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Last updated: 06/01/2022

When talking about casinos, most people usually think of Europe or the United States. European casinos are generally known for their elegant atmosphere, and it's hard not to get a picture of James Bond-like characters strolling around the tables with a drink in hand. Casinos in the United States are mostly associated with Las Vegas giant casinos with more or less extreme themes.

What many people don't know is that the largest single casino experience in the world is in Macau – a province on the Chinese east coast. Since 2007, more money is wagered here than on the famous Las Vegas Strip!

In this section we will focus on Macao, as this is where you will find the most iconic casinos in Asia. Macau is often nicknamed” the Monte Carlo of the Orient", although in fact the casino industry is much larger here than in Monte Carlo. However, the name still lives on.

Casinos in Asia-Macau

Casinos in Macau – an overview

As I said, Macau is now the gambling capital of the world, with the largest turnover in the world and some of the most spectacular casinos. But how did it happen when this place got this role? To answer that, let's go back a bit in history. Macau, like Hong Kong, is a” special administrative region", which means that it technically belongs to China, while being a different system and other rules that apply. In the past, Macau actually belonged to Portugal, which is noticeable in the fact that Portuguese, along with Chinese, is the official language.

Gambling activity has been occurring in Macau since the 19th century, but it is in the last 10 years the real boom has occurred. In 2002, the monopoly on casino operations was abolished, and foreign players were able to establish themselves. Today there are 33 casinos in absolute world class, one of which is the world's largest casino. Playing in Macau has quickly become one of the most powerful gaming experiences in the world, and even Western players have begun to discover this Eldorado in the East.

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Featured casinos in Asia

Sands Hotel Macau

With a theme taken from the Middle East, this giant casino is one of the most popular in Macau. The casino of 21,300 square meters was completed in 2004, and since then offers visitors a luxury experience straight through. In addition to an Associated hotel, there is, among other things, an amusement park, restaurants, nightlife and lots of other entertainment to explore between the yards at the gaming tables.

The casino is located on a breathtaking 21,300 square meters and of course offers all kinds of games. In addition to the casino, there is entertainment in the form of shows, concerts, performances and more. There are also plenty of restaurants for the foodie and more or less exclusive shops for those who feel the craving for some high-class shopping. Here we will take a closer look at this casino giant, and if you feel that you are missing any information, you can always Surf Into The Sands Macau Casino website.

Office hours: The casino is open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Game selection

We mentioned above that you can play basically anything at Sands Macau Casino, and we stand by that. In this golden tower you will find all conceivable and inconceivable casino games. Compared to Western casinos, however, the focus is somewhat different – for example, Baccarat is by far the most popular game and accounts for a huge portion of the revenue. Slot machines are also extremely popular in Macau, and there are plenty of these at Sands Macau Casino.

Of course, you will also find Western classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker. However, we would like to advise you to try out some of the more local games – including traditional Chinese casino games such as Fan-Tan and sic Bo. All in all, there are about 740 table games – something that makes Sands Macau one of the world's largest casinos.

Dress code and rules

In the past, there has been relatively careful dress code at casinos in Macau, but since the entry of American casinos in the 2000s, it has become clearly more relaxed. There is still a dress code, but, as I said, it is not very strict. The basic rule is: no sandals, no shorts and no sleeveless sweaters for either men or women. If you are wearing a pair of decent trousers and a regular shirt, it is usually more than good enough. Please note that other rules may apply in high roller areas.

To enter the Sands Macau Casino, you must be 18 years old. Cameras, laptops and bags are not allowed in, but must be checked in at the entrance. Finally, it is not possible to play with the local currency Macau Pataca. Instead, you need to exchange Hong Kong Dollars and take them with you to play.


In classic Las Vegas style, Sands Macau is a huge complex with both casino and hotel (and a lot more). The logical thing is therefore usually to stay at the hotel if you intend to play at the casino. Of course, anyone who would rather live elsewhere can do this and still visit the casino. If you choose to stay at Sands Macau, you can count on a truly luxurious experience. Here it is suites that apply, and you can choose between living on 60 or 120 square meters. Despite the fact that the rooms are top-class, the prices are affordable, and comparable to the prices at a two-star New Zealand hotel.

Price level̊

Visiting Sands Macau Casino is free. We would also like to point out that non-alcoholic drinks are free on the casino floor. Anyone who would rather have something stronger can of course get this for a very reasonable money.


The Venetian Macao

This is the world's largest casino! The Venetian Macau is the flagship of the Cotai Strip-which of course is a nod to the Las Vegas Strip. The casino is the world's sixth largest building in terms of floor space, so we're talking huge scale here. Of course, all this surface is filled with experiences and amazing games. Here you will find thousands of slot machines, 800 table games and a gigantic arena for sporting events, concerts and other entertainment.

Wynn Macau

This is the casino for those who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious overall experience. With hundreds of table games and slot machines, plenty of restaurants and bars, designer shops, a spa and much more, this is the place for those who want to have a really good time during your stay. In addition, the Wynn group plans to expand into the Cotai Strip in the near future, and it is expected to be a huge construction project.

General rules

Actually, it is extremely difficult to talk about any general rules. Visiting a casino in Macau is an experience unlike any other in Europe or the United States. The design of the casinos themselves is strongly reminiscent of those in Las Vegas, but even larger and more pompous. However, things work a little differently. For example, American casinos are very noisy and intense places, where many visitors get many drinks inside the vest and dance around between the games. In Macau, and in Asia in general, things are usually a little calmer. Instead of talking about rules, it might be more interesting to talk about culture and etiquette. As a Westerner, you quickly notice that you are well treated, while it can be good to feel the mood and adapt to it.

However, some basic rules we can raise. Dress code is generally not so strict. About the same dress code applies as at a New Zealand casino – no flip-flops or tank tops, in other words. Some casinos may have stricter dress codes. To play, you must be 18 years old and be able to show identification. You are not allowed to bring cameras, computers or bags, but these must be checked in first. Finally, a little odd thing – you can not use the local currency to play! Instead, you have to exchange Hong Kong Dollars to buy chips.

Play at casino online whenever you want

A casino trip to Asia is something for those who have already experienced most of what Europe and the USA have to offer and want to try something new. All game lovers should at some point feel the atmosphere of Macau. However, traveling to the East Coast of China is not something you do in a jiffy. That's why it's great to know that a genuine casino experience is never more than a few clicks away. At our selected online casinos you will find huge selection of slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and much, much more. There are often better conditions than at land-based casinos, and you can take advantage of bonuses and promotions. Below you can see some of our favorites online casinos . If you're lucky, your online winnings could cost you a casino trip to Asia!

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