Steam Tower

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 09/08/2021
Steam Tower is a steaming hot slot from NetEnt that offers an innovative free spin mode with a chance to win up to$3 million. Below you can play for free, read our comprehensive review or take advantage of our very best casino bonuses.
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Our Rating

Steam Tower theme

Steam Tower Steam Tower is clearly inspired by so – called” steampunk " -a kind of fantasy concoction in which advanced technologies are available in the Victorian era. Here, steaming machines and giant gears with dragons and other fantasy elements are crowded. In the middle of it all, there is a beautiful maiden who, of course, gets into trouble when the evil dragon decides to rob her and fly up to the top of the tower that gave the game its name. As you have probably guessed, it is ”your” (or at least the bearded man who is the hero of the game) mission to give the dragon a proper sniff on the muzzle.

Graphics and sound

The slot offers a semi-realistic graphics that fits the theme well. Just as you would expect from new games from NetEnt, the graphics are generally high. The reels themselves and the symbols are nicely designed, but it is above all outside the reels that the Steam Tower shines purely graphically. In connection with the game's bonus features, we get to see our hero hoisting himself up in the tower in a cool and interesting way.

The sound is also nice, albeit rather discreet. The music is reasonably mysterious and adventurous, and the sound effects enhance the gaming experience without taking up too much space.

Arrangements and interventions

The Steam Tower consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 fixed bet lines. In terms of gameplay, there are no major oddities – you win as usual by lining up matching symbols from left and right.

You can choose a coin value between 10 cents and 10 dollar as well as determine a bet level between 1 and 10. All in all, this means that one spin will cost you between 1.50 and 1500 dollar. We experience Steam Tower as a slot machine best suited for those who are willing to make a little higher bets and have the patience to wait between the winnings, as these come relatively rarely but in return can be quite large.


The highest possible win in the Steam Tower is 300,000 coins. If you play with a coin value of$10 onor, this of course means that you can win up to$3 million Onor – not bad at all. The theoretical return is also impressive, as it is a whopping 97.0%.

The most valuable of the game's regular symbols (that is, wilds excluded) is the Dragon Eye. 5 of these on a bet line will give you 2000 coins. Since you can have your winnings multiplied by up to 7, you can thus win up to 14,000 coins, or a maximum of$140,000 onor, per bet line.


Symbols and functions

steamtower towers Steam Tower offers relatively few different special features, but the ones that exist are really interesting and quite innovative. Most$etch $ ing the game's wild symbols, which are the key to the bonus feature where you climb up the tower in search of multipliers.

Common wilds
The game's regular wild symbols consist of a harpoon against a green background. Just like in most other slot machines, these act as a type of wild that can substitute for other symbols. A well-placed wild will help you tie together more and bigger winning combinations, in short.

Stacked wilds
Steam Tower also features stacked Wilds, which are the game's hat-and-mustache hero. These symbols cover three lines at once. When a full stacked wild appears on any of the reels, the game's innovative free spin feature is activated.

Free spins
During free spins, our hero, with the help of his harpoon, begins to make his way up the tower in search of the dragon that settled on the top. The tower consists of 16 floors, and each time our hero managed to get three floors up, the game's win multiplier increases. At most, the multiplier can give you 7 times as big wins as in the basic mode of the game. During ongoing free spins, you get more free spins every time a harpoon symbol appears.


Steam Tower is a well-made, stylish and entertaining video slot for those who like big chances of winning and the steampunk theme. Our impression after a proper audition is that this video slot does not hand out very frequent wins, but that these in return are quite large. Thanks to the game's interesting freespin mode, which can basically be described as a bonus game in the game, as well as the opportunity to win$3 million onor, we can recommend our readers to check out Steam Tower a little extra.

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