Fantasini: Master Of Mystery

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 17/11/2020
Ladies and gentlemen! The Great Fantasini invites you to an enchanting and unforgettable show, and you are hereby invited to the first floor. Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a magical slot game that features linked reels, 243 paylines and wins of up to$1.35 million. Try it for free below, and take advantage of our bonus offers!

Our Rating

Even when we started Fantasini: Master of Mystery, we thought the game felt familiar in some way. The slot has taken inspiration from the breakaway artist and illusionist Houdini, and like this legendary magician, the game is something of an illusion. This is exactly the same scheme as Twin Spin , one of NetEnt's most popular slots by far!

From time to time, NetEnt develops slot machines that are exclusive to a particular casino. These are often reworked variants of previous slot machines. Graphics and sound are then new, but the game mechanics themselves are the same. This is also the case with Fantasini: Master of Mystery, which is now finally launched for all NetEnt casinos!

Just like the twin Spin model, this new slot is a joy to play. The simplicity of the layout is a big part of the charm, where there is really only one real special feature – the linked wheels. However, it is a real Party feature that makes gambling more fun and delivers lots of nice winnings.

Step into a world of mystery and winnings

Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a basically simple slot with a clear theme. Here we get to step into the world of The Magician Fantasini, complete with chain-locked boxes, mysterious fortune balls and handcuffs. We dare to bet the left big toe that it is the legendary breakaway artist Houdini who is the inspiration for the game. The theme works very well with the game mechanics that$etch$ing the linked reels – a long chain surrounds two or more reels, and these reels then display the same symbols. But more on that below!

Fantasini: Master Of Mystery Fantasini: Master Of Mystery

Linked wheels offer greater chance of winning

The most distinctive feature of Fantasini: Master of Mystery is the interconnected reels, which we thus recognize from the Twin Spin slot machine. When you spin the reels, at least two reels are linked together, showing identical symbols. But it can also be about more reels that are linked together – if you are really lucky and get 5 linked reels, you are guaranteed a huge win. How many wheels are linked together is determined randomly, but it is of course more unusual for several wheels to be linked together.

243 ways to win

In Fantasini: Master of Mystery, there are no traditional paylines. Instead, the system of profit paths is used here. What this means, in short, is that all that$is spent for a win is that matching symbols appear on adjacent reels. To clarify: if you get a ”K” on reels 1, 2 and 3 then you win, regardless of where on the reels the symbols are located. Note, however, that the symbol combinations still have to start at the far left and run to the right to win!

Wild symbols

As I said, it's a simple slot machine we're dealing with. In addition to the linked reels and the 243 paylines, the only special symbol is the wild symbol. This is represented by Mr. Fantasini himself, and works just as usual. In other words, it replaces other symbols and thus makes it easier to get both more and bigger wins.

Overall rating of Fantasini: Master Of Mystery

Since the game is based on the features of Twin Spin, this is perhaps not a unique slot machine. But what happens when the basics are so good? Fantasini: Master of Mystery has a really nice and well-made theme that fits nicely with the game's few but gnawing good special features, offers big wins and is simply a good all-round game for those who prefer a little less advanced video slots.

For those who don't appreciate the mystical theme, just browse to Twin Spin instead, for a slightly more uplifting gaming experience with a classic slot look.

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