins also offers an extra bonus game. In the event of a win, you will receive a request to start what is known as the Gamble round. No matter how big a win you are awarded, you have the opportunity to double your win or more with this exciting additional feature.

When you click on Gamble round, two cards appear on the screen. If you choose the right one, the profit is doubled. You can then continue to choose another card to double the win even more. In total, you can perform 5 rounds of the bonus game and then maximally expand their winnings by 5 times. However, if you choose the wrong card during the game, you lose all extra winnings and are only awarded the original prize. This means that you have to be strategic in the bonus game in order not to lose the multiplied winnings.

Maximum profit and volatility

With a medium volatility and an RTP of 95.1%, Rumpel Wildspins is a game to be reckoned with. The winnings that occur randomly and are determined by the game's generator means that all users have an equal chance of winning big. The winnings depend on the bet you have made, but you can be sure that the game is fairly constructed.

When playing, it is mainly the scatter symbols that are the most desirable. Because it is when you spin these that you can take home the bigger winnings. The game's jackpot win of 25,000 coins is in most cases spun home during one of the free spins that you are awarded if you have previously spun at least 3 scatter symbols. This combination gives the player 15 extra free spins to have the opportunity to take home the big jackpot.

Summary of the game Rumpel Wildspins

On the whole, the game Rumpel Wildspins from Greentube is very entertaining as in addition to the more classic features such as wild and scatter, it also has a bonus feature that allows you to multiply the chances of winning. Although the game has a very simple design, the reels are surrounded by a beautiful background that has been carefully selected to suit the game's fantasy theme. On the reels you can then spin an exciting mix of different symbols that include crafts and charming frogs.

But in addition to this, the game Rumpel Wildspins also has a higher RTP of 95.1% which means that a larger part of the amount goes back to the gambling customers. If you then choose to make a smaller bet in the game, it is quite possible and you can then enjoy a longer gaming experience with exciting elements. If you like classic slot games, it is definitely worth trying this game that was launched in 2014.

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