Dark Joker Rizes

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Reviewed by: Isabelle Lort Twitter
Last updated: 05/11/2020
Dark Joker Rizes is a relatively classic video slot that also offers a dark twist. With a good win rate and a chance to win up to$180,000 onor, this slot from Yggdrasil is great for players who prefer slightly less intricate slot machines. Read more in our review below, and feel free to try the game for as long as you like.

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About Dark Joker Rizes slot machine


Dark Joker Rizes Dark Joker Rizes has a theme that is basically based on the classic layout with fruits, bells and jokers. This time, however, it has a slightly darker twist. If you take a closer look at the symbols, you can quickly see that the lemons look like some kind of frankenstein creation, that the grapes have eyes and that there are skulls on the Cherries.

In other words, Dark Joker Rizes is an excellent choice purely thematically for those who like classic symbols but feel that it sometimes gets a bit cute and colorful. We can also mention that the” dark joker " that gave the game its name is probably not something for those with grave clown phobia.

Graphics & sound

Yggdrasil is a New Zealand game developer that spends a lot of$on giving their slots a professional and appealing finish. Dark Joker Rizes is no exception-it is a stylish and well-crafted slot without really standing out from the crowd. Animations and details sit where they should, and there's nothing to complain about.

Even the soundtrack is well worked and just right mysterious for a slightly ”darker” slot machine. It is a slightly ”musky” atmosphere we are offered, as made for late evenings. The sound effects are neatly integrated into the soundscape and help build mood without getting annoying.

Arrangements and interventions

Dark Joker Rizes consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed bet lines. 5 of the lines run from left to right, while the other 5 run in the opposite direction. You choose a coin value between 10 cents and 3 dollar, which means that the total bet can be between 1 and 30$Onor. Thus, this is a slot with relatively low stakes, which actually feels welcome as many modern games can have such a sick high Moderna bets.


Since dark Joker Rizes is played at relatively low stakes, the winnings are not as Moderna as in some other modern slots. At the same time, the game has a relatively high theoretical return of 96.3%, which means that you win at regular intervals, which keeps interest up.

Among the regular symbols of the game, it is the pentagram that gives the biggest winnings – up to 300 times the line bet, or a maximum of$90,000 onor per spin. However, in Jokerizer Mode, which we will describe in more detail below, you can win up to$180,000 onor, which is also the game's biggest win.

Symbols and functions

Mystery Win

Mystery Win

Mystery Win
The wild symbols are the key to the game's ”Mystery Wins”. In the$base game, 3 or more jokers are used to win a random amount. See below for more details.

Jokerizer Mode
Every time you win in Dark Joker Rizes, you get the opportunity to play in Jokerizer mode. This is actually the game's only real special feature, but it offers a lot of extra excitement as the chances of winning are higher than in the basic mode. Here you can choose to bet 20 or 200 coins per spin. 200 coins wagered will give you a Guaranteed joker. During Jokerizer Mode, at least two jokers are enough to win Mystery Wins.

5 jokers give a guaranteed win of 6000 coins.
4 jokers give a win of 3000-6000 coins.
3 jokers give a win of 1000-6000 coins.
2 jokers (in Jokerizer Mode) give a win of 20 – 6000 coins.


Dark Joker Rizes is a great option for those who are looking for a game that is simple and straightforward while offering nice graphics and really good winning opportunities. Unlike most modern slot machines, you Moderna find no wilds, scatters or traditional bonus games here. Instead, most$ing etches the evil jokers and their Mystery Wins of up to$180,000 onor.

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