Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood

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Last updated: 08/06/2022
Shouldn't you pull it on Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf too? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Now it's time for us to take on the wolf once and for all and show him where the cabinet should stand. The game, which is based on the fairy tale and not the horror movie, will take you through a fairytale world filled with treasure chests and magic, where the Wolf usually tries to come up with new ways to catch you. Your task will be to avoid the Wolf while collecting the hidden treasure chests. Your main goal? After all, reaching the jackpot is as clear as you can make during one of the bonus rounds.

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Red Riding Hood

About Red Riding Hood slot machine

It feels like every time NetEnt if they decide to do something, they do it in a way that always results in something good that most people appreciate and enjoy. The next addition to the NetEnt family is nothing less than Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf itself. In Red Riding Hood, however, your biggest focus will be on winning the jackpot. It is not a progressive jackpot but acts as a fixed jackpot that is tied to the particular bonus round you are playing. During the game you will come across many different symbols that give you different wins. Below you will find information about what the different symbols result in.

Red Riding Hood – Treasure Chests

Red Riding Hood There are three different types of bonus rounds that you can win. Free spins, coins or Beware The Wolf bonus. The most lucrative is the latter, which takes you to a playing field reminiscent of a completely ordinary table game. To reach the bonus rounds, you need to get three treasure chests. Once you've done that, the background becomes dark and all focus lands on the treasure chests. You should choose one of three and the treasure chests then contain one of three possible bonuses that you can read about below.

Coin Win

Red Riding Hood Land on this symbol to get game coins. All wins give you a certain amount of coins. The value of the coin is what changes when you choose to raise or lower the bet per round. Therefore, you get the same amount of coins on your winnings and that is the main difference between the coin value and the money in your gaming account. Both times when we clicked on this symbol resulted in us winning 900 coins. At the moment, it is unclear whether it is a fixed coin sum or whether it can also increase and decrease in value.

Free spins

Red Riding Hood Clicking on this symbol when you select your treasure chest will result in a certain amount of Free Spins. During the free spins rounds, you can in turn win additional free spins to maximize your winnings. As always with free spins, the winnings from them are usually tied to wagering requirements. It may be useful to know what the wagering requirement is at the casino you are playing at, so that you clearly know what applies.

Beware The Wolf

Red Riding Hood The best choice you can click through to is this particular bonus. Land on this and you start a bonus game where the goal is a fixed jackpot. You make your way through the bonus game's playing field with the help of a dice that determines how many steps you are allowed to go each round. Land on a multiplier or an arrow and you get to play one more round. With enough luck and a pinch of hope, you'll get past the Wolf and make it all the way home. Do this and you will get the jackpot.

Red Riding Hood-other symbols and features

Red Riding Hood A game does not only consist of bonuses although sometimes we would wish for just that. We'll continue to take a look at symbols that may be important to know before you get behind the wheel take control of Red Riding Hood. Some of these symbols activate a certain game feature. Below we go through both the functions and the symbols that activate them. If there is one thing we have learned from the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, it is that you should stay away from the Wolf's inventions. This is something you should keep in mind especially during some of the bonus rounds when you can encounter the Wolf.


Red Riding Hood As long as it's not your first time at a casino, you should know by now how a wild symbol works. It works much like a joker or wild card as we call it in New Zealand. This means that the Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol so that you can more easily land a winning combination. The only thing it does not replace are symbols that start bonus rounds and the scatter symbol.

Red Riding Hood – the magic fairy

Red Riding Hood Every now and then the magic fairy will appear and help you try to get the absolute best winnings. Very soon after you start playing, you realize that this magical fairy is your best friend. When the fairy appears, one of three different things can happen.

Fairy Magic Spin

When this function is activated, the magic fairy appears in the middle of the screen and the background becomes dark. Slowly but surely, fen selects a couple of symbol boxes that she locks to finally turn them into a certain symbol. Which symbol it will be is random, although all symbol boxes that the fairy chooses will be the same symbol.

Fairy Wild Spin

Red Riding Hood Here the fairy appears and basically does the same thing as above only that the squares that she turns into wild symbols instead. They can appear anywhere on the playing field and can lead to really nice wins.

Fairy Tale

When the Fairy Surprise feature is activated, the magic fairy pops up on the right side and starts randomly selecting symbol boxes that she turns into the symbol on the playing field that has the highest value. It can be a huge win thanks to this feature.

As you can see, there are endless ways to win in this game. Another thing that is just as definitive is that both nostalgia and excitement are at their maximum from the beginning to the end. We wish you a very nice gaming time and as usual when it comes to new games, you do not have to try the game with real money. At the top of this page, you will be able to play the game when it launches on October 24th

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