Max Quest

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 18/11/2020

This slot machine is no longer available.
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Game Developer Betsoft has taken the term Gamification to a new level with the casino game Max Quest. We can, but prefer not to call it a video slot even though that's exactly what it is. But now Betsoft has completely changed the functions and the entire structure we know for most video slots and slot machines online. There are no spinning reels, no winning patterns or even classic symbols to be matched. In Max Quest from Betsoft, you play interactively with other players at the same time in a much more engaging slot than you are used to!

About the slot machine

Max Quest is a slot machine that is undoubtedly different from others new slots and will attract players who normally may not even play at the online casino. In a way, it is reminiscent of older video games in which you make your way through courses and shoot down opponents in order to achieve profit. At the same time, you play for winnings in real money as in a regular online slot machine.

In the center of the game at the bottom there is a nozzle that fires bullets, and it is the player's job to aim at their enemies on the playing field. Point your mouse at any target and click as usual to fire a bullet . Each bullet fired represents your efforts, and will either destroy your enemy or not. Profit is generated when you wiped out an enemy on the playing field.

Each evil character in the game gives 1 out of 7 possible payouts. This makes the game a real game of chance because the winnings that hide behind each opponent are randomly selected. You therefore have the chance of both juicier big wins and smaller coin wins that dim.

Among the best things about the new slot machine is that you don't even have to be particularly sure-footed. Should you miss your target and not hit any enemy on the field, the bullet will bounce around until it hits its target. If, on the other hand, there is no one to shoot when you have fired your bullet, then the bet is edited back to your account!

If you have balls left after a game round, you also get back the value of the balls you bought at the beginning of the game round.

Our Rating

Game information
Games 2018
Max profit 10 000 coins
Reels / paylines N / A
Theoretical payback-RTP 96
Coin value Not current
Total effort 0.10 - 125 000$
Volatility Funds
Free spins
Bonus features Auto-shoot

Standard Symbols & Targets

When you enter a game room, it soon starts to be filled with mummies,beetles and yp. These less pleasant creatures are the symbols of the game, although it feels strange to call them slot symbols given the game's incredible level of innovation. Thus, these are the ones that should be pushed off the playing field in order to generate profit.

The characters crash into the playing field from different corners and hiding places in the game room. As new characters appear, the other symbols remain on the field until they are hit by a bullet or have completed their random pattern and walk out of the picture. There is therefore no need to worry about a lack of targets and symbols.

The value of the different symbols in Max Quest varies, however, more than in regular ones online slots . Instead of giving the weaker symbols one and the same value, as well as sorting the strong symbols in climbing order becomes almost impossible. Since each symbol has 7 randomly triggered values, only luck and Chance determine what kind of win you land.

As a rule, all Rams and scarabs symbolize the weaker symbols in Max Quest then they generate winnings of between x2-x50. After that, they climb higher in value with the various mummies, and the most powerful are the higher valued Pharaohs . The thing is that all of them could generate wins of x50, only that those wins are lower down the scale for the strong symbols, while it is the highest possible win for the smaller ones. The stronger symbols have x200 even bet as the highest generated win.

Special Symbols & Targets

Yep, there are additional bonus features in Max Quest. In addition to the game's regular symbols, there are also enhanced characters that contribute with good chances for bigger wins. These characters are more volatile and a little more difficult to shoot to death,and you may have to fire your weapon several times, but the result will be a little extra juicy clink at the checkout.

These appear completely randomly on the playing field after a standard symbol has been cleared. It is the same character that resurrects as a” Risen Fire Enemy", a bit like a phoenix bird that resurrects as flaming out of the Ashes. Anyone who succeeds in this can rake in a profit of up to 5,000 X the cost per bullet that is your effort!

Good events

Another bonus feature in Max Quest is the game's 'God Events' which, with a little luck, can start when a regular game round has ended. When all symbols step off the playing field, 1 of 3 possible Egyptian gods can be summoned along with their gang. When this happens, either Anubis, Osiris or Ra will move on the field of play for all players to aim at at the same time. In addition to the mummies that are included in the bonus round, there are no other symbols to shoot at during a good Event.

The profit generated when you as a group of separate players managed to kill the Pharaoh, is divided among the players who played and are in the room. The division of the treasure chest that is brought home is based on how much the different players have contributed with fired bullets during the entire game round.

Game features

Before you start, you have the choice to create your own Avatar. This becomes your own and symbolizes you among other players and enemies in the game. After this you have access to the game Lobby where there are several different rooms to choose from. These rooms are shared with other players, and there are space for 6 players competing against the same opponent and for the winnings in the different rooms I Max Quest.

Which rooms will be available depends on the type of balls you have chosen to buy in, as well as the BET value you choose at the beginning. Then the cost of the marbles + the number of marbles will be deducted from the player's game account automatically. In between the active game rounds, you also have the opportunity to acquire customized weapons and New bullets.


One of the game's features gives the player the chance to automatically set their sights on a specific opponent symbol. One can choose to either just aim and shoot to bring down a symbol, or to ”lock in” any sight to ensure that desirable character is always hit. If you choose to set it automatically, you do not have to aim and shoot yourself. The game does this automatically for the symbol you want to shoot down.

Upgrade your weapons

So you can upgrade to a more powerful weapon inside your game room. This is possible at any time for all players who want a more effective weapon. The benefits of buying a stronger weapon are multiple and varied . A weapon upgrade gives you a greater chance of destroying your enemies, and with fewer shots. At the same time, the chances of being rewarded with a bigger win at the end of the game round increase when playing with a stronger weapon. Moreover, all weapons increase in efficiency gradually, the more they cost.

Plasma rifles

Arguably the most effective weapon one can acquire in Max Quest is the Plasma Gun. This weapon has received 5 out of 5 possible stars that measure its strength and rarely needs to be fired frequently to destroy its target.

Laser gun

The loader is one of the game's strongest weapons. With the help of the laser, you can also see your exact aim before shooting, as well as the bullet can bounce and hit another extra symbol. The laser has 4 out of 5 Power Stars filled in.

Machine gun

This weapon is not much weaker than the second-strongest laser. When you fire the machine gun, it spits out fire, and even with this weapon, the bullet can hit but bounce towards its target and thus hit another symbol.


There is also a grenade included in the game that allows players to aim at multiple symbols at the same time. This is by far the best weapon to use when it comes to characters on the playing field, because it works just like a grenade in real life. Submit it on the playing field to properly damage one character, but also up to 5 others.


Max Quest's fifth and weakest extra weapon has 3.5 out of 5 possible strength stars filled in, and can do a lot of damage to the game's characters with double cylinders that shoot bullets. However, these balls do not bounce and therefore hit one symbol at a time.


Without a doubt, Max Quest is the most entertaining and engaging slot game we have tested on this year. Betsoft has really managed to develop their knowledge and thinking skills, especially if you look at older games such as 2 Million BC or a night in Paris. Moderna Quest is a completely new slot that fits perfectly into the modern gaming market that is becoming more diverse and unique.

The sounds included in Betsoft's wonders are the clockwork and ghostly moans and groans of the mummies and dead that act as the game's symbols, along with the exhilarating tones of winning and the sound of a fired weapon that sounds every time you fire a shot.

The functions react the second you press, regardless of whether you sit and shoot like crazy without a break, which gives Max Quest a wonderfully smooth feeling that makes you feel like you are actually in the game for real.

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