Spiñata Grande

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 08/06/2022
Time to put the sombreron firmly in place and load up with as many burritos as you can bear. The Spiñata Grande slot machine takes us to an intense Mexican fiesta where almost anything can happen. With innovative game features such as the Colossal symbols and Mini-slots, this is a slot that will suit anyone who likes color, action and big winning opportunities. Play for free for as long as you want below – when you're ready for the real wins, just check out our exclusive bonuses.

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Spiñata Grande Theme of Spiñata Grande

Arriba! If everyday life feels a bit gray and monotonous, a colorful energy injection may be needed – and that's exactly what the Spiñata Grande slot machine from NetEnt has to offer. Here we talk fiery rhythms, huge sombreros, ice-cold corona and, last but not least, piñatas filled to the brim with nice wins.

A piñata is a kind of doll, often in the shape of an animal or cartoon figure, which during Mexican festivities is filled with sweets, gifts and other fun. With the help of bats, canes or other blunt objects, the party participants should then break the figure in order to be able to take part of its contents. It is precisely such piñatas that make up the theme of Spiñata Grande – but here, of course, they are filled with money.

Spiñata Grande

Graphics and sound

NetEnt is known for developing stylish and stylish slots, and Spiñata Grande is a real hit in this regard. The game has a humorous, cartoon design that's about as colorful as it gets. The symbols are distinctive and really tasty, while there is always a lot of fun happening both on and off the reels themselves.

The sound is really at least as important as the graphics, and even on this front everything is exactly where it should be. When not spinning the reels, the background noise consists of a low-pitched buzzing from a Mexican Square, and you occasionally hear someone whistling at the game's signature tune. When you spin the reels, an invisible mariachi band immediately starts playing, and when you win, there is no stopping the fanfares and happy exclamations.

Arrangements and interventions

Spiñata Grande is a modern video slot with 5 reels and 4 rows. There are 40 bet lines, and these are fixed which means you can't bet on fewer than that per spin. The paylines run from left and right, so this is the direction the symbols should line up to give wins.

To adjust your bet, select a coin value and how many coins you want to bet per bet line. The coin value can be anywhere between 10 cents and 10 dollar (or 0.01 and 1 euro), and you can play with between 1 and 10 coins per spin. In other words, the total bet per spin can be anywhere between 2 and 2000 dollar.


The highest possible win in Spiñata Grande is 120,000 coins. Since you can play with a coin value of up to$10 onor, this means that the game's highest win is$1.2 million Onor. Like all other NetEnt video slots, the game also has a good theoretical payback, and here it is 96.84%.

Among the regular symbols of the game, it is the different piñata figures that give the biggest winnings, while the card symbols (10, J, Q, k and a) give slightly lower winnings. The Red Bull is the most valuable of the regular symbols, capable of 300 times the bet per line.

Symbols and functions

Spiñata Grande is by far an innovative and innovative slot machine with many fun and interesting special features. On this front we get to see quite a few elements that we have not encountered before, which is always fun.

Spiñata Grande Colossal symbols
The first thing you notice when you start playing Spiñata Grande is that there are symbols that are significantly larger than others. All of the game's symbols come in” colossal " variants that take up more space than all the others. These can be either 2×2 or 3×3 symbols large. The advantage of these giant symbols is quite obvious: they make it significantly easier to win! For example, if you manage to get a 3×3 symbol on the far left, you have automatically won a decent penny.

Minislot function
When you get the Colossal Bonus symbol on the screen, the minislot feature is activated. Here, part of the game screen turns into a separate slot machine, and what happens on this determines how many free spins you get. Depending on how much of the Colossal Bonus symbol appears on the reels, you will get 3, 6 or 9 squares in your mini slot.

The mini-slot features cash prizes, free spin symbols and extra spin symbols. If you get 3 stars you win 5 free spins, and for each additional star you win one extra spin.

Free spins
The game's free spin mode is thus activated using the minislot feature, which in turn is activated by the Colossal Bonus symbol. During free spins, a special symbol appears that is not included in the basic mode of the game: Colossal Wild. This is a symbol block of 3×3 symbols, and otherwise works as wilds usually work. In other words, it replaces all other symbols with the exception of the Colossal Bonus. It is simply a wild that covers up to 9 symbol positions at the same time-almost a guarantee of winnings!


We've had our eyes on Spiñata Grande for a long time, and now that the game is released, we can conclude that this looks to be a hit for NetEnt and US players. Spiñata Grande feels like a breath of fresh air on several levels. First of all, we sharply like the innovative features of the game, which distinguish it from all other slot machines we encountered. But almost as important is the phenomenal graphics and excellent sound – it's a stylish and really well-made slot that we think will become extremely popular in the future.

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