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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 22/03/2021
Wheel of Fortune is basically a synonym for video slots. However, the concept was born as a television program that was broadcast for the first time back in 1975. In fact, the TV program is still highly topical and it rolls on with new live episodes every day.

Wheel of Fortune has been broadcast in over 60 local formats over the years, but today it is mainly through the many themed video slots that the Wheel of Fortune Concept is known to a global audience. There are a long line of slots (almost 200 actually!) which is based on the basic idea of a very lucrative wheel of fortune and the wheel of Fortune on Tour from IGT is perhaps the best known. It has amused many thousands of players since its launch in the summer of 2016 and will continue to be a classic in the future. Here is a free demo version of the game along with a fully loaded review.

Our Rating
Game information
Games 2016
Max profit 2500 times the stake
Reels / paylines 5 / 30
Theoretical payback-RTP 96.6
Coin value Not current
Total effort 5 - 100$
Volatility Media
Free spins Yes
Bonus features Wilds, freespins, bonus wheels, cash prizes

Wheel of Fortune on tour

I Wheel Of Fortune is it a trip in a motorhome across the vast American continent that is the focus. It remains only to stow all the gadgets, refuel fully and set off on the roads. The game boasts a huge amount of special features and of course the classic wheel of fortune is included on a corner. It is not simply to immediately understand all the different tidbits to bonuses such as IGT added to the game, but it probably won't be long before you have a pretty good track record.

Wheel Of Fortune on tour symbol Wheel of Fortune is a five-reel slot with three rows of icons. Three in a row gives a win and you can get help from Jokers for bigger winning chances. The basic idea of the game is that you should accumulate gasoline and Miles. The more bonus symbols that land on the screen, the more chances you get to activate bonuses and to record big wins using them.

This slot is fully licensed. IGT has simply bought a license from the operator that owns the Wheel of Fortune brand itself. Anyone who has watched an episode of the American variant of the TV show recognizes both the background music and the sound effects. However, the symbols are not directly linked to the TV format. Overall, Wheel of Fortune on Tour is a very stylish slot with a delicious soundscape. You are offered fast-paced games and more bonus features than you can count on. You will find the game at a majority of New Zealand casinos with an emphasis on new casinos .

Stakes and winnings

Similar to what is almost standard for slots from IGT, for every spin of the wheel of Fortune on Tour you get to pay a penny for each fixed Payline, and for playing with the features the game can boast. The "function bet" is two-fifths of the total bet.

The 30 lines are fixed and the only parameter you can screw on is the coin value. You play for between 5-100$ per spin and the adjustment is done using the plus and minus buttons. Autosnurr is not available for use, nor is there a feature for quick play.

Wheel of Fortune can bring really nice winnings. A look at the rules of the game gives us the information that the maximum win is 2500 times the BET, and after all, this is not at all stupid. That said, many of the symbols pay clearly poorly. For a couple of them, four in a row actually gives only half of the BET in winnings. It is quite clear to say that the game has a volatility of the higher kind. This is true for almost all IGT slots.

Unfortunately, wheel of Fortune on Tour follows IGT's standard even when it comes to theoretical payback. Depending on how the game progresses, you will receive a return on investment (RTP) of between 92.50% – 96.60%. The lowest figure is really bad while the highest possible RTP is far from a record high.


The symbols that can give you a direct win in coins are nine in number. These are complemented by a bonus symbol.

The theme of the game is a road trip through the United States. As symbols, IGT has chosen a number of symbols that have a direct connection to different parts of the country as well as icons that have to do with road trips in general. However, the symbol that is most in the center is the logo symbol with the wheel of fortune in the center. It pays the best and it's also the joker. A Hollywood star and an image of the statue of liberty, respectively, are the other two high-profit symbols. The symbols are overall quite nicely designed and they Of course come with animations.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour has an amazing amount of bonus features. However, it is important to point out that many of them are activated ”progressively”. So it is not that in your first spin you have the chance to activate a handful or more different features. Below we present the different functions. If there is something unclear in the terminology, we can recommend our basic course for slots this spring casino school .


The first thing we should mention is that the wheel of Fortune has a very useful wild. It is the logo symbol that is the joker and it replaces all the paying icons. The only icon that does not appear is the bonus symbol.

Wheel Of Fortune on Tour

On Tour bonuses

The bonus symbol in the wheel of Fortune on Tour depicts the Yellow Winnebago bus in which you ride around the vast country to the west. Three bonus symbols (reels 1, 3 and 5 respectively) give you access to the bonus round On Tour where you will spin the classic wheel of fortune to claim rewards.

How the on Tour bonus plays out depends on how much petrol and how many miles your yellow bus has collected and moved. Every time you get a bonus symbol on the reels, the gas meter you see at the bottom left will fill up slightly. When it is completely full, you will reach a new level. The level determines how you get to play the on Tour bonus and how lucrative it can be.

When three buses appear, a map is first shown. Here the yellow bus will drive as many distances as you have gasoline for. For example, if you have scraped together two full gas tanks, you will get to play the wheel of fortune with a chance of coin wins, free spins and a slightly higher chance of winning the highest win on the wheel.

Rewards for each level
1-opportunity to win free spins (three spins with extra wilds)
2-the field for the highest win is slightly expanded
3-ability to play the letters game
4-an extra spin on the Bonus Wheel as well as a multiplier of 5x
5-possibility to play Spin to Win (spin until you are satisfied with the win-however, a maximum of five times)
6-activates a feature that allows only one bonus symbol to win entry to the bonus round.

Wheelmobile Joker

The game also boasts a random Joker feature. Every once in a while, you can get up to four extra jokers on the screen. The only real condition is that you have no bonus symbol on the first reel.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour can't be said to be anything other than a jam-packed story with a whopping amount of delicious features. Wheel of Fortune is in itself a delicious concept and with this slot IGT has made it even more exciting. With the wheel of fortune in absolute focus, IGT has created a slot that provides excitement in almost every spin and the winnings can be massive. The only thing that we really think is a shame is that the payback is the lowest layer. With no additional bonus activated, you only get back just over 92% over time.

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