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Reviewed by: Christopher Edkins
Last updated: 15/12/2021
Joker Pro is the game that mixes classic elegance with innovative thinking and great music. When the game starts and you see the playing field on 5 reels and 3 rows, you immediately feel at home as most symbols on the playing field also belong in the most classic slot machines. It seems that NetEnt have done it yet again. I took an idea and simply improved it. The game is aimed at those who simply want to play without all the$imkrams while maintaining the excitement and gaming pleasure you experience when playing on newer games. The result was Joker pro.
18 + - play responsibly-minimum deposit$100. 30 x wagering requirements. For odds, the net profit (i.e. minus the stake) is wager-free. Minimum odds 1.6. The bonus is valid for 60 days.
Fast Payouts
18 + - play responsibly-Terms & Conditions apply - only one bonus per player and license. - Minimum deposit$ 100-35x in wagering requirements-valid for 30 days from the moment the bonus is activated.
18 + - play responsibly-Terms & Conditions apply - min. deposit$ 100-0x wagering requirements

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Our Rating
Game information
Games 2017
Max profit 200 000$
Reels / paylines 5 reels and 10 paylines
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.7
Coin value 10 cents-10$
Total effort 1 - 1 000$
Volatility Funds
Free spins No
Bonus features Sticky Wild Re-spins, Hot Spot Win

Joker Pro Game Features

As we wrote, care has been taken to maintain the excitement and fun of the game even though you have created a simple classic slot. It is through the features of the game that one has managed to achieve this. It is here, as the name of the game points out, that the Joker plays his absolute greatest role. First and foremost through Sticky Wild re-spins but above all it is the opportunity and luck to achieve a Hot Spot win. Below we take a closer look at both.

Sticky Wild Re-spins

Joker Pro-Joker Sticky Wild Re-spins is the feature that is activated after you land a joker on the second, third or fourth reel during a game round. What happens then is that a re-spin round starts where the first and fifth reels turn into 3 wild symbols on each and so the wild symbol, in the same place it landed during the game round, also turns into a wild symbol. Then the other symbols spin and it is here that you can get the really juicy winnings. If you get one more joker during your re-spin, you get one more re-spin. This continues until you do not get a joker, which then shows you the total winnings and goes back to normal mode. It is relatively often that you get a Sticky Wild Re-spin and that is the main reason why we already believe that Joker Pro will be a new big favorite.

Hot Spot Win

Joker Pro-Wild Hot Spot Win is what occurs when during a Sticky Wild Re-spins round you get a wild symbol in the middle of the second, third and fourth reels and is a bit of a jackpot in this game. What happens then is that you win 1,000 x your bet, which is the game's highest win.

Joker Pro Symbols

Most of the symbols in Joker Pro are symbols that you probably know from the most classic slot machines and also in some cases(like this) newer games. A certain combination of these symbols generates a certain Summa and we thought to go into just this so that you better know your winning opportunities and chances. We start in reverse order where we start with the symbol of the highest value and work our way down to the symbol that generates the least wins and finish with symbols that trigger certain features.

Joker Pro


Joker Pro-Diamond The diamond is the symbol that is worth the most and thus gives you the highest possible symbol win when you play Joker pro. Play your way up to a total of five and that's what ka-Ching says! It is no wonder that the Diamond has been around for so long in casino and casino games. One of the world's most precious jewels therefore becomes the obvious choice for the symbol with the highest value.


Joker Pro-Seven After the diamond, the seventh is the symbol that is worth the most. Many times we have heard the question of how it is that the seven is such a strong symbol in so many casino games. The number seven is a pretty special number. Besides the fact that it means luck in some cultures, the number seven has been significant even in religions or why not biology? 7 is the natural PH value.


Joker Pro Bar The Bar symbol has probably been around since the very first slot machine and has been around ever since. Joker Pro is therefore not the exception, but also includes the bar symbol in the game. The Bar symbol is the symbol that has the third highest value in the game and most often generated our bigger wins when we tested the game.


Joker Pro-Ring Bell The first slot machine ever created was called Liberty Bell. If you got three bells in the game, you generated the game's highest profit at the time, which was 50 US dollar cents. That was in 1895. For so long, the Bell has hung in the casino circles. In Joker Pro, the bell generates the fourth highest symbol win.

Horse shoe

Joker Pro-Horseshoe The Horseshoe was also featured in the world's first slot machine and has stuck with the casino world right up to today and to NetEnt's, at the time of writing, newest slot machine in 2017. The horseshoe is the symbol that generates the fifth highest symbol win in the game. Horseshoes have been the symbol of luck for quite some time now. In the old days, it was believed that iron, from which the horseshoe is made, drives out demons. The fact that the Horseshoe was attached with seven stitches on the hoof probably helped with the purchase, as the number 7 was already considered a lucky number.


Joker Pro-Four-Leaf Clover Four-leaf clover, as everyone knows, means Luck and this is also true in Joker pro. However, it is the symbol that is worth the least when you get a winning combination of it. When we played Test, this was the symbol that we usually got a winning combination out of.

Christopher Edkins
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
Edward or "Ogge" as he is also called can never get enough of freespins , nothing feels better than spinning for free. Favorite games are Book of dead , Reactoonz and ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways.