Koi Princess

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 18/11/2020
Time to move east in this anime-inspired slot from NetEnt. Koi Princess is packed with special features, and looks to be one of NetEnt's most ambitious projects to date. Below you can read more and claim our best bonuses right now!

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Have you ever had the experience of reading information about something, but after a while you realize that you feel confused and lose track? This is called ”information overload", if we are allowed to swing with English expressions. When it comes to NetEnt's New Koi Princess slot, this is exactly what we are experiencing. Launched for both desktop and mobile devices, this slot is so packed with bonus features that we don't think we'll get a handle on all of this before 2015 is over. Phew!

But don't interpret this as anything negative. No, it is clear that NetEnt here has put all the$they can spend on creating a powerful slot machine out of the ordinary. Here we will take a closer look at Koi Princess and try to do the slot machine Justice.

Koi Princess game overview

Koi Princess-game overview
Launch: November 2015
Game type: Video slots
Wheels / rows / lines: 5 / 3 / 20
Theoretical payback: 96%
Coin value: 10 cents – 10 $ onor
Total effort: 2-2000 dollar
Maximum profit: 100,000 coins (Max$1 million onor)
Free spins: Yes
Bonus mode: Yes, several

An unusual slot machine

Although originally a Japanese phenomenon, today there are fans of this type of design all over the world. The theme of Koi Princess is taken from the most primeval Japanese cartoon TV series, complete with big eyes, colorful explosions and a constant abundance of action.

Yep, Koi Princess stands out from the crowd in many ways. For starters, we have the theme, which is obviously inspired by anime and manga. Fun with a slightly different theme, as we can not remember any other slot machine based on this drawing style. Surely we have seen slot machines with influences from Japan before, for example Lucky Koi and Geisha Wonders, but no one who feels as throughjapanese as Koi Princess.

It will be interesting to see how Koi Princess is received by the players. There are extremely few anime-inspired slot machines on the market, and the question is whether European casino players will embrace the aesthetic or not. It's simply hard to say how much overlap there is between Casino fans and anime enthusiasts!

7 bonus features and a bonus bet

This is an interesting concept. NetEnt has chosen to add a "bonus bet" to the game, which means that whoever places a slightly larger bet gets a better theoretical return (RTP) and easier to activate the game's six different bonus features.

The bonus features can be divided into two camps: randomly activated features and bonus modes. There are four different random features, and four different bonus modes (one of which is a ”wheel of fortune” that leads to cash winnings or any of the other bonus modes).

Bonus features of Koi Princess

Thus, there are a large number of bonus features in the game, and these are the following:

Randomly activated functions:

Get a round of guaranteed five-symbol wins, with randomly selected symbol and Payline.

Random Wilds
Get a round of 4 to 9 overlapping wilds placed randomly on the reels.

Wild Reels
Get a spin where between 2 and 5 reels are covered with overlapping wild symbols.

Bonus Activation
Get a round where three bonus symbols appear and provide a random bonus feature

Bonus features:

Win Free Spins
You get 10 free spins where you are guaranteed profit. If you win during a free spin, you are guaranteed at least the same win during the next free spin – until the feature is completed!

Wild Reels Free Spins
Again, you get 10 free spins. During the feature, between 1 and 5 randomly selected reels are covered by overlapping wild symbols.

Bonus Wheel
Here you are met by a ”wheel of Fortune” where you can win coins and/or activate the other bonus modes.

Coin Win
In short, this bonus feature provides an instant cash win.

Free spins with guaranteed winnings

If you watched the video above, you may have seen that they have chosen to implement a bonus feature called ”Sure Win Free Spins”. This bonus mode looks absolutely crazy, and guarantees you winnings on every free spin.

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. During Sure Win Free Spins, you are first guaranteed a win of 20 coins per spin. Say you then win 100 coins. Your guaranteed profit will then increase to this amount. If you are really lucky and get a big win early during your Sure Win Free Spins, it can be a real money rain.

However, this is a feature we would like to test in practice. If implemented correctly, it can contribute a lot of extra excitement and potential gains. In the worst case, however, the free spin feature is so unusual that the guaranteed winnings become almost as mythological as the princess who gave the game its name.

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Is it time to start cheering?

The last time NetEnt announced a slot with so many features, we were skeptical at first. Can it really last? Won't it be mostly messy and unfocused? However, we got$YPA to the cross when the slot machine in question was launched. What game are we talking about? South Park Reel Chaos, of course. In the end, we were thrilled with the game, and still keep it as a favorite.

Therefore, we are also positive about the launch of Koi Princess. Sure - we'll wait with the applause until we test drive the game seriously, but there's no doubt that NetEnt has put a huge amount of energy into developing a unique slot, both in terms of special features and theme.

The theme, by the way. If you are fond of anime and manga, you will quickly become attracted to Koi Princess. But we are aware that not everyone is equally keen on this Japanese graphic style with big eyes and, hrm, short skirts. It looks undeniably really well made and nice, but we put a little question mark on whether the theme will really appeal to the broad masses. Perhaps we underestimate the interest in anime, or it simply does not matter much to most players what theme a slot machine has. We'll see!

For now, it's time for us to say ”sayonara”. Koi Princess will be launched in november 2015, and we definitely think it looks worth checking in more closely then. We promise dearly and sacredly to come back with a full review as soon as we get our hands on the game in action.

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