Archangels: Salvation

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Reviewed by: Christopher Edkins
Last updated: 13/12/2021
When it comes time for the game developer NetEnt to launch a new video slot, we all prick up our ears. Except when they release new games based on a previous casino game, they do not have two slots that are the same. Now we have tested the upcoming Archangels: Salvation which will impress many when it takes place in the offer of several online casinos in april 2018.
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Our Rating
Game information
Games 2018
Max profit 7500$
Reels / paylines 6 rows, 100 paylines
Theoretical payback-RTP 96
Coin value 10 cents to 5 $ onor
Total effort 4 to 2000$
Volatility high
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Yes

About The Slot Machine

Netent this time I have chosen a theme that most people can recognize, good versus evil in such clear contrasts as a devil and an angel. But the slot is more special than that and it is just as much the graphics that are in focus as the cool bonus features that are included in the game. Archangels shows that Netent is a game provider that takes off online slots to heights that perhaps no one had counted on. Not even the mechanics of the new slot machine are typical of previously released game titles.

Archangels: Salvation consists of a slightly larger playing field than a typical video slot. Here you have 6 spinning reels, 12 rows and 100 fixed paylines. Two bonus features out of the ordinary have been included, and of course there are favorite features such as freespins and wilds are also included in the game.

It has been divided into two parts that each belong to the angel and devil of the game. The entire game has been based on these two characters who have been given their own$after which affects the game's bonus rounds. In addition to the fact that they each have a Hot spot that generates extra Wilds, Netent has added a couple of enlarged bonus symbols.

Archangels: Salvation

2×2 Wilds

Just as Wilds usually work in video slots, it is a bonus symbol that replaces the other symbols in order to contribute to a better chance of a winning combination. But in NetEnt's new video slot, the Wild symbol has grown and takes up much more space. Instead of covering 1 position as a standard symbol does, this one takes up 4 positions by covering 2×2 on the reels. It is this treat that triggers action in both hot spots of the game and gives either The Devil or the angel their chance to act.


Included in the game's structure of lines are two so-called Hot spots. One is located at the top and consists of the 2 top rows of the game, and the other at the bottom of the playing field and consists of the 2 rows at the bottom. During the game's free spins round, both fields increase in size and consist of the 3 upper and 3 lower rows.

Archangels Hot Spots

The special thing about these Hotspots is that they each have a wild feature that is activated by a wild symbol of 2×2. The upper one belongs to the heaven function and the one at the bottom, the hell function. They are both triggered by The Big Wild symbol, and it is enough for a part of the symbol to land within a Hot Spot for the feature to be activated. However, if you manage to get the entire Big Wild symbol into a Hot spot, the bonus feature is activated 4 times-1 for each position it takes up on the playing field. Best of all, this feature can be triggered again if a Wild or stacked Wild should land in the same field again.

Angel Celestial functions

Here the angel to the left of the playing field takes over and helps. Should a 2×2 Wild land entirely in the top hotspot of the Game, 4 stacks of wild symbols are generated. However, if the symbol lands only partially in the field, 2 stacks of wild symbols are generated instead. The length of the joker bars ranges from 3-5 and they can cover Scatter symbols as well as wild symbols. However, they cannot land in their own Hotspot, i.e. not in the field at the top.

Hell functions

The devil to the right of the playing field works in a slightly different way. This feature is activated when the larger 2×2 Wild symbol lands in whole or in part in the lower Hot spot of the game. When this happens, individual wild symbols are thrown out of the field and land on random positions on the reels. These cannot replace either Wilds, Scatter symbols or in their own Hotspot. On the other hand, the more wild symbols are generated, either 8 or as many as 16 jokers depending on whether you get the entire 2×2 symbol in the lowest field of the game, or if it lands with half of the ”body” outside.

Scatters & Free Spins

Everyone's favorite free spins. A classic feature of video slots is the bonus round with free spins that are activated by a Scatter symbol. In NetEnt's Archangels: Salvation, it is a purple symbol marked with the letter S that generates free spins. But even here, NetEnt has twisted it. Also the Scatter symbol is slightly enlarged, and covers 2 positions on the reels instead of 1. This does not mean, as with the Wild symbol, that it can act as multiple symbols depending on how it lands. However, it has the advantage of still acting even if only half the symbol remains in view.

Should free spins and Wild features be activated at the same time, the Wild feature will start first. It is also no coincidence how many free spins you get. Depending on whether you Spin 3, 4, 5 or 6 Scatters, 10, 15, 20 and 25 free spins are activated . These start automatically with the same bet level and coin value as the game round that triggered the free spins.

The Scatter symbol is active even if it should be covered by stacked Wild symbols, and even if only half of the scatter appears, it acts as a whole symbol. However, Extra free spins cannot be triggered in the free spins round.

Scatter symbols


It is always exciting to try out new game titles, especially from Game Developers as skilled as Netent. There are still few game providers that come up in the same level when it comes to both sound and graphics, in addition to engaging bonus features. With Archangel: Salvation, they have taken it a step further by giving the slot a story with characters that increase your chances of winning. But also by expanding their new video slot with multiple Reels, multiple rows and many more paylines. It's a pretty unique slot at first glance, but it only gets bolder when you add enlarged Wilds and Scatter symbols. The theoretical payout in Archangels is at a slightly lower figure than what we usually see in NetEnt's launches. 96.08% is the RTP rate, which in theory means slightly bigger wins less often.

Christopher Edkins
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
The page is written by: Christopher Edkins, writer
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